History of changes and updates in the NEXT BASKET platform


New features




v. 2.74


New features

Integration of Adyen Payment with GCash

Adyen is now installable directly from the admin panel, with all necessary settings and configurations available on the dashboard. This integration enables customers to choose GCash (Philippines) as a BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) payment option during checkout, providing a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Integration of Adyen Payment with Atome

Adyen can now be installed via the admin panel, featuring comprehensive settings and configurations that appear on the dashboard. This integration allows customers to select Atome (Malaysia and Singapore) as a BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) payment method during checkout, ensuring an easy and convenient user experience.

Welcome Greeting component for Theme Builder

Introducing the Welcome Greeting component for the Theme Builder, which allows the Welcome Greeting section to be added, rearranged, and customized within theme configurations. Displayed as a separate component, it can be easily managed alongside other components in the Theme Builder. Changes are reflected on the Homepage when saved. If no Welcome Greeting is set, the component is skipped, ensuring a seamless and dynamic homepage layout.

Custom Canonical URL for Categories

Introducing the option to create custom canonical tags for category and subcategory pages, which improves SEO management in the SEO section of the Categories module. This new feature provides better control over page indexing and search engine visibility.

Custom Canonical URL for blogs

Introducing the ability to set Custom Canonical URLs for blogs, enhancing SEO management and available in the SEO tab for each blog. This new feature allows store owners to define custom canonical URLs through a text field, ensuring proper SEO handling for blogs.

Confirmation pop-up for theme options

Introducing a new confirmation pop-up for the Theme Options sections when saving values in the Header and Footer tabs. This feature ensures that partners can confirm their actions before changes are applied. When the Save button is clicked, a confirmation pop-up will appear. If changes are confirmed, the values are saved immediately. If declined, the current values remain unchanged. This pop-up is translated into all supported languages.


New Barangay field added to Philippine addresses

We are pleased to announce a new enhancement to the Back Office order screen for our users in the Philippines. The shipping address form will now include a Barangay field, displayed after the City and before the Address fields. This addition allows for more precise address information. Users can easily edit this field when updating the shipping address, ensuring smoother and more accurate deliveries

New SEO tab for Tag Create/Edit page

A new SEO tab has been added to the tag create/edit page! This enhancement allows for easy access to SEO settings, including follow/no follow options, meta title and description fields, and a Google search preview. Tags can now be optimized for better search engine visibility and improved user experience.

Group customers by order value feature enhancement

Introducing an exciting enhancement to the feature of grouping customers based on their orders over a certain period! Store owners can now create groups of customers with multiple tiers depending on order value. This allows for better and dynamic customer segmentation. Store owners can set different order values for each level (e.g. Bronze, Silver and Gold levels) depending on the total value of orders made. End customers are automatically assigned and when their order value changes, they are dynamically updated and fall into the level corresponding to that value. This enhancement ensures precise and efficient customer management, offering powerful new tools to optimize marketing strategies and the opportunity to drive customer engagement.

Updates for all guide navigation pages in Onboarding

We have updated the buttons on all guide navigation pages during the onboarding process. These changes have been applied across all supported languages, ensuring a consistent and improved user experience.

Success Guide text updates on Product screen in Onboarding

We have updated the Success Guide texts on the Product screen during the onboarding process. These changes have been applied across all supported languages, ensuring a consistent and improved user experience.

Enhanced alert bar performance

We've added a caching mechanism for Alert bars, ensuring faster data loading. Now, any changes made will be reflected even more quickly in the store, enhancing the user experience.

Page Builder static page file upload

We've updated the configuration for GrapesJS in the Page Builder to allow file uploads to cloud storage instead of using base64 images. This enhancement ensures efficient design and publishing of static content on the website. Confirmation alerts for image deletions and error popups for upload failures, including translations, have been implemented.

Enhancement in role creation functionality

We've improved our code to prevent a user with a given role and permissions from creating a new role that includes more permissions than the user creating it has. This ensures higher security and proper management of roles and users in each Partner's store.

Customer-specific promotions on storefront

Now, direct promotions can be tailored for specific customer groups on the storefront. Store owners can create direct discounts for targeted groups, applying them seamlessly across the homepage, category pages, cart, checkout, and product pages. This ensures personalized promotions for different customer segments, enhancing the shopping experience.

New features

Filipino Language (FIL) Now Available

We are excited to announce that the Filipino language (FIL) is now enabled as a content and default language. This enhancement allows users to experience our platform in Filipino, ensuring a more inclusive and localized experience for our Filipino-speaking community. Enjoy seamless navigation and content in your preferred language.


Business Line Creation and Demo Product Data During Onboarding

We have updated the onboarding process to improve the creation of business lines and demo products. The "Other" business line will no longer be created by default unless no business lines are selected by the user. Additionally, the demo product will now include assigned business lines, categories, and sub-categories based on the Partner’s selection. This enhancement ensures a more customized and relevant setup experience for new Partners.

Business Lines List Addition

We are excited to announce the addition of new business lines in the onboarding process. Partners can now select from the newly added business lines for „Supplements“ and „Pharmaceuticals“.

New features

New Customizable advantages option for the shop

Introducing the Customizable advantages option! This new feature displays key benefits or features of selected elements in the shop, enhancing its value proposition. Admins can now set and customize titles and sub-titles with rich text editing, specify optional URLs to make advantages clickable, and select icons from a predefined dropdown list. This provides greater flexibility and clarity in showcasing shop features.

Group top customers by order value

Introducing an exciting new feature in the Customers module: creating groups of customers based on their order value over a specific time period. This functionality allows the creation of groups, such as "customers with the highest total order value". Groups can also be created for promotional purposes - this allows partners to reward loyal customers (separated into a group) with exclusive discounts. Partners can define total purchases for certain periods, set subgroups with a range of purchases and manage these groups automatically. This allows them to improve their targeted marketing efforts.

Custom canonical URL for products

The custom canonical tags for products are now available in the Back Office. This new feature allows for precise SEO control at the product variant level. A new "Canonical URL" field has been added to the SEO tab in the product editing form. This text field lets partners specify the canonical URL for each product variant, improving search engine optimization.

Custom delivery pricing by category

Now, special delivery prices can be set based on product categories. Whenever a product from the specified category is added to checkout, the special delivery price is automatically applied. During checkout, if a product from another category is added, the highest fixed fee from the selected categories is applied. The checkout page displays a note explaining why the higher fee was applied, ensuring customers see clear and transparent delivery charges. This enhancement offers a seamless shopping experience, ensuring customers receive the best delivery rates tailored to their chosen products.


Login in with phone number

Customers can now use their email or phone number with their password to log into their account. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and convenience when accessing accounts. Both existing customers and new customers can add their phone number by editing their profile. Updated phone numbers can also be used, providing a seamless login experience.

Product card style changes

Introducing an update to the product card styles! Changes made in the Back Office are seamlessly applied to the store design.


Enhance General Tab in Tag Create/Edit Screen

The General tab in the Tag create/edit screen has been enhanced for better usability and functionality.

FIL Locale to be Added

We have added the FIL (Filipino) locale to the system translations to support users who prefer to use the platform in Filipino.

Test Period Updated to 14 Days

The test period has been changed to 14 days in step 1 of the registration process and on the Subscription page for all countries.

Auto-assign Business Line in Product Page

In the Product creation screen during Onboarding, the business line field will now be auto-populated. If the user has selected one business line, it will be auto-filled. If multiple business lines are selected, one of them will be auto-filled (either the first or a random one).

New features

Customize Product Card Style

Introducing a new customization option on the Theme Options page: the ability to select and save different product card styles in the product list section. This feature allows for a tailored display of products, enhancing the visual appeal and user experience in the shop.

Automatic Category Branch Selection

Introducing automatic category branch selection for the main category on the product create/edit screen. When a category is selected, the system now retrieves the entire category branch and automatically selects all related categories in the additional category dropdown. This streamlines the categorization process, ensuring accurate and efficient organization of products.

Automatic Branch Selection for Additional Categories

Introducing automatic parent selection for additional categories on the product create/edit screen. When an additional category is selected, the system retrieves the entire category branch and automatically selects all parent categories. This enhancement simplifies the categorization process, ensuring accurate and efficient organization of products.


Enhanced Date and Time Format Customization

We've improved the Date and Time Format customization in the Back Office. Now, the Online shop settings> Settings page displays the names of time zones instead of zones, and the time display format can also be customized. Additionally, the "Week first day" dropdown list can now be translated, providing a more user-friendly and localized experience.

Updates and Improvements in the Registration Process

We have updated the registration process for new Partners with a number of enhancements, including new guiding texts, improved button design, and optimized user experience.

Enhanced Brand List Screen

We’re presenting our enhanced Brand list screen! This feature displays the "Is Active" and "Is Featured" columns, and includes a Settings tab. This update is designed to manage and view brand information more efficiently with this enhanced interface.

Enhanced Tags List Screen

Introducing enhancements to the Tags List screen! This update includes the "Is Active" button and description, providing a more efficient and comprehensive way to manage tags.

Enhanced Orders screen - New Billing Address Section

A dedicated Billing Address section has been added to the Orders screen, providing a more organized and comprehensive view of billing information.

Updated Customer Groups Dashboard

The Customer Groups dashboard in the Back Office has been enhanced. The updated table now displays new columns for Criteria and Time Period, showing relevant details such as "Customer order value" and respective start and end dates. The "Create" button has been changed to a dropdown, offering options for "Manual" and "Customer order value," each leading to their respective forms. This update provides more detailed information and improved functionality for managing customer groups.

Enhanced Storefront Search

The storefront search has been upgraded for better efficiency and accuracy. When a special search app like AI is enabled, it powers the search bar. If not, the regular product search is used. This enhancement provides more relevant search results, making it easier to find products.

New features

Automated email for late orders

Introducing an automated email feature for late orders! Customers will now receive timely notifications when their order fulfillment is delayed. This new option, ensures clear communication, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust. The feature is fully integrated within the Online shop settings → Email Management module and supports multiple languages for a seamless experience.

New conditional "Call" button feature

Introducing the Conditional "Call" Button feature. When specific settings are enabled, a "Call" button will be displayed instead of the "Buy" button on product pages, allowing direct contact with the seller. This feature can be configured at the global, category, and product levels, with product settings taking the highest priority. The "Call" button will be prominently displayed and will use the phone number provided in the corresponding setting, initiating a call when clicked.

New AI Search functionality

Our platform now features AI Search, delivering highly accurate and relevant results through advanced machine learning and natural language processing. Partners can easily enable this feature, allowing customers to use natural language queries for a smarter, more intuitive search experience.

New Minimum spend value section

A new section titled Minimum Order value for checkout has been added to the Online Shop Settings menu under Catalog. This section includes a decimal number field, which accepts values greater than 0 and can be set to null if left empty. The field is editable and can be turned off with the "No minimum spend" option. This update enhances store settings and provides greater flexibility in checkout management.

Cart amount validation

Introducing a new feature when a Minimum Order Value for Checkout is enabled, to ensure cart total meets the requirements set in shop settings. The basket page now disables the "proceed to checkout" button and displays an error message if the cart total is below the minimum spend. Similarly, the checkout page disables the "confirm order" button and displays an error message when the cart total is insufficient. This update ensures compliance with minimum spend policies and enhances the shopping experience.

New Delayed order configurations field

The Back Office now features a dedicated field for Delayed order configurations. This update enhances organization and clarity, making order management even more streamlined and efficient.

New language to the storefront - Urdu

Exciting news! The storefront now supports Urdu, enhancing accessibility with a right-to-left, right-justified text layout for a seamless and inclusive shopping experience.

FedEx app integration

The FedEx app is now available for installation and configuration from the back office. Partners can offer FedEx as a shipping option, allowing customers to view shipping costs and track order status directly from the detailed orders page.

TBI Bank integration

TBI Bank is now integrated into the Back Office, allowing partners to use it as a payment provider. Partners can install the TBI Bank app, configure settings, manage its status, and activate or deactivate it as needed. This integration provides a seamless payment experience and flexible payment management options.


Updated Texts for Onboarding

Exciting updates have been made to the texts when onboarding new partners in several languages including Bulgarian, English and Indonesian. These enhancements ensure a clearer and more partner-friendly experience in all supported languages.

Renaming of "Featured Promotions" module

The "Featured Promotions" module has been renamed to "Featured Pop-Ups" across the platform. This update affects the main navigation title, main dashboard, create button, and creation/edit form, as well as image and detail sections within the module. This change ensures consistency and clarity throughout the module.

New features

Create a Download Button for Attached Files

We have added a download button for the attached files on the product details page. This feature allows users to download or delete attached files easily using a download icon.

Display BuyXGetY Discounted on Product View

We have added a feature to display BuyXGetY discounts on the product and cart views. In the product view, the promotion name and specific notes are shown: for Product X, it highlights savings on promotional products purchased together; for Product Y, it shows the discount when buying Product X. In the cart view, messages display relevant discounts and links to the promotion or product pages. Both promotion types can be shown if applied to one product.

Display Notice When a Promo Is No Longer Valid in Cart

We have introduced a new feature to enhance user experience by notifying customers when a promotion is no longer valid in their cart. If a promo code or Buy X Get Y Free promotion is deactivated, a notification will be displayed: “Promotion [promo name] deactivated: The items in your cart no longer meet the requirements for this promotion. Please review the promotion details and adjust your cart accordingly." This feature will be applied to both the cart and checkout pages.

Implement Updated Designs on SF for "Buy X Get Y Free"

We have updated the storefront to display active "Buy X Get Y Free" promotions. The cart page will now show: “BUY [x] GET [y] FREE” and “Add [x] pcs of the same product to your cart and get [y] FREE.” A progress bar will indicate how many items are in the cart and how many more are needed for another free item, updating dynamically to show the total number of free items.

Enhance the PATCH Order Admin Endpoint to Allow for File Uploads

We have enhanced the PATCH order admin endpoint to allow for file uploads. The new parameters added to the request body include "documents" with attributes such as originalFilename, extension, mimeType, and size. The response will contain the updated order. File upload limits are set to a maximum file size of 5MB and up to 10 files. Supported file types include PDF, DOC/DOCX, TXT, RTF, ODT, XLS/XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPT/PPTX, ODP, JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF/TIF, WEBP, MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, ZIP, and RAR.

Addition of ZIPCHAT for AI Chatbot

We have added the AI Chatbot application ZIPCHAT to the admin panel. Partners can now integrate this chatbot into their shops. ZIPCHAT is currently in use on our corporate website.

UR/URD Locale Added to System Translations

The UR/URD (Urdu) locale has been added to the system translations, enabling support for the Urdu language across the platform.

Sidebar Menu - New Design

We have implemented a new design for the sidebar menu in the Admin panel, changing its width to 304 px. This includes updating the Bulgarian translation for the status button, renaming "Categories" to "Categories and sub-categories," and adjusting the "Products" menu to avoid duplication. The "All products" sub-menu now leads to the products listing table page.


Create Product Step || Categories/Onboarding

We have updated the product creation step to ensure that when a user selects a main category, an additional select menu for sub-categories is displayed.

Rework the Alert Message

We have reworked the alert message to improve visibility. The popup is now bigger, appears in the middle of the screen, and remains visible for two seconds before disappearing.

Update the Skip Button Style

We have updated the style of the Skip and Back buttons according to the design requirements. Additionally, we have added an option to skip all steps of Phase 2 with a new link named [BG] "Пропусни Пътеводителя" and [EN] "Skip the Guide".

Apply Business Lines Create/Delete Actions

We have improved the system to update categories related to business lines based on modifications. Newly added categories are now created automatically, and removed categories are deleted.

Add Empty States for Hero Banners

We have added a DEMO BANNER for hero banners on the storefront and back office when a user creates a new store. This banner will appear on the public domain preview and is generic for all themes.

Update the Skip Button Style

We have updated the style of the Skip and Back buttons according to the design requirements. Additionally, we have added an option to skip all steps of Phase 2 with a new link named [BG] "Пропусни Пътеводителя" and [EN] "Skip the Guide."

Add Empty States for Hero Banners

We have added configurations for the Hero banner on each theme. Existing stores will not have a placeholder for the Hero banner until their current theme is updated. Newly created stores through the Onboarding will have a placeholder for the Hero banner on the Homepage, regardless of the theme selected during Onboarding.

Add All Shipping Provider Apps

During the onboarding process, the list of available shipping provider apps has been updated to include newly integrated providers. The current list includes Own Delivery, Econt, Speedy, Kwik, Lalamove, and DHL. The updated list now also includes BlueEx, CVC, Delhivery, Borzo, InOut, Pargo, Sky Net, Sonic, The Courier Guy, uParcel, and UPS. The Settings button will not be shown when the user installs any of these apps during onboarding.

Include Promo Codes Based on Collections

We have added functionality to apply promo codes based on collections. Promo codes can now be validated for collections of tags, categories, brands, and products in the cart. This ensures promo codes work correctly when applied on the cart page.

Hide the Status When Collapsed

We have updated the sidebar menu to hide the status buttons when the menu is collapsed and show them when it is expanded. Users can expand or collapse the menu, and the status buttons will appear or disappear accordingly.

New features

Nudgify Pixel Integration

We're excited to announce the integration of the Nudgify Pixel into our platform. A new Nudgify app is now available in the Apps section, allowing Partners to easily attach the Nudgify Pixel to their store. This integration allows for real-time performance tracking and the display of Nudgify's unique engagement features.

New "Buy X, Get Y Discounted" form

Introducing the new "Buy X, Get Y Discounted" promotion form in the Back Office! Now available under "Create a Price Rule" and listed at the bottom of the promotions list. This update streamlines promotional strategies by allowing a certain amount of product (X) to trigger discounts on a list of products (Y). With easy setup, it's never been simpler to create compelling offers.

Discount Countdown

Introducing the new Discount Countdown feature! This exciting update adds visible timers to products on sale, creating urgency and encouraging purchases. The Countdown option allows setting start and end dates, displaying the remaining time on the homepage, category pages, product page, and cart management page.

Fraud List

We have updated our checkout process to enhance security by limiting payment options for customers identified on the fraud list. Payment methods disallowed due to fraud concerns will now be automatically hidden during checkout. If no valid payment methods are available, the order completion will be blocked, and a message will be displayed stating, "This order cannot be completed." This update is available in multiple languages to ensure clarity for all users.

Connect domain with CNAME record

Introducing an exciting new feature for NB Partners! External domains can now be connected and managed using A/CNAME records directly from the Back Office. This streamlined addition offers greater flexibility and control over domain management, enhancing the overall user experience.

Paysera integration

Paysera is now available as a payment provider app in the Back Office. Easy to install, ensuring a smooth and intuitive setup.

Log and monitoring

A new feature now allows visualization of when a client registered in the partner's store, their last login time, and their last IP address. This enhancement provides better insights into customer activity.

New product input fields

We've introduced new input fields for product dimensions and cost per item to enhance product data management. These fields include Length, Width, Height (all in centimeters), and Cost per item. Each field supports numeric values, including decimals, improving accuracy in product specifications.


Enhanced payment method Success Guide

We've updated our general guide to streamline the process of installing payment methods. The guide now provides clearer instructions on how to select, install, and configure your desired payment methods. This update simplifies the setup process, making it quicker to get started with accepting payments.

Enhanced Success Guide Content with Accordion Component

We have introduced a new accordion component to the help guide, improving how help content is displayed and interacted with. This allows users to explore content dynamically, as all accordion items are collapsed by default, promoting a cleaner and more focused user experience. Accordion descriptions have been enhanced with concise instructions, aligning with the platform's aesthetic. This new feature is available in both Bulgarian and English, catering to our diverse user base, ensuring the guide is accessible and effectively assists users in setting up their online stores with NEXT BASKET.

Enhanced Logo Upload Process

We've streamlined the logo upload process on our platform by removing logo attachment format recommendations during the onboarding process. This update is consistent with the settings in the Back Office, with both interfaces now reflecting the same number of logo options. This change simplifies the setup process by making the registration process easier without the distraction of unnecessary recommendations.

Updated Product Visibility Settings

We've improved the product creation interface by adding explanatory helper texts under the "Active product" toggle. This text clearly indicates that activating the product will make it visible in the online store. Additionally, we have removed the "Show size chart" toggle from the user interface. These updates ensure a smoother and more intuitive product setup process.

Streamlined Payment Method Selection

We've refined the payment methods section to enhance user navigation and clarity during onboarding. The title has been updated to " Select and install the Payment Methods you want". Additionally, we've removed the dropdown for app segment filtering, simplifying the interface and focusing on a more straightforward selection process.

Enhanced Product Description Placeholders

We've enhanced the placeholders for product descriptions to better guide partners during product entry. The updated placeholders now clearly outline what to include in both the title and the detailed description sections, ensuring all necessary product attributes and features are easily communicated. This includes guidance on appearance, specifications, warranty, benefits, and more, for both English and Bulgarian language settings.

Notification When Installing a Payment Method

We have optimized the payment method installation process. After installation, a brief notification confirms the successful installation, visible for 4 seconds. It prompts partners to click on "Settings" to activate the payment method, improving the installation experience with a clear and concise message.

Logo Upload

We've improved our onboarding process by moving the logo upload to its own dedicated step. This update simplifies the setup flow, allowing new users to manage their logo uploads more intuitively.

Payment methods description removal

We have streamlined the user experience by removing the description from the payment methods step. This change aims to simplify the interface and reduce unnecessary information, allowing users to focus more easily on selecting and installing the desired payment methods.

Enhanced Navigation Menu Customization

We've introduced an enhanced navigation menu customization feature that allows easy toggling between two distinct menu arrangements in the platform, optimizing workflow efficiency. Partners can now switch between a 'Setup' mode and an 'Active' mode, each offering a tailored arrangement of main categories to suit different operational needs. Setup Mode: Prioritizes categories like Catalog, E-shop settings, and Marketing for easy access during the configuration phases. Active Mode: Focuses on Sales information and Customer management, ideal for daily operations. Режим „В разработка“: Приоритизира категории като Каталог, Настройки на електронния магазин и Маркетинг за лесен достъп по време на фазите на конфигуриране. Режим „Активен“: Фокусира се върху информацията за продажбите и управлението на клиентите, идеален за ежедневните операции.

New Pop-up Informing About Trial Period

We introduce a new informative and engaging pop-up in the Admin panel! Now, partners can easily see how many days are left in their trial period. This feature provides clear visibility and helps partners make informed decisions while exploring all the benefits our platform offers.