Create your e-store with all the must-have elements, features, and look with NEXT BASKET. 

On the Platform, you choose from various e-commerce templates with footer options that allow you to customize.

What is a footer on a website or online store?

The footer is located at the bottom of every web page and contains information and links common to the entire site. 

Positioned as a static element of the site, the footer facilitates e-shop visitors for the following reasons: 

  • From the links in the footer, your customers can access all the information about the legal regulation of the e-shop’s activities.
  • This part of the site may be used to collect customer emails to send them promotional messages.

What are the must: have elements in the footer of a website or online store?

NEXT BASKET follows established standards in terms of international e-commerce. 

Our templates offer footer elements that include: 

  • Contact details for your shop: trader’s name, email, telephone, registered office address, and other information that is required to be published by law
  • A link to the store’s Terms and Conditions page: a mandatory document for all online merchants that governs the rules for using the site and the services it provides 
  • Link to the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy page: mandatory documents through which the customer are informed about how their data is collected and processed and how cookies are used.
  • Link to pages and/or files with licenses, certificates, and permits – these documents are mandatory for some types of commercial activity and must be available on the website. 
  • Copyright protection information: informs customers about the copyrights relevant to the website’s content – products, services, and information in the online store. 

NEXT BASKET offers ready-made footer options in any theme that can be modified according to the requirements of the country you sell in or the type of products and services you offer. 

What other information can a website or e-shop footer contain? 

Different information can be added to the footer depending on the needs and goals of the business: 

  • Links to other information relevant to the customer or company, e.g., FAQ, Blog …
  • Links to pages with information about returning and replacing a product, canceling a service, etc.
  • Links to information on supported payment methods
  • Multilingual and translation features
  • Email newsletter button
  • Social icons with active links to them
  • Link to awards and honors page
  • Cooperation and advertising information
  • Partner and supplier details
  • Link to Help and Support
  • Link to a module for giving feedback, complaints, etc.
  • Link to Site Map

What are the different footer options for a website or online store? 

The footer can look different depending on the theme you choose and your business goals: 

  • Basic Footer: includes only the mandatory information, such as business details, contacts, and legal information.
  • Advanced Futures: includes additional elements that make navigation easier and give access to additional customer information.
  • Multifunctional footers: includes all elements of the extended footers plus additional functions.
  • Column Footer: information is arranged in columns for visibility and easier website navigation.

With NEXT BASKET, you can quickly and easily create and set up any type of footer exactly how you imagine and want it to look.