Your online store customers want both convenience and security when making purchases. Everything needs to be fast and smooth, or they will go to your competitors.

NEXT BASKET provides ecommerce payment processing that lets shoppers use multiple payment methods while protecting their personal and financial data. 

Our tools are easily integrated into your ecommerce business, which makes them easy for you to use as well.

Unlimited online and cash payment options

NEXT BASKET supports ecommerce payment solutions for customers in the United States and around the world.

When you accept payments online domestically and globally, you increase your customer base, thereby growing opportunities for sales.

Our platform also lets you accept cash payments under certain circumstances for the ultimate in customer flexibility and satisfaction.

Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery used to be a common payment method in the United States, and it’s still used in some countries overseas. A customer orders a product or service online via your internet store and pays a delivery person or technician once they receive their order.

This payment method is ideal if you have customers who don’t have debit or credit cards and for those who are reluctant to share financial information online. It’s also popular in service industries and for the delivery of large items, like furniture and appliances.

Electronic payments

You can’t operate an ecommerce store today unless you accept payments electronically. You will increase your chances of success and higher revenue if you offer multiple payment methods.

NEXT BASKET allows you to accept many different types of payments, including:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Third-party gateways
  • Cryptocurrencies

Some of the third-party payment processors you may wish to consider for international payments are PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Virtual wallet

An ecommerce payment processing solution your business may want to offer is an e-wallet or virtual wallet.

This lets customers save payment methods, including electronic gift certificates, for faster checkout with future purchases, encouraging repeat business. 

It also helps with processing returns or even transforming returns into exchanges for other merchandise.

Payment with cryptocurrencies

Many international transactions today for ecommerce businesses are handled with cryptocurrencies.

Being able to offer this is yet another way to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales conversions for your online store.

How does it work? Whatever cryptocurrency the customer uses at the time of purchase, such as Bitcoin, is converted at the current exchange rate during the transaction.

Payment with PayPal

One of the most popular online payment methods in the US today is PayPal. 

Customers often like checking out with PayPal because they don’t need to enter shipping and billing information.

That’s why NEXT BASKET provides PayPal checkout as one of our platform’s ecommerce payment processing tools.

Payment with Google Pay

Payment gateways have evolved over the last decade, and another popular payment method is Google Pay. 

This is a digital wallet developed by Google and used by millions of people who make purchases with devices that run on the Android operating system.

A big advantage of offering Google Pay checkout is customers can make direct payments using a mobile phone as long as they have a debit or credit card connected to their Google Pay account.

You can rest assured NEXT BASKET lets you accept online payments with Google Pay on your ecommerce website.

Pay with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an alternative payment processor for people who use Apple devices running on iOS versions, like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

NEXT BASKET also supports Apple checkout, which, like Google Pay, permits customers to check out quickly and directly via a mobile device. 

With many people shopping on their phones these days, it’s essential to offer this type of easy checkout, or you risk missing out on sales.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers let customers make payments from bank accounts directly rather than via credit card, debit card, or third-party processor. While this method of accepting payments is less common than others, it’s nice to offer it to your customers.

Bank transfers are particularly popular for repeat purchases, such as subscription orders sent at regular intervals, and for services, whether for a one-time fee or periodic withdrawals.

Rent-to-own and installment purchases

Rent-to-own purchases and payment methods where shoppers can break up payments into installments (aka “buy now, pay later”) are increasingly prevalent today. 

When you offer payment methods that leverage these options, you have more likelihood of making a sale.

Large purchases, such as home decor or online classes, become more manageable financially when consumers can split the payments up over time. These payment choices are particularly popular with people who don’t have credit cards.

NEXT BASKET can help you in offering rent-to-own and installment purchases, which interface with the shopper’s financial institution to handle payments. We can help your online store integrate these payment methods for ease of customer checkout.

Omni-channel payment options

With NEXT BASKET, you get access to integrations and multi-channel payment process alternatives such as: 

  • Online ordering and card payment in a physical store
  • Online store payments and receiving of goods in a physical store

These save time and money for both online merchants who use NEXT BASKET’s services and end customers looking for secure, easy, and convenient modern ecommerce payments.

Link payment method to delivery zone

It’s not unusual to link payment gateway alternatives to different delivery zones, especially if you have an international customer base.

NEXT BASKET can assist you with this, as well as tiered delivery costs based on where the customer is located.

Reports by payment method

NEXT BASKET lets you generate reports by payment method. This allows your online business to examine which methods are used the most or least, so you can target marketing accordingly.

Reporting by payment method also helps you when it comes to financial audits or sorting fees and other expenses associated with various payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extra fee with NEXT BASKET to take debit or credit card transactions?

There are no additional transaction fees charged by NEXT BASKET when you accept debit card or credit card payments.

Your merchant account with various payment processing services determines the fees you or your customers pay, but NEXT BASKET does not charge anything on top of that.


Are all the payment methods via the NEXT BASKET platform secure?

You can trust that secure payment processing is of prime concern and guaranteed with NEXT BASKET’s tools, including our integrations with payment processors and other entities.

We have the latest technology to provide fraud protection and eliminate theft of payment information or payment details from your ecommerce site.


Does my business really need all those different payment methods for online purchases?

Of course, you do not need to offer all the payment solutions listed above if you do not want to. But NEXT BASKET encourages stores to provide a wide menu of ecommerce payment processors in order to increase sales.

Our ecommerce platform makes it easy for you to do that, so there’s no reason not to make checkout as easy and quick as possible.