NEXT BASKET is a next-generation ecommerce platform that allows you to trade an unlimited number of products internationally.

No limit on the number of categories and products

Take advantage of unlimited business opportunities and sell everything at no extra cost: 

  • With NEXT BASKET, you can upload unlimited products and categories to your website with no extra charges.
  • The Platform has all the technical resources that allow your online store to work quickly and without interruption, regardless of the size of the product assortment.

Categories, subcategories, and products

For the convenience of consumers and search engines, every modern online store follows a specific information architecture:

  • Categories are a means of organizing and grouping the items in your e-store to keep them organized and easily accessible to users – for example, Women’s Clothing.
  • Subcategories function like categories where a group of goods is secondarily grouped by a particular feature of the main category – for example, Women’s Clothes – Dresses.
  • Products are the individual types of goods available in your catalog, i.e., the smallest unit in the organizational structure of your e-shop – for example, Women’s Dress with Floral Motifs Butterfly.

For your convenience, different types of categories, subcategories, and product filters are predefined in the Platform.

You can make unlimited adjustments and add categories, subcategories, and products.

Services and automation for online store product management

NEXT BASKET also features a built-in set of automated product management functionalities:

  • Automatic upload of new products to your ecommerce sites in different countries
  • Automated translation of product descriptions into the relevant language (when trading in one or more foreign countries)

Automated transfer of discounted products to promotional categories. 

You can also use more additional services from the NEXT BASKET team:

  • Initial or periodic upload of products to the online store
  • Online merchandising – arranging products on the site by categories and subcategories to boost sales
  • Other ecommerce services tailored to your current needs.