History of changes and updates in the NEXT BASKET platform


New features




v. 2.48


New features

Custom XML feeds builder

We're excited to announce a new feature for our Partners: the ability to create custom XML feeds. This tool empowers the export and share of product data with third-party platforms easily, streamlining data integration processes and expanding customer reach. After installing the app, Partners can create and customize their XML feed to fit your specific needs.

2CHECKOUT Integration

We've integrated 2CHECKOUT as a payment provider. This means Partners can easily add it as an app from the Admin panel of their shop, giving them more options to streamline payment processes and enhance the shopping experience for their customers.

New rules for promotions

In the Back Office, operators can create promotions with promo codes with new additional rules for use - limits on the use of promotions and the amount of promo codes , which improves targeted marketing efforts.

New: Automatic 308 SEO redirects

We've introduced automatic 308 redirects in the Back Office for updated product and category URLs. This ensures visitors always reach the correct page, improving SEO and site navigation. Applies to product, category, and soon, blog pages.

New system for faster data access with RabbitMQ and Redis

We've rolled out a new system using RabbitMQ and Redis that makes information quicker and easier for our software to communicate. This will improve our way of sending and storing requests.

New VAT calculation function

Introducing getProductVAT, a function that simplifies VAT calculation by prioritizing rates from the Product, Category, to Shop levels. If a VAT rate is missing, it defaults to the next available rate, ensuring every sale accurately reflects the correct VAT.

Google Pay via Stripe integration

We've added Google Pay as a quick, secure payment option through our Stripe integration. Customers can now use Google Pay at checkout for a seamless transaction experience, compatible across all devices and browsers.

Apple Pay via Stripe integration

Apple Pay has been integrated with Stripe for Safari users, offering a fast, secure checkout option. This streamlines payments while ensuring high security and privacy standards.

Pre-filled Information

When registered users go to add a new address during checkout, they’ll find the "Add Address" modal already filled with their details like "First Name", "Last Name", "Phone", "Country", "City", and "Area" from their checkout form. This update saves their time and typing, making the shopping experience smoother and faster.


Enhanced order export options

We've expanded the order export capabilities in the Back Office. Now, Partners have the flexibility to export data in various types and formats to meet their diverse business needs. This update includes a new screen designed to make exporting orders straightforward and efficient, allowing customized data exports like never before.

Category page descriptions update

Store owners can now enrich category pages with descriptive text above and below product listings. This feature helps provide context, assist customer navigation, and improve SEO with relevant keywords. Enhance your category pages easily with our new text editor options.

Promotions section translation update

We've updated the translations for the Promotions section under Store → Settings → General in the Back Office. This ensures all our partners have access to clear and accurate information in their preferred language, enhancing the usability of our platform. Translations have been refined across multiple languages including English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, German, French, Hungarian, and Polish, making it easier for store owners to navigate and utilize the Promotions feature effectively.

Improved SEO robots meta tag functionality

We've streamlined SEO settings for robots meta tags, ensuring a cohesive approach between general SEO and page-specific settings. Shops now default to noindex, nofollow, with an easy option to switch to index, follow. This applies to all pages, with page-specific settings taking priority for precise SEO optimization.

New features

"Latest Products" feature

We’re happy to announce the "Latest Products" function, under Store > Settings. When activated, it provides clients with a new page for quick and easy access to the most recent additions to the product catalog.

Cookies management

We've added a consent management pop-up for new store visitors to manage cookie settings.

Product specific discounts: Min. spend & quantity

Now, “minimum spend” and “minimum quantity” options for specific product discounts are available to control via new toggle buttons.

New fixed and percentage discounts

We've included fixed and percentage discount options for product-specific promotions for more effective discount strategies.

Order editing feature

We're excited to announce the order editing functionality for partners, streamlining order adjustments and management.


Enhanced social media sharing

We've added Open Graph tags to enhance previews of content on social media, accurately showcasing titles, images, and brief descriptions for various pages.

Blog details visibility

Blog articles are now enhanced with structured data, displaying essential information like author, publish date, and topic in search results and social media shares.

Static pages in the footer menu

We've increased the limit of static pages shown in the footer menu from 25 to 100, enhancing shop management.

Hero banner navigation enhancements

We've updated the Hero banner to include a new navigation design for both mobile and desktop.

Footer navigation enhancement

We've updated all footer section titles to H4 tags, improving site navigation and information accessibility.

Product export formats

We've enhanced the product export feature to include support for the major file formats: CSV and XLSX.

Updated "Out of stock" label

We've adjusted the "Out of stock" label to display at a 30-degree angle for improved visibility and aesthetics on product pages.

Checkout page: UX enhancements

We've implemented UX improvements on the checkout page for a smoother shopping experience.

New features

New discount feature

We've introduced a new Back Office feature: Partners can now create product-specific discounts with PROMO CODES. Whether it's a fixed amount or a percentage off, Partners can apply discounts directly to specific products.

"Order Again" feature

Introducing "Order Again" for quick reorders of past purchases directly from your "Order History". Now, Partners’ clients can easily reorder with a click, adjust quantities, and get updates on availability and price changes. Shopping made faster and simpler!

New features

Failed card payment notifications

We've introduced automatic email notifications to alert customers immediately when a card payment fails. This ensures that customers are promptly informed and can take necessary action without delay.

Sharing product pages on Facebook

We've launched a new feature allowing clients to share their favorite products on Facebook directly from the product pages. This social sharing option, configurable in the Back Office, enhances product visibility and encourages traffic to the store.

One-page checkout

The checkout process has been significantly simplified, now consolidated into a single-page experience. This enhancement reduces the previously multi-step procedure to a straightforward, efficient layout.

Monochrome Minimalist theme carousel banner

We've updated the Monochrome Minimalist Theme to introduce a dynamic slider carousel banner in the second widget area, complementing the existing two static banners in the first widget.

Mutiple images in the hero banner

We've enhanced the hero banner to support multiple images, this update includes a static image option for single banners, designed to enrich visitor engagement on the site.


Enhanced 'Terms & Conditions' accessibility

Now, when customers click on the 'Terms & Conditions' link during checkout, a popup appears displaying the full content of the store's policy. This ensures that all customers have immediate access to essential information.

Carousel slider settings update

We've refined the carousel slider functionality within the Back Office. Now, when only a single banner is active in the carousel, all slider settings will be automatically disabled.

Multilingual support for Promotions builder page

The Promotions Builder Page in the Back Office now features comprehensive translations for an expanded range of languages, with additional languages positioned for future activation (German, French, Polish, Greek, and Hungarian).

Romanian translations update

Now, all parts of our platform are fully translated into Romanian. This enhancement guarantees a seamless and fully localized experience for Partners selecting Romanian as their store language.

Enhanced VAT configuration

We've updated our database structure to include new columns for VAT configuration priority across products and categories.

Page speed score improvement

We've successfully uplifted page speed scores to exceed the benchmark of 90, delivering a smoother and quicker user experience.

New features

Shop's Google visibility - SEO

We're introducing a feature that lets shop owners append their shop name to every page title appearing in Google search results. This aims to boost the shop's identity and SEO. The feature can be activated in Marketing > SEO > Settings with the "Add the shop name to search results" option. Selection between a dash “-” or a vertical bar “|” as separators is available. This update ensures the shop name automatically appears in Google snippets, enhancing brand visibility.

GA4 Implementation

We're excited to announce the completion of Phase I of our Google Analytics 4 (GA4) implementation. This foundational update lays the groundwork for more advanced analytics features and ensures our platform is equipped with the latest in web analytics technology. Stay tuned for further enhancements as we continue to roll out the next phases of GA4 integration.

DHL Shipping for multiple countries

Partners can now use a new way to ship (for Bulgaria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, The Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, etc): the DHL app is now available for integration in NB shops. This addition broadens the delivery options, enabling shop owners to provide their customers with a trusted and efficient shipping solution.

Dynamic domain update in the Robots.txt tab

We've made an update to ensure that the domain displayed in the blue ribbon within the Robots.txt tab accurately reflects your store's current domain. This dynamic update enhances the accuracy and relevance of your site's search engine optimization settings.

Button name update

To enhance clarity and accuracy, we've renamed the "Create bill of lading" button to "Generate Waybill". This change reflects the specific action more precisely, making it easier for users to navigate during online shopping.

Simplified input for price and weight fields

We've made an improvement that doesn’t allow the input of special characters in the Special Price, Price, and Weight fields anymore. This means that only entering numbers would be possible in these fields, making everything clearer and preventing mistakes.

Search function update in Header v1

In our latest update to Header v1, we've improved the search functionality for a better user experience. Now, when the search field is open, the Search button (including its icon and text) will automatically change to a Close button. This makes it easier to close the search bar and enhances site navigation.

New features

Notification for unsuccessful card payments

We've introduced an event to notify customers about unsuccessful card payments. If a payment doesn't go through, customers will now receive an email with details and, if permitted by the payment provider, a link for an alternative payment method. This ensures transparency and offers a straightforward solution for completing transactions.

Import URLs

We've introduced an "Import" button, allowing Partners to easily upload old and new URLs to the system. Clicking the button opens an upload pop-up, complete with a template download link for your convenience. The maximum file size for uploads is set to 10 MB, streamlining the process of managing your URLs efficiently.

Delete Redirects for Yacht shop owners

Shop owners can now delete redirect records, streamlining the management of URL redirections while preserving SEO integrity. A confirmation prompt will be displayed before deletion, ensuring intentional modifications only.

KWIK Integration: New Shipping Option

We're excited to introduce KWIK as a new shipping option for our Partners. Now, KWIK can be selected as a shipping provider, offering customers more flexibility for their deliveries. This update includes a direct connection for tracking delivery status, configuring KWIK settings, generating and downloading waybills, estimating shipping costs, and displaying shipping options and costs to customers. Additionally, a default weight setting and a Test mode for seamless integration have been added.

GrapesJS/Drag&Drop integration for Static pages

We've integrated GrapesJS in our Back Office, allowing partners to switch between WYSIWYG and GrapesJS editors for unparalleled content customization. This feature ensures a seamless editing experience without losing any content during the switch, and the Drag&Drop option for Static pages.

Secure authentication for accessing NB_RPC Manager

We've enhanced the authentication process for accessing NB_RPC Manager within the application environment. Now, users can securely and seamlessly authenticate using API keys. Each new-created tenant will have a corresponding API key, managed through Kong.


Xendit integration update: Test mode toggle

We've introduced a test mode toggle in the Xendit app integration, allowing Partners to make test payments using a test account in the production environment. This feature facilitates easier testing and ensures a smooth payment process.

Lalamove app settings update

For Partners using Lalamove, we've made it easier to edit and update API and secret keys directly in the app settings. This ensures a seamless switch between Test Mode and Production without reinstalling. Now, updating the credentials instantly activates the save option, with a connect button to verify the new details. This update guarantees that your storefront can continue offering Lalamove as a shipping method, provided the API and secret keys are correctly set.

SEO settings update for Static pages

We've added a new feature for static pages: a dropdown menu to select SEO statuses. Now, it's easily determined whether a page should follow or be indexed by search engines.. The default setting for all static pages is "follow" and "index," ensuring the content is searchable unless specified otherwise.

Advanced settings update for In/Out (euShipments)

We've added advanced settings to the In/Out (euShipments) integration, enhancing the current setup to better meet Partner’s shipping needs.

Enhanced password validation during account creation

We've aligned the frontend error messages for password validation with those on the backend. Now, if a password does not include at least one upper case, lower case, numeric, and special character, the error message will consistently reflect this requirement across both frontend and backend, enhancing user guidance during account creation

Enhanced Search functionality for online shopping

Now, finding products is easier than ever. Our enhanced search bar is prominently displayed on all pages, offering real-time suggestions while typing. Comprehensive full-text search capabilities across titles, descriptions, and categories. With responsive design, this feature works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile, ensuring an intuitive shopping experience. Plus, our user-friendly interface allows quick query clearing with just a click.

Improvement: Displaying country names in sender addresses

We've updated our system to convert country codes into full country names in the "Country" column of the user interface. Now, when a new sender address is added in Store > Sender Addresses, the chosen country will be displayed clearly in the list, improving clarity and user experience.

New features

Address update for The Philippines

We've updated our system to support Philippine address formats for Partners. Now, you can enter warehouse addresses in the Philippines more accurately, ensuring better location identification by shipping providers and clients. This feature is available under: Set up > Store > Sender Addresses.

Lalamove shipping method integration

Partners can now install and configure Lalamove directly from the Back Office and add it as a shipping method to their store. This enhancement simplifies the process of integrating Lalamove, offering a seamless shipping solution for your business needs.

Lalamove integration update: Ship to Office disabled

We've updated our Lalamove integration to disable the "Ship to Office" option. This ensures that all Lalamove deliveries are directed to the specified customer addresses, streamlining the delivery process for a better user experience.

New payment method: 2C2P integration

Partners can now enhance their shop's payment options by installing PayMaya, thanks to our new 2C2P integration. This addition allows for a seamless and secure payment experience for customers, making transactions smoother and more accessible.

Access to Theme settings added

Now, Partners can access the Theme settings directly from the Back Office menu. This enhancement allows the personalization of the shop's theme easily. The "Theme settings" menu has been added under "Design" in the sidebar menu.

Editable Redirects for shop owners

Partners now have the flexibility to edit redirects, enabling the management and customization of URL redirections while preserving SEO integrity. This update allows for more dynamic control over how traffic is directed within your site.

PayPal integration v.2 available

Now, Partners can offer PayPal as a payment method directly on the Store front. This feature, accessible once the PayPal App is set up in the Back Office, streamlines payment processing and updates order statuses automatically for a smoother customer experience.

Guest registration option at Checkout

We've enhanced the shopping experience by allowing guests to easily create a customer profile during checkout. Now, guests can opt to create an account by simply checking a box before completing their order. This feature streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth transition to a registered customer.

Guest registration check at Checkout

We've introduced a feature to streamline guest checkout. Now, when entering their email, guests will be notified if their email is already registered. If registered, they'll receive a prompt to log in, simplifying access to their account and improving checkout efficiency.


Yacht Redirects: Importing old and new URLs

Partners can now efficiently import old and new URLs for Yacht redirects using CSV, xlsx, or XML files with a maximum size of 10 MB. The import file requires columns for old URL, redirect type, new URL, and activation status.

Lalamove app configuration update

We've streamlined the integration process for shipping and payment services within the Lalamove app. This update ensures a smoother flow, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of using Lalamove for your delivery needs.

Storefront performance improvements

To enhance the shopping experience, we've addressed performance issues in our storefront. By implementing a short-term caching strategy of 10 seconds for critical API requests—such as retrieving categories, products, and single product details—we've significantly reduced the chances of timeouts under high load. This update ensures smoother navigation and faster access to product information.

SEO settings update for Blog articles

We've added SEO settings for blog articles, including a drop-down for "index/noindex" and "follow/nofollow" choices. The default setting is to index and follow, providing more control over your article's visibility and link behavior online.

Introducing GrapesJS in Back Office

We've integrated GrapesJS, enabling a switch between WYSIWYG and GrapesJS editors for richer content customization in your shop. This update includes a toggle for easy editor switching without losing content, maintaining the simplicity of page settings and SEO features.

Onboarding update with new custom fields

We've added new customizable fields to our onboarding process: a "question" field for detailed text over 255 characters and a "migrateShop" toggle (true/false). These optional fields, aimed at enhancing setup flexibility, can be updated anytime. Efforts are underway to integrate these smoothly with frontend solutions for optimal value storage.


Manual URL Redirect Feature

Partners can now manually add new URL redirects. When selecting Product, Category, Static Page, or Brand, users can search from existing records. For Custom redirects, users can provide a URL link, with validation for a valid URL. Users can specify Old URL, New URL, Redirect type (307/308), and choose between Active/Inactive status.

Transliteration of "Speedy" Offices Names

The delivery service "Speedy" offices' names will now be transliterated when the website language is different from Bulgarian. This update ensures consistency and readability across different language settings.

Shipping Provider App Activation/Deactivation Flow

We’ve improved the process for activating or deactivating shipping provider apps. Now, when attempting to deactivate a shipping provider app that is currently used in a shipping method, an error message will be displayed. Additionally, shipping provider apps with an inactive status will not appear in the list of available shipping methods during creation or editing.

Create Categories, Product Types, and Attributes with Blank Name Fields

Partners can now create Categories, Product types, and Attributes with blank name fields.

Product Cards - Enhance Product Image Appearance

Product images in the product cards now feature an improved visibility and guarantee optimized user experience.

New features

Allow empty Categories in the Main Menu

Now, empty Categories marked as "Active" will be displayed in the main menu, even before they contain any products. This change allows for better visibility and organization, streamlining your navigation.

Robots index configuration

Now, in the SEO tab for each product, partners can easily configure search engine crawl directives with a drop-down menu offering four options: index, follow (default), index, nofollow, noindex, follow, and noindex, nofollow. This enhancement provides greater control over SEO strategies for individual products, allowing partners to tailor settings according to their specific needs. The displayed text is available in multiple languages, ensuring clarity and ease of use for a global audience.

Edit alt text of product images

Shop owners can now optimize accessibility and SEO by easily editing the alt text of product images. A new pencil icon on each image allows store owners to open a window, auto-populating the alt text with the product name and appended number.

Product cards' new design

We are excited to unveil a redesigned look for product cards. This update ensures that long translations in various languages no longer cause overlapping, maintaining a clean and visually appealing display. We have implemented the redesign exactly as specified, offering a more streamlined and user-friendly interface.

New registration process – Step 1

We've introduced a new self-registration flow with specific enhancements in Step 1. Prices will now be dynamically displayed based on the partner's IP, leveraging IP2loc for accurate geolocation. Additionally, partners from Nigeria will benefit from a 2-month free trial, ensuring a tailored and user-friendly registration experience.

New registration process – Step 2

We're introducing a new self-registration flow with an improved Step 2. The registration wizard is now segmented into clear steps, presented in a progress bar for enhanced user guidance. Additionally, the introduction of a new endpoint ensures flexibility with optional fields.

New registration process – Step 3

We've introduced a new enhanced Step 3 in the self-registration flow, providing partners with four distinct options. Partners can now select a single option from the presented choices, with the flexibility to modify their selection. The implementation of a new endpoint further enhances the registration process.

New registration process – Step 4

Partners can now effortlessly create their store, with language and topicality becoming mandatory fields. The default store name, based on the unique part of the email, is displayed, and partners have the flexibility to customize it while adhering to current validations. Additionally, the option to skip this step creates the store with the default name. The integration of predefined store country based on IP2Loc ensures a seamless and efficient registration process.

New registration process – Step 5

Heightened security measures have been introduced in Step 5 of the self-registration process. A strong password can now be set by partners, incorporating uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Upon adding the chosen password and clicking the button, the new password API will be invoked, ensuring robust protection for customer accounts.

New registration process – Step 6

Step 6 of the self-registration process has been optimized. Upon pressing "Let's start building your e-store," customers will now be seamlessly redirected to the back office, ensuring a swift transition to store setup.

Email verification redesign

We've introduced a refreshed design for the "Thank You" page in the email verification process. The updated design aims to provide a more visually stimulating registration process.

Mobile main menu change

Now, "My Profile" and "Wishlist" icons have been seamlessly relocated from the header to the main menu. Additionally, we’ve improved the back button in child categories and the positioning of parent category names, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive navigation flow.

Maintenance mode management

We've implemented a new feature that allows maintenance mode management for shops. Maintenance mode can now be easily toggled on or off by partners through the "Store → Settings → Maintenance" tab, providing a streamlined way to control shop status. This enhancement ensures a more flexible and user-centric experience in managing shop maintenance.

Export orders by date

We're excited to introduce a new feature for shop owners! With orders exported by date, they can now easily analyze sales performance by selecting start and end dates. This enhancement allows partners to export all orders placed within the specified time, providing flexibility and insights for effective sales analysis.

CTA button on empty Wishlist

Added a Call-to-Action (CTA) button on the empty Wishlist page, allowing customers to easily navigate to the homepage, ensuring a seamless journey through the pages.

Add Logout button

We introduce a "Log out" button on the mobile profile page, enabling customers to easily log out of their accounts. This addition streamlines the user experience, aligning seamlessly with the design for a more intuitive and accessible interface.

Add a persistent scroll feature

We've introduced a persistent scroll feature. Now, customers will seamlessly return to the exact same scroll position when navigating backward, providing a more user-friendly interface.

Select the file type to export

Now, when clicking the Export button on the Orders page, a modal will appear, allowing a choice between two file formats: .csv and .xlsx. This flexibility provides a more tailored and convenient export experience.


Improved handling of product stock representation

We've implemented an improvement to the product creation and editing process. Now, when setting the product stock to zero, the system will correctly send "0" instead of "null" to the backend. This enhancement ensures a more accurate representation of product stock levels.

Mobile header update

Store owners can now enjoy enhanced navigation on mobile devices as the burger menu has been strategically relocated to the far left, preceding the site logo. This change ensures a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing customers to access essential menu options with greater ease.

Enhanced export options

Partners can now export orders not only in the .csv format but also in the .xlsx format. This update provides greater flexibility in managing and analyzing order data, catering to diverse preferences.

Reduced shop logo on mobile devices

Store owners can now enjoy a 40% reduction in the shop logo size on mobile, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient checkout process. This modification aims to improve user experience by minimizing the logo section, preventing interference with swiping down on all Checkout pages.

Error message text update

We've improved the error message text in the BG (Bulgarian) version for a more accurate and user-friendly experience. The previous message "Съжаляваме, че сте се сблъскали с някои проблеми. Моля, опитайте отново!" has been updated to "Възникна грешка при обработка на заявката. Моля опитайте отново!" for better clarity.

Improved filter visibility

We've introduced a user-friendly enhancement to the filter system. Now, when there are selected filters, the corresponding filter accordion(s) will automatically expand, providing customers with clear visibility of applied filters. This improvement streamlines the user experience, allowing for easy identification of active filters and facilitating quick modifications.

Enhanced popup for Terms & Conditions

We've updated the "Terms & Conditions" popup modal to enhance readability. These changes aim to provide customers with a more user-friendly and accessible experience when reviewing terms and conditions.

Enhancements for price display, click area, and password indication

We've made improvements to the user interface by removing decimal values in prices for a cleaner look, expanding the click area for better usability, and providing clearer password requirements with an additional illustration. Additionally, we now export the illustration as SVG instead of a raster format for better quality.