Our modern SaaS eCommerce platform offers 340+ built-in features and 90+ ready-to-use integrations to help you boost your online performance.

With us, you can also enjoy the following benefits for your ecommerce website:

  • Proven security with multiple security certificates and automated tests
  • Full scalability of server resources for a low cost with low traffic load and unlimited resources for Black Friday
  • Embedded automation for more revenue with less spending
  • Artificial intelligence for your search bar, product descriptions, and marketing
  • All services in the field of e-commerce by our experts and an opportunity to work under the Business Without Employees model
  • Perfect SEO for many conversions with zero costs, boosted by 96% to 100% fulfilled Google requirements for online stores
  • Opportunities for omnichannel trade, including Buy online – get in a physical store, Return to a physical store, and Buy online in the physical store
  • Dropshipping software solutions for selling products located in someone else’s warehouse.

Ecommerce without borders

Take the sales of your online store to markets in multiple countries around the world.

All the features, integrations, and services modern businesses need to succeed come with a single solution – the NEXT BASKET ecommerce platform.

SEO that delivers conversions at zero cost

SEO is one of the strongest points of the Platform: 

  • SEO strategy, technical optimization, and built-in tools to automate various SEO aspects – creating product descriptions, categories and subcategories, site content, metadata generation, etc.
  • With NEXT BASKET, you increase your conversion rates with zero advertising costs – get more visitors to your website from organic search and win customers without additional advertising costs.
  • You use a platform that meets the requirements of search engines for online stores: fast loading, stability (service continuity), data security, and the infrastructure of your online store. 

Perfect UX and UI site design

The user feels comfortable and convenient when visiting your website or online store and is inclined to purchase thanks to the easy navigation, slim structure, and pleasant design. 

The perfect User Interface (UI) guarantees excellent interaction between the user and the site design and functions. 

The overall look of the web pages (including buttons, text and graphic content, layout, transitions, animations, etc.) implies an intuitive user interaction.

The perfect User Experience (UX) of your e-shop offers its visitors convenience and ease, making them feel good and predisposing them to shop efficiently. 

Checkout that boosts sales

Your online store offers two check-out options: 

  • One-Step Checkout – The checkout process is focused on a single page that is cleanly designed and contains the right call-to-action (CTA) buttons to make checkout quick and easy. 
  • Multi-step checkout – the process of completing an order in three or more pages (steps) – preferred by some users. 

You can compare the effectiveness of the two checkout types by A/B testing. In this process, both checkout types work simultaneously on different users to determine which achieves more conversions.

Multiple activities for abandoned carts

Reduce the percentage of abandoned carts in your online store through a set of automated features built into the Platform: 

  • Send a personalized SMS and/or email with a direct link to the checkout page to complete the order. 
  • Send the cart contents in an email with a call to complete the purchase. 
  • Automatically save items added to the cart, even when the customer leaves the e-shop. 
  • Remarket abandoned cars through social media, custom ads, and more.

Built-in marketing automation on the website

NEXT BASKET offers you built-in tools as well as many options for integrations with software and applications, including automated marketing: 

  • Automated marketing systems with artificial intelligence – based on the history of searches, the customer sees on your site this type of content and these products or services that he has already searched for;
  • Automated consumer targeting – offers your site visitors goods or services they might be interested in (determined based on previous searches and/or targeting based on a set of criteria); 
  • Automated segmentation of customer groups (audiences) – dividing customers into groups according to criteria set by the retailer or by artificial intelligence;
  • Services for marketing, remarketing, and brand promotion in the digital world by the NEXT BASKET team.

Are you ready to make your ecommerce business stand out?

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