Email marketing is one of the highest-performing types of digital marketing. Companies that use email marketing campaigns can strengthen customer relationships and increase sales.

This impactful type of communication can be a great tactic for your business. If you’re not an expert in email marketing and don’t have the resources, NEXT BASKET can help with our email marketing service.

Our new-generation e-commerce platform enables the personalization of your messages, and we can handle:

  • Developing the content for informational and transactional emails 
  • Designing eye-catching newsletters and responsive email templates
  • Sending out unlimited emails to customers for promotions, information, and more

What is email marketing, and how does it work?

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing. With it, big, medium, and small businesses send messages via email to a list of contacts who have subscribed to receive them.

You can send email marketing campaigns for many types of communications. Some common options include:

  • New product promotions
  • Advertising limited-time sales
  • Communicating to loyalty members
  • Confirmation of orders
  • A reminder that their cart is waiting, etc.

There are so many ways to leverage the power of email for optimizing customer relationship management. All you need to do is find the best email marketing services to cater to your business needs.

Effective email marketing from NEXT BASKET

The NEXT BASKET team is here to help you level up your email marketing efforts. 

Our email marketing solutions are customizable to your needs and goals. Based on our discussions with you, we can map out an email marketing strategy powered by our software.

Email marketing is one aspect of marketing automation. With technology guiding these digital tactics, everything can work together seamlessly.

You can get email support from a company that already acts as your website builder.

Planning and setting up newsletters

Newsletters are easy-to-use email marketing tools that ensure constant contact with your audience. These can be very engaging for customers, and they can learn about what’s new in your online store.

Setting up newsletters is easy with our email templates. The email marketing software also allows you to schedule these and send them to specific groups of users.

Segmenting audiences and messages

Segmenting your users is essential for email marketing success because it ensures the message is relevant to those receiving it.

We can provide recommendations on how to segment your users for crafting personalized subject lines, content, and offers. Some examples could be:

  • Products they’ve previously purchased
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Money spent, etc.

We base our segmentation strategy on customer data. Our email marketing platform permits unlimited contacts, so you can keep growing your audience.

Advertising visuals and copywriting

The best email campaigns have striking visuals that follow your brand guidelines and can emulate the design of the landing pages linked in the email.

You’ll also need a smart and engaging copy. An inspiring subject line and impactful call to action are critical.

We offer the right email marketing solution for both the graphic design and content of your email campaigns.

Automatic emails to users and user groups

Another use of email is automatic messages. Email automation is useful for sending specific communications after a triggering event.

Examples include when a customer places an order or notifications of the shipment. An automated email could also be sent if a customer emails your support team. It would acknowledge receipt.

Additional advanced automation features are available depending on your requirements. These tools are helpful in automated workflows and scaling your email marketing capabilities. 

Campaign monitoring and optimization

As part of the email marketing services offered by NEXT BASKET, we will monitor and optimize your campaigns as needed.

We’ll review important metrics like open rates and clicks to determine how to maximize the performance of future campaigns.

Analytics and results reporting

You’ll receive regular reports that review campaign performance analytics and results. They are transparent and easy to understand.

You can see how the campaign performed, along with suggestions from our team on how to improve going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a business need consent to email customers?

Yes, anyone on your email list must opt in to receive communications from you. Failure to do this could result in noncompliance with regulations. This is valid for both email marketing and SMS marketing.

Is email marketing worth the investment?

When knowledgeable email marketing providers use the right email marketing tool, this can be a game-changer for your ROI and ROAS. It’s a low-cost tactic that’s measurable and highly effective at driving conversions.

How much do email marketing services from NEXT BASKET cost?

The cost of our email marketing services depends on the types and volume of the emails you want to send. You can get a customized quote from us today.