Today, more and more businesses are turning to online commerce.

Creating an online store is just the beginning of this continuous process. Then comes the advertising, marketing, and sales activities. 

For the successful positioning of the e-store on the market and the promotion of its products, many details should be considered. 

One of them is related to uploading the products on the websites in all the countries where the business operates.

At NEXT BASKET, we understand the importance of this process, so we have integrated an automated new product upload system into the Platform. 

Quickly manage your product assortment abroad 

Automatically uploading new products to your sites in different countries can bring several benefits.

With this functionality, you benefit from automated updating of your product assortment across multiple sites in the countries you operate. 

Other benefits are:

  • Automated upload of product descriptions and specifications with translation into the relevant language
  • Automated currency conversion at the official rate of the day in the relevant country 

The automated process makes uploading new products to NEXT BASKET’s various online stores extremely fast and efficient. 

You don’t need specialized knowledge and experience because NEXT BASKET is an intuitive and particularly flexible e-commerce platform of the highest class. 

Intelligent language translation system 

The system for uploading new products to the Platform is based on language modules, allowing you to automatically translate product descriptions and specifications into the respective language. 

When you upload a new product to the Platform, you can choose the language of the country you want to offer it in. 

Based on this preference, the system automatically translates the available product description and uploads it to the ecommerce website in the respective country. 

Doing this allows your customers to see the products in their own language, significantly increasing their chances of purchasing.

Advantages of the multilingual product upload system

As a NEXT BASKET Partner, you can be sure that your new products will be uploaded to your online stores in all countries where you do business, with a description in the relevant language.

This brings you many benefits, including: 

  • Saved time and effort for manual product upload 
  • Opportunity to attract and convert more customers
  • A visible increase in online sales

NEXT BASKET continuously invests in technology and innovation to offer its Partners the best services and support their online business development. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the automatic product upload system for different countries?

This is an additional feature of NEXT BASKET designed for merchants on the Platform with online stores in different countries.

With its help, the NB Partner can automatically upload new products along with automatically translated product descriptions in different languages to multiple sites simultaneously.

Is the auto-upload feature free on sites in different countries?

No, it is a paid service, the cost of which varies depending on the plan you choose to use the Platform.

Why should I take advantage of the automated product upload feature?

This way, you optimize your time to manage the goods in the e-shop, reach more customers, and increase your chances of online sales.