Successful advertising campaigns can increase sales for your ecommerce store. 

NEXT BASKET’s sales department is happy to help you find solutions for your advertising campaigns and other promotions.

A smart advertising strategy that creates promotional campaigns for your online store will help maximize your profits. Therefore, we select the most effective advertising channels to reach your target audience.We also assist you in creating interesting campaigns with a powerful message or inspiring story to help strengthen your brand identity. A strong brand builds customer loyalty and helps your business grow.

What are advertising (sales) campaigns and promotions in the online store?

An effective advertising campaign uses ads or promotional activities to increase awareness of your product or service online. The goal is to ultimately boost your sales while building a consumer base for repeat purchases.

At NEXT BASKET, we offer both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) advertising campaigns to help boost your company marketing efforts.

Can you sell online without frequent discounts? 

Unfortunately, price reductions, discounts, and sales must be part of the marketing strategy for any large or small business operating online today. That’s because consumers expect frequent discounts.

So in order to remain competitive, you must engage in a bit of guerrilla marketing to capture customers that might be tempted to go elsewhere. However, you can often make up in volume and repeat business what you have to sacrifice price-wise with discounted merchandise.

NEXT BASKET offers you effective solutions when you conduct promotions for your e-store. First, we perform a thorough analysis, so you get the triple benefit of maximum sales, high profits, and zero losses from each marketing campaign.

How to make marketing campaigns in an online store

Every ecommerce business is unique. Therefore, every ad campaign you implement must be tailored to your online store. Cookie-cutter approaches won’t work.

There are many successful campaigns you can draw from, including website banners, print ads, and a social media marketing campaign plan. Prefer a video ad? That’s another popular method.

Our sales department at NEXT BASKET is here to help you select and execute different methods for your advertising campaigns, such as:

  • Social network advertising campaigns
  • Distribution channel ad campaigns
  • PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements
  • Email marketing and ad initiatives
  • Integrated multi-channel campaigns

Integrated campaigns are a combination of advertising methods across different channels to reach the various needs of your consumer audience.

A great advertising campaign should ideally be part of a larger digital marketing plan that includes communications. Communication style and messaging reflects your brand, including campaign features in advertising.

Both visual communication and written communication are equally important elements of advertising. They should work symbiotically together.

Our experts can assist you with that goal, both on the preparation side and with the implementation of the campaigns in your marketing plan.

Strategy and management of advertising campaigns

The most successful advertising campaigns are planned around data for your target market and ideal consumer. You want to know:

  • Their interests and hobbies
  • Their purchasing habits
  • What they’re looking for online
  • Search words used to shop

NEXT BASKET helps you strategize for this part of your next advertising campaign. You can trust that our research and experience will target campaigns correctly for your audience.

Strategy and management of ongoing promotions

Look to NEXT BASKET for marketing strategies to manage current promotions on your website and elsewhere on the internet.

Key aspects of our solutions for planning and effectiveness are minimizing costs while still generating maximum revenue from your efforts.

Return on advertising budgets

We want your business to show an excellent return on any funds you invest in advertising. That’s why NEXT BASKET builds an advertising strategy that’s based on a sophisticated assessment of the factors that go into your sales.

We not only promote your brand, but we get results. Your sales numbers will show the effectiveness of your advertising and promotional campaigns.

Performance monitoring, optimization, and reporting

The online market isn’t a static entity. Rather, it’s dynamic, constantly changing with trends and new innovations. Your business should be flexible in planning advertising because of these fluctuations.

At NEXT BASKET, our team constantly monitors your ads to make sure they’re performing as expected. We also produce reports that document the results.

We use these reports to optimize current and future campaigns to improve their performance and spur even more sales for your ecommerce store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ad campaign?

An ad campaign is any marketing strategy that promotes your business, whether it’s a service or a product. The idea is to pique the interest of consumers and drive sales, plus create long-term customers.

Is a promotion the same thing as an ad campaign?

A promotion is a specific type of marketing for merchandise or services where they are offered at a special price. This could be a seasonal sale, a discount, or bulk pricing for multiple items purchased simultaneously.

What is a “strong hook” in advertising?

A strong hook is something that grabs customers’ attention instantly and typically appeals to consumers on an emotional level. It can be a simple message, like showing children playing sports to advertise a health product. Once the customer is hooked, they are more likely to make a purchase.