Transform your online store into a profit-generating powerhouse with quality information and customer service.

Customers find peace in knowing there’s a real person to answer their questions. The NEXT BASKET team offers inbound call center services to boost your business without extensive investments or hiring.

Elevate customer loyalty and handle incoming calls with call center outsourcing in multiple languages with NEXT BASKET.

Answering customer calls for questions and inquiries

Even with a well-maintained and optimized online store, customers often seek extra information. Whether it’s product specs, stock status, re-delivery terms, prices, or locations for live product viewing, questions arise.

NEXT BASKET’s customer service representatives will be there to guarantee fast, friendly, and accurate answers.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing our inbound customer support services:

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Inbound call center services provide personalized assistance, resolving issues and answering questions promptly — leading to exceptional customer experience.
  • Increased Sales and Conversions: Trained agents engage with potential and existing customers, addressing concerns and delivering outstanding customer service, which results in higher conversion rates.
  • Efficient Order Processing: Inbound call center agents manage order processing, ensuring accurate transactions and quality control.

Our inbound call center solutions efficiently handle calls and inquiries, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the ordering, payment, and product delivery processes. 

From answering services and customer service inquiries to technical support and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

Taking orders by phone

Over 30 percent of customers prefer phone orders for costly or specialized items according to an Invoca study. Without a functional call center and trained staff, you risk losing these customers to competitors.

Here’s where NEXT BASKET steps in.

Our platform allows manual order creation, enabling quick data entry by customer service teams. This prevents missed opportunities and ensures smooth customer interactions — a vital part of business process outsourcing.

Omnichannel commerce with an inbound call center

Integrating NEXT BASKET’s omnichannel system empowers your customers to enjoy flexible combinations of online and in-person shopping experiences. 

This includes options like paying online and collecting in-store, buying online and returning in person, or placing an order at a physical location.

These procedures often bring up extra questions and uncertainties among users. The best way to eliminate doubts? With a reliable customer support team that answers inbound calls.

With NEXT BASKET’s inbound customer service call center, your business can always provide the right answers — any time of day or night.

By seamlessly enhancing customer interactions, our service ensures a superior customer experience and effective customer relationship management.

Inbound call center in multiple languages

NEXT BASKET provides a turnkey solution for your multilingual online store, tailored to meet the complex needs of cross-border ecommerce.

But what happens when you’re faced with incoming and outgoing calls and inquiries in languages beyond your team’s capabilities?

Our dedicated team offers a contact center solution in 25 languages, ensuring your business can effectively communicate, connect with, and assist its customers. 

This seamless extension of call center operations guarantees exceptional customer service and fosters global growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an inbound call center?

An inbound call center is a service where trained agents handle incoming calls from customers, providing support, information, and solutions. In contrast, outbound call centers are about proactive communication, customer surveys, and telemarketing activities.

How do inbound call center services convert prospective customers?

Inbound services convert prospective customers by offering personalized assistance, answering customer queries promptly, and building positive interactions that enhance trust and confidence in your brand.

Can inbound call center agents take care of order processing?

Yes, inbound contact centers can efficiently handle order processing, ensuring accurate and smooth customer transactions.

Is NEXT BASKET’s inbound call center service customizable?

Yes, NEXT BASKET’s inbound call center solution is customizable to align with your scripts, maintaining brand consistency and delivering a tailored customer experience

You can also reach out to us to run an outbound call center for your ecommerce website.