NEXT BASKET offers two powerful methods to enhance your online store’s success and help you make more money: upselling and cross-selling.

  • Upselling encourages customers to choose higher-value products.
  • Cross-selling recommends related products to complement their purchase.

These sales strategies increase average order values and repeat purchases, delivering real value while creating personalized shopping experiences that your customers will love.

Increasing original purchase value with the right techniques

NEXT BASKET provides you with valuable online tools to optimize your orders.

Utilizing proven sales techniques like cross-sell and upsell, you can encourage customers to explore additional products related to their existing purchases.

You can increase revenue by presenting these options on the checkout page and offering discounted prices for bundles or higher-tier items. 

At the same time, your business provides a seamless and personalized shopping experience, ideally targeted at current customers’ pain points.

Upsell products with NEXT BASKET

Guide your customers toward an upgraded or premium version of every chosen product with our upsell feature.

By suggesting higher-value products that align with their interests, you can enhance their shopping experience and increase the overall order value.

Whether it’s a deluxe version of the same item or an upgrade with added features, our platform seamlessly offers these choices during checkout, maximizing potential revenue.

You could also offer a good deal, a free gift, or additional products, further incentivizing the customer’s cart.

Increase revenues with cross-sells

Leverage the power of cross-sell techniques to boost your profits per transaction.

This sales technique involves suggesting complementary or related products from your catalog, enticing customers to explore additional offerings based on past purchases or viewing history.

Whether it’s bundling items or showcasing related products, cross-selling encourages customers to add more to their carts, leading to a higher order total.

Use this approach during seasonal promotions, discount sales, and other campaigns to capture customers’ attention, increase profitability, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Our integrated cross-selling feature effortlessly presents recommended or related products to your shoppers, streamlining the path to higher sales.It also creates personalized shopping experiences – something most customers look for when choosing a retailer. 

Automations for more revenue in NEXT BASKET

Elevate your online store’s sales potential with upsell and cross-sell automations for increasing revenue easier than ever.

These techniques influence customers’ decisions and can be combined with services like free shipping for orders above a certain value.

Integrating cross-selling and up-selling automations guides customers towards additional purchases aligned with their interests, offering real value and a personalized experience.

These automations seamlessly cater to customer preferences, suggesting products that resonate and increasing average order value. This moves them through the customer journey, bringing them one step closer to purchasing.

Maximize these techniques’ impact and explore other automated features on the platform to drive sales and profit.

Embrace cross-selling and upselling to create a mutually beneficial situation for customers and your business today.Get in touch, and let’s help your online store reach its growth goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between upselling and cross-selling?

Upselling encourages an existing customer to purchase a more expensive version of the same product than originally intended. In addition to the upsell, cross-selling suggests related products to enhance the existing purchase.

What is customer lifetime value?

Customer lifetime value refers to the total revenue a customer generates for your business throughout their engagement with your products or services. You can increase customer lifetime value by enriching the buying journey and strengthening customer relationships in the long term.

How does cross-selling work, and how does it increase revenue?

Cross-selling is a sales strategy. It involves suggesting related or complementary items to customers, encouraging them to add more to their cart, and boosting the total purchase value.

Can NEXT BASKET recommend relevant products based on what’s in customers’ carts?

Yes, NEXT BASKET can suggest relevant products based on what’s in existing customers’ carts, enhancing their shopping experience and potentially increasing sales. Your sales team can also make customized user groups that receive personalized recommendations.