NEXT BASKET’s innovative online store platform helps your store get found on search engines. It does this in two critical ways:

  • On-page SEO (Internal): This is about improving your website’s technical side and content to show up higher in search engine results page (SERP).
  • Off-page SEO (External): This means getting other websites to link to your site and building a powerful backlink profile that vouches for your brand’s credibility.

What is Technical On-Page Optimization?

On-page SEO — also known as on-page search engine optimization — is a process that boosts how well individual web pages perform in major search engines for relevant keywords.

The main goals of on-page SEO process are simple:

  • Making sure your web pages have all the right technical features to show up higher for a set of target keywords.
  • Tackling internal SEO optimization, which means fixing up the technical parts of your website like the HTML, code, title tag optimization, and how it’s put together.

Why does this matter? Taking care of the technicalities is critical for online stores that want to attract more organic traffic. 

Proper optimization helps you publish quality content that appeals to both search engine algorithms and your audience.

Internal Optimization for Site Speed and Quality

Technical optimization is crucial to ensuring your website meets as many of the ranking factors as possible.

As far as technical search engine optimization efforts are concerned, there are two fundamental goals to be achieved:

  • Enhanced Loading Speed: Proper technical optimization contributes to a faster loading speed. Quick rendering of on-page elements is vital for achieving high search engine rankings. For instance, with NEXT BASKET, this optimization ensures pages load in less than one second.
  • Smooth Functionality: Technical optimization guarantees intuitive and hassle-free operation. This positive user experience extends across both desktop and mobile devices.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is a comprehensive assessment of key web indicators and your overall on-page SEO strategy.

It is the starting point of your technical SEO improvement journey.

What you learn in your audit is a roadmap to your next steps. It shapes your action plan.

The NEXT BASKET platform gives you access to the following:

  • Complete Technical SEO Audit: A thorough assessment of your online store or website’s technical components (including keyword density and site speed), leading to actionable steps for improvement when necessary.
  • Innovative Automated Crawler: Our advanced internal robot (Crawler) explores every corner of your site, collecting valuable data and SEO analytics.

Site Technical Health Indicators

There are several key things we watch to optimize your website:

  • Website Traffic and User Behavior: We use Google Analytics to see how many people visit your site and what they do. This informs our content optimization approach.
  • Performance, Errors, and Core Web Vitals: Tools like Google Search Console and Page Speed Insight help us check how fast your site is and fix any problems.
  • XML Sitemap: This is like a map for search engines to find your site easily in Google and other search engines.
  • Meta Tags: Page titles and metadata are crucial for SEO success. We ensure your site’s title tags and meta descriptions are set up correctly and include phrases from our keyword research to tell search engines what each web page content is about.
  • Security Measures: We install updates to keep your site safe as a whole and ensure each website page separately is working well.
  • Canonical Tags: These help prevent duplicate content issues within your own website that hurt your SEO.
  • Image Optimization: We ensure your site’s images are optimized with alt tags and header tags so search engines know what they show.
  • Site Localization: If your site is available in other languages, we ensure the content and structure are optimized for the local audience.

Site Architecture and Structure

Making your site easy to use and navigate helps both people and search engines.

Our expert SEO service ensures this in the following ways:

  • Proper Categories, Subcategories, and Filters: We organize your website strategically so people can effortlessly find what they want.
  • Internal Linking: We ensure the internal linking on your site works well and contributes to your SEO performance.

Indexability and Technical Errors

Indexability refers to your site or online store’s ability to be recognized and read by search engine spiders and crawling bots.

Our SEO audit and the suite of technical optimization activities aim to identify and fix potential indexing errors.

This process ensures that when users search platforms like Google, your site’s individual pages can be located.

For effective indexing, our SEO experts address issues such as:

  • Keyword cannibalization (overemphasis on multiple similar keywords that confuse search engines)
  • Blocked pages
  • Creation of pages with duplicate content

These steps are essential to align your site with indexing requirements and best practices.

Debugging and Long-Term Strategy

Search engine algorithms are dynamic and subject to change.

While avoiding your site’s SEO mistakes is challenging, the expertise of SEO professionals can significantly reduce them.

With NEXT BASKET’s on-page SEO services, you gain access to a comprehensive, long-term SEO strategy coupled with cutting-edge SEO automations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does site speed matter?

Speed matters because fast-loading websites delight both search engines and users. People tend to stay longer on faster sites, which is a great boost for your online store.

What’s involved in a technical SEO audit?

Think of a technical SEO audit as a thorough checkup for your site. It’s designed to identify any issues that could impact how well your site performs on search engines, and we use these findings to make targeted improvements.

Why is indexability important?

Indexability ensures that search engines can effortlessly locate your site. Our role is to resolve any barriers that might prevent your site from appearing in search results