The platform features intuitive and functional single-step and multi-step checkout modules.

With their help, completing the order through your website is as quick and easy as possible.

What is checkout, and why is it essential for your online store?

The checkout process refers to your site’s ability to complete an order within your e-store.

NEXT BASKET has an innovative checkout system (a module to the eshop), with which you make more conversions on your site and have fewer abandoned carts. 

It ensures an intuitive, easy, and fast completion of the purchase, regardless of whether the customer has an account in the store or is shopping as a guest (buyer without registration).

All checkout features in one place with NEXT BASKET

Take advantage of checkout modules with everything you need to make a successful purchase on your site.

  • Checkout process with registration 

Customers can order through your website as registered users by entering their email and setting passwords. 

  • Checkout as a guest (without registration) 

Allows the customer to quickly complete the order as a guest without registering in the online store. 

  • Automated filling of data in the account

Quickly fill in delivery details on each subsequent order without re-keying. 

  • Save payment, shipping, billing, and other details to your checking account

If they wish, your customers save their details so that they can make a purchase every next time with just one click. 

  • Protection of personal and financial data in the checkout

Checkout modules ensure that your data (financial and personal) shared at the checkout stage are protected.

  • Price reduction options – applying coupons and/or individual discounts 

Provides the customer with the opportunity to enter a coupon code or promotional (promo) discount code that is unique and is provided personally to the customer. 

  • View cart contents 

Allows the customer to view the products in the basket and, if necessary, adjust the order quantity, size, color, pattern, and other elements before finalizing it. 

  • Purchase button 

Checkout modules feature integrated purchase buttons that are styled and designed to be easily visible and not unnecessarily distracting to the user. 

Two options for order completion – single-step and multi-step checkout processes

  • With one-step checkout, the customer enters all the necessary order information on one page and purchases with one click. This way, completing the purchase is as quick and easy as possible. 
  • In a multi-step checkout, the customer enters all the necessary information for the order on several pages (e.g., on one page, they enter the shipping address; on another, the payment information, etc.). Multi-step checkout allows data to be organized in a clearer and more understandable way to the customer.

A/B tests for single-step and multi-step checkout to try with NEXT BASKET

A/B single-step and multi-step checkout tests measure the performance of two or more versions of a checkout model. 

This allows for determining which type of checkout provides a better customer experience and brings better profits to the business.

Best practices for single-step and multi-step checkout A/B testing include:

  • Create two or more versions of a checkout 

One version can be a one-step checkout, and the other a multi-step checkout.

Different metrics (consistency, appearance, description of different elements, etc.) can be tested in both checkout types to determine which option works better. 

  • Test with an equal number of randomly selected customers to each version of the account, and collect and analyze the data for each version

Provides statistically significant information that shows which version of the checkout produces the best results. 

Based on actual customer actions with the A/B tests, the Partner can determine which version is the most preferred and brings the most significant business benefits.