Whenever you read an ad or content, and it provokes your emotion to be somehow convinced to do something, power words are what sways you. People in the marketing and copywriting profession use these words to help persuade the reader to take action relating to what they are reading.

If you are a budding entrepreneur in the business landscape, you need to know these powerful words for customer service to grab your customer’s attention and increase conversion rates. 

You’re lucky because this article is all about that. Let’s start!

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What Are Power Words 

A power word is a persuasive word that customer support agents use to trigger curiosity, emotional responses, and customer attention. Copywriters and marketers also use these words in their content to boost conversions. 

These words are called “power words” because they are so impactful that they evoke emotions in people and persuade them. You can use these words in email subject lines, customer service phrases, blog post headlines, social media post subject lines, customer service conversations, etc. 

Some of the most common power words can trigger emotions like joy, curiosity, fear, greed, and anger. The impact of the words you choose to use in your marketing strategy is important.

In terms of positive words and phrases, it can create a good customer experience because it results in satisfaction with the service and, at the same time, helps resolve the customer’s problem.

Negative words are a no-no in the customer service world because they infuriate customers, but sometimes lust and greed power words can be used strategically to captivate attention and drive interest from your customers. 

Lust power words refer to words that evoke cravings, strong desires or even words that conveys control, and influence, that could end up evoking emotion from the customers or readers. Some examples of lust words are irresistible, mesmerizing, and other power words. These words can be used intentionally in the communication process or as persuasive words in written materials to grab the reader’s attention. 

In certain contexts, safety words can provide assurance and confidence to people. Safety and fear words can be used in balance depending on the context and its purpose. Certain power words are used to create great headlines for content. Power words in subject lines can grab the attention of the reader or website visitor, whether it is a one-word impact or a great combination of two words.

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Using Power Words in Customer Service: Why and How

Positive words are used to create excellent customer service, which then results in customer satisfaction and loyalty. These phrases should have positive and confident language. It should also consist of phrases that convey sincerity and the feeling that the customers are heard and understood. 

The impact of positive words in customer service can result in:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Creating great conversations;
  • Building trust;
  • Building confidence.

You need to build that sense of trust and confidence in your customers by being sincere and direct. The strategic use of powerful words and positive language not only enhances your customer experience but also helps to build long-term relationships and brand loyalty. 

Here are some strategies you can use in creating power words in customer service:

  • Listen and respond to your customers effectively;
  • Personalize the interaction;
  • Consider the use of safety and fear words (ex. trusted, risky, etc.);;
  • Build a friendly environment.

The use of all the power words relevant to the customer’s profile can mitigate negative situations and elevate positive emotions. 

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Best Power Words To Include In Customer Interactions

Here are some excellent customer service phrases to use for written and face-to-face conversation with customers:

Power WordMeaning and Effect
PriorityIn customer service, emphasizing that an issue is a priority means that it will be addressed promptly and needs immediate action.
ValueThis means appreciating or recognizing the customer’s importance in the company.
UnderstandThis word conveys you understand something creates empathy for the customer’s perspective and adequately addresses their concern.
NowThis single word emphasizes a need for immediate action. Using “now” creates a sense of urgency.
Always Signifies a commitment to the customers.
GreatConveys a sense of positive experience. Can also be used as a happy expression.
SatisfactionThe goal is to achieve customer’s satisfaction and you need to let them know that you are aiming for it.
FreeUsed to entice offers and benefits to the customers.
CleanA clean process means seamless and efficient.
QualityThese words imply offering only the best products or services.
AdvantageThis can be used to offer benefits that stand out the most and is useful for the customer.
IdealAn ideal solution gives a great customer experience and can guarantee you great customer feedback. 
FriendlyA friendly approach in the customer service field created the vibe of the whole conversation, making the atmosphere light. 
SpecialSpecial indicates that there is a sense of added value or exclusivity to offers, products, services, etc.
AvailableIt means being accessible or ready at any time of the moment. 
SimpleA simple process means fewer complications and a seamless process. 
DefinitelyCreates a sense of assurance and confidence.
RecommendedImplies a sense of trust and a level of endorsement.
EnjoyEncouraging your customers to just enjoy and not be tense, creates a positive response to their experience.
SaveThis can refer to saving time, money, effort, etc. 
InstantlyEmphasizes a quick response time or reaction time.
ExactlyEnsures precision in communication.
CertainlyEmits commitment and confidence.
EssentialSignifies that something is needed and is a must-have.
ResolvedThis indicates that an issue or problem has been settled.
AssuranceMeans instilling confidence and trust in their customer regarding the fixing of their issues.
ExpertGives a sense of security for the customers, knowing that they are talking to an expert on the product or service. 
ThoroughThis only means addressing every aspect of the customer’s concerns.
ResponsiveCreates a sense of safety and assurance for the customers. 
AccountableEssentially important in customer service. Owing up to mistakes and offering immediate solutions are important.
SeamlessYou need to make sure that the customer will have a smooth experience, to create a sense of trust and create positive impressions.
HonestHonesty creates a bond of trust and credibility with the customers. 
FairFairness is very important. You need to ensure that all the customers get fair treatment.
PassionatePassionate is equivalent to dedication and providing excellent customer service.
EfficientEfficient as a power word in customer service creates a sense of comfort, knowing that the customer will have a seamless process.
ClearProviding clear instructions, information, and communication is a must. 
ActiveActive means having the initiative and actively finding ways to help customers.
CaringShowing kindness and concern to customers is a must.
ConnectedBuilding trust and connection with the customers and having them know that you understand them.
GiftThis can make the customers happy, it can be a bonus or additional incentive. 
KnowledgeIn customer service, this can ensure the customer that you are knowledgeable about the inquiries or issues they are presenting. 
WelcomeGreetings like “welcome” create a positive first impression. 
LovingThis power word can ensure a warm and caring approach to others. 
ConsiderateHaving the customers know that you are considerate can make them feel at ease and in good hands.
OpportunityOpportunity can be in the form of special offers, benefits, chances, etc.
IncreaseIncrease can mean enhancing a benefit/offer, or improving services.
HighestWhen you offer the highest quality of products/services means that it is the best one your company/business has.
BestBest implies you have superior products or services to offer.
TruthTruth signifies transparency and honesty

These words can also be used in subject lines, headlines, etc. Leveraging powerful words in customer service can increase the chance of conversion rates, good customer feedback, and customer retention.

Best Power Words To Include In Customer Interactions

Educating Your Customer Service Team – Tips and Best Practices

Effective customer service is not just to provide solutions or solve the customer’s problem. It also provides a great customer experience. 

Educating your agents is crucial especially if you are just starting your business. You need to make sure that your highly dynamic team has the skills, knowledge, empathy, top-notch mindset, and quality service.

Here are some tips and best practices to help empower your customer service team:

  • The customer service team should have a great understanding of the products or services of your company.
  • The team must have a customer-centric approach and communication skills.
  • Your agents must know how to deal with difficult situations like heated arguments with customers, hot-headed customers, etc.
  • The customer support team must have a wide knowledge base and can answer FAQs, troubleshooting, manuals, etc.
  • A knowledgeable team is a must. Agents must be efficient in using customer service tools.
  • Resilience is important. Your team must be resilient and know how to make decisions.
  • You should leverage feedback from your team.
  • Use performance metrics.
  • Give them room for improvement and learning opportunities.

It’s mandatory to ensure education of your customer service agents on how to properly use powerful words in their word choice, scripts, emails, subject lines, and conversations

Lastly, keep updated on trends as common customer service phrases sooner or later wear out, and you might need a new approach on communicating your value. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use power words on my social media captions?

Yes, you can use strong words on your social media captions, and you can also elevate them with SEO keywords so that your business can be more visible and attention-catching.

Can negative power words be used in my content?

Yes, it’s a good practice to use some negative words and mix them in your positive phrases to create a more realistic approach to certain situations. In fact, customers expect that kind of sincerity and it helps them feel confident in their interactions. 

Are there any power words that I should avoid in customer service?

Insincere-sounding power words should be avoided in customer service. For example, cheap, perfect, once-in-a-lifetime, etc.