History of changes and updates in the NEXT BASKET platform


New features




v. 2.56


New features

Add VAT field to Shop

A new VAT field has been added to the Shop settings under Store > General settings. Partners can now set the applicable VAT rate for their products, ensuring the correct amount of tax is applied to each sale. The VAT field is mandatory and accepts only numeric values. Validation rules ensure the VAT is between 0 and 100.

Add VAT field to Category

A new VAT field has been added to the Category settings, allowing shop owners to set different VAT rates for each product category based on their tax classification. This ensures compliance with various tax regulations and applies the correct amount of tax to each sale. The field accepts only numeric values, and validations ensure the VAT rate is between 0 and 100, with an option for 0%.

Display VAT Field on three levels

The VAT fields have been added in the Back Office at the shop, category, sub-category, and product levels. These fields accept numeric values and decimal points, and do not accept letters or special symbols. The VAT rate can be set between 0 and 100 with up to two decimal places. The fields are integrated with the new POST and PUT endpoints and are translated into different languages as per the attached translations.

General management of Comment settings for Blog posts

New functionality that allows users to leave comments on blog posts. Now, Partners have more enhanced moderation capabilities to effectively manage comments with a system that supports various functionalities and administrative controls.

Creation of search results page by Promotion type

A new search results page allows users to filter products by specific promotion types, similar to the existing special price functionality. Users can now view all products eligible for direct discounts, with filtering options for Product ID, Product Category, and future methods like Product Brand and Product Tag. Each promotion type has a distinct URL, and products with direct discounts will display their discount value on the product cards.

Add user balances on E-Wallet app page

Clients can now view their balance on the E-Wallet App page. This feature allows users to install the E-Wallet application and access their account balance easily.

Bulgarian as a default language during self-registration

Users with a Bulgarian IP address will now be automatically redirected to the Bulgarian version of the sign-up page during the self-registration process. This ensures that the registration page and prices are displayed correctly according to their location.

New features

Indonesian language integration

We're excited to announce that Indonesian has been activated as a content language for all shops. This enhancement ensures a localized shopping experience for our Indonesian clients, promoting greater accessibility and a tailored browsing experience.

German language integration

We are delighted to introduce the activation of German as content languages for all shops. This update is aimed at providing a localized shopping experience for German clients, enhancing accessibility, and offering a tailored browsing experience.

French language integration

We are excited to activate French as an official content language across all shops. This update is designed to cater to our French-speaking clients, enhancing their shopping experience by providing greater accessibility and a customized interface.

Greek language Integration

Greek is now available as a content language for all shops. This enhancement ensures a more localized shopping experience for Greek clients, improving accessibility and offering a bespoke browsing environment.

Hungarian language Integration

We are thrilled to roll out Hungarian as a content language across all shops. This development aims to provide a localized shopping experience tailored to our Hungarian clients, improving their interaction and accessibility on the platform.

Polish language Integration

We are happy to introduce Polish as an official content language for all shops. This update enhances the shopping experience for our Polish-speaking clients, providing them with improved accessibility and a personalized browsing experience.

New "Own delivery" app

We are excited to introduce the "Own Delivery" app, now available in the Apps section of our platform. This app allows store owners to manage their order deliveries directly without the need for courier integration. Available in multiple languages, this feature provides flexibility and control over the delivery process.

Promotion management with Delete functionality

We've introduced a new feature that allows Partners to delete unneeded promotions directly from the dashboard. This update includes a DELETE button available in the edit menu of both direct promotions and promo codes.

Discount stacking for Direct discounts and Promo codes

Now, direct discounts apply to prices or special prices, and promo codes can stack under certain settings. Promo codes applying exclusively to prices won’t stack with direct discounts. This update ensures clear and consistent pricing across products and checkout, maintaining promotional integrity.

E-Wallet – Transactions and Balance in customer profile

We're pleased to announce a new enhancement to the E-Wallet feature. Once installed, this functionality provides visibility into clients' E-Wallet transactions and balances, offering a detailed view of financial activities. This update ensures a comprehensive and seamless financial management experience within the platform.

Enhanced mobile Onboarding experience

We are excited to unveil an updated onboarding experience for mobile users. This enhancement simplifies the setup process by optimizing content display for better readability and interaction, ensuring a smooth start for new users on their mobile devices.

New features

New Partner Onboarding Wizard

We've launched a quick and intuitive onboarding wizard to help new Partners set up their stores on the NEXT BASKET platform. The wizard covers pre-onboarding and onboarding processes, assisting with essential steps like store information, theme selection, product creation, and payment setup. Partners can choose to handle store creation or migration themselves or request assistance from the NEXT BASKET team. Default themes and values streamline the process for a smooth setup.

New features

Brand management feature

We are thrilled to present our new Brands feature, enabling partners to create and manage brands, link them to products, and display them on the storefront. This update provides enhanced brand visibility and association within our platform.

Promotions based on product brands

Brand-based promotions are now available, allowing the creation of both promo codes and direct discounts specific to product brands. This feature enables partners to target promotions uniquely for each brand, ensuring they apply only to the relevant products on product pages and search results.

Promotions based on product tags

We've added the ability to create promotions based on product tags, alongside existing methods using product categories, IDs, and brands. This update allows for more targeted discounts directly applicable through product tags, ensuring promotions are accurately reflected on product and search result pages.

New customizable Welcome heading

The new customizable welcome heading feature is now available under the "Welcome Greeting" tab in the Back Office settings. This feature allows store owners to craft and personalize the initial greeting on their homepage using a straightforward WYSIWYG editor, improving SEO and enhancing visitor engagement from the first interaction.

Sales for out-of-stock products

We are happy to announce the selling products even when they are out of stock functionality. Activated by the “Continue Sales When Out of Stock” toggle, this functionality helps maintain seamless transactions, ensuring sales opportunities are not missed.

New subscription options for Philippine Partners

We've updated the subscription page for Philippine partners to include tailored plans and pricing. Partners from the Philippines will see monthly plans at 2,499 PHP and annual plans at 14,999 PHP, with a yearly offer of six months free, reflecting a 50% savings. This update ensures a localized offering that aligns with regional preferences and market conditions.


Enhanced order editing

We’ve enhanced the order editing interface to enable product addition, deletion, and shipping method updates directly from the order screen, along with immediate shipping price calculations for streamlined order adjustments.

Promotion pages title update

We’ve updated the titles for promotion builder pages to enhance clarity between different types of promotions. Now, when creating or editing promotions, page titles accurately reflect whether the promotion is a "Promo Code" or a "Direct Discount”.

New features

Mass update for main category

We've introduced a new feature allowing shop owners to update the main category of multiple products simultaneously. This update aids in better organizing and optimizing product placement, improving visibility and accessibility within the store.

Product specific discounts

We've updated our promotions with a new Direct Discount feature for specific products. Now, back-office operators and admins can easily create custom discounts, using either promo codes or direct reductions at checkout. This addition enhances sales management flexibility.

Customization of date and time format

We've added a feature for BO users to customize the date and time format according to their local region. This enhancement ensures that the time displayed in your store accurately reflects your specific localization needs.

Create labels

We have launched a new feature allowing store owners to create and manage customizable labels for products and categories. This tool is designed to enhance product visibility by highlighting special offers, new arrivals, and other attributes, thereby influencing customer behavior and boosting sales.

Subscription detail/Shop status viewing enhancement

We are thrilled to introduce a new feature for NB partners and admins to enhance visibility into active subscriptions. With this update, when you click the subscription button in the user profile section, you will directly access a page displaying the details of your active subscription. This improvement ensures you can easily manage and review your subscription status within the shop's platform.

Abandoned cart reminder feature

We've launched an Abandoned Cart Management feature. This automatically sends a reminder email within 24 hours to customers who leave items in their carts. The email template is accessible and customizable via Store > Email Management > Notifications and is enabled by default for all tenant shops.

Choose how to update the payment status of an order

We've added a new toggle feature for Speedy in our shipping apps, titled "Automatically set order status to paid". This allows seamless automation of payment status updates once confirmed by the backend.

New features

New alert bar management feature

We’ve added a new feature for managing Alert Bars in the Marketing module, enabling store owners to customize and display messages on their storefront. This includes options for text, timing, and design.

E-Wallet application now available

We have made it possible for clients to install or update the E-Wallet application. This enhancement allows users to manage their transactions more efficiently, ensuring seamless financial operations directly from their device.

Global cross-sell product setting

We are happy to introduce a global setting to enable or disable the cross-sell product carousel feature. This setting allows for consistent cross-sell functionality across different markets.

Enhanced storefront customization: Footer variants

We've introduced a feature allowing users to select and apply footer variants from the back office. This update enhances the storefront's user experience by displaying the chosen footer variant, ensuring consistency across browsing sessions and after server restarts.

Homepage builder

Partners can now discover the power of personalization with our new "Homepage Builder," available under the "Design" section. This tool allows full customization of themes, giving creative control to craft the perfect homepage experience.

New features

Enhanced storefront customization: Header Variants

We've introduced a feature allowing users to select and apply header variants from the back office. This update enhances the storefront's user experience by displaying the chosen header variant, ensuring consistency across browsing sessions and after server restarts.

Promotion settings update: Customer group targeting

We've updated promotion settings to allow back-office operators to create product-specific promotions using promo codes or direct discounts, applicable based on customer groups. This flexibility ensures promotions are more tailored and effective.

JAZZCASH payment provider integration

We've added JAZZCASH as a new payment provider, now available as an app that can be installed directly from the Back Office. This integration allows for seamless transactions and enhances payment flexibility

"Recently Viewed" widget across all themes

We have introduced a "Recently Viewed" widget that will be incorporated across all themes to enhance user experience. This update avoids hardcoding, instead utilizing a flexible widget approach, ensuring uniform functionality and style across different site themes.

Bult-in HTML code editor

We’re introducing a built-in HTML code editor that allows webmasters to insert custom JavaScript and CSS code into website pages. This enhancement enables beautiful and functional customizations on the fly.

Consent banner update

We've updated the consent banner to re-trigger for existing users who have previously interacted with it. This ensures that all users can review and adjust their cookie preferences in light of any updates or changes to our policy.

SEO enhancement: Customizable H1 welcome heading

We have introduced a customizable H1 welcome heading on the homepage, which can be enabled or disabled from the Back Office. This feature allows the heading to be saved in the database and displayed on the Storefront, enhancing SEO and personalization.

Enhancement for Speedy provider settings

After this update for Speedy provider settings in the Growthbook, it’s guaranteed that settings like Default Weight and options such as enabling cash on delivery for Speedy are now directly accessible, streamlining operations and interface simplicity.

Enhancements to Add to cart and Promo code

We've updated our "Add to Cart" toast and promo code settings for a smoother shopping experience. On mobile, the cart toast is now centered with an enhanced visual overlay and larger product images. The promo code feature has a refreshed label from "Promo Code" to "I have a promo code" and a reduced font size for better readability.

New features

New pricing rules for creating promotions based for specific products

We've enhanced our promotion tools by creating more tailored discounts for specific products. This update supports both promo codes and direct discounts, applying fixed or percentage reductions.

New "Product Comparison" feature

Added a "Product Comparison" feature under Store > Settings, allowing store owners to enable or disable product comparisons to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Checkout UX improvements

We've implemented a series of enhancements to our checkout process to make your shopping experience smoother and more intuitive. Look forward to an optimized checkout flow!

Add more variants to already existing ones

We’ve created a new feature that allows partners to easily add additional variants to existing ones. This enhancement simplifies the process of expanding product selections by enabling the quick addition of new variant combinations.

New features

Custom XML feeds builder

We're excited to announce a new feature for our Partners: the ability to create custom XML feeds. This tool empowers the export and share of product data with third-party platforms easily, streamlining data integration processes and expanding customer reach. After installing the app, Partners can create and customize their XML feed to fit your specific needs.

2CHECKOUT Integration

We've integrated 2CHECKOUT as a payment provider. This means Partners can easily add it as an app from the Admin panel of their shop, giving them more options to streamline payment processes and enhance the shopping experience for their customers.

New rules for promotions

In the Back Office, operators can create promotions with promo codes with new additional rules for use - limits on the use of promotions and the amount of promo codes , which improves targeted marketing efforts.

New: Automatic 308 SEO redirects

We've introduced automatic 308 redirects in the Back Office for updated product and category URLs. This ensures visitors always reach the correct page, improving SEO and site navigation. Applies to product, category, and soon, blog pages.

New system for faster data access with RabbitMQ and Redis

We've rolled out a new system using RabbitMQ and Redis that makes information quicker and easier for our software to communicate. This will improve our way of sending and storing requests.

New VAT calculation function

Introducing getProductVAT, a function that simplifies VAT calculation by prioritizing rates from the Product, Category, to Shop levels. If a VAT rate is missing, it defaults to the next available rate, ensuring every sale accurately reflects the correct VAT.

Google Pay via Stripe integration

We've added Google Pay as a quick, secure payment option through our Stripe integration. Customers can now use Google Pay at checkout for a seamless transaction experience, compatible across all devices and browsers.

Apple Pay via Stripe integration

Apple Pay has been integrated with Stripe for Safari users, offering a fast, secure checkout option. This streamlines payments while ensuring high security and privacy standards.

Pre-filled Information

When registered users go to add a new address during checkout, they’ll find the "Add Address" modal already filled with their details like "First Name", "Last Name", "Phone", "Country", "City", and "Area" from their checkout form. This update saves their time and typing, making the shopping experience smoother and faster.


Enhanced order export options

We've expanded the order export capabilities in the Back Office. Now, Partners have the flexibility to export data in various types and formats to meet their diverse business needs. This update includes a new screen designed to make exporting orders straightforward and efficient, allowing customized data exports like never before.

Category page descriptions update

Store owners can now enrich category pages with descriptive text above and below product listings. This feature helps provide context, assist customer navigation, and improve SEO with relevant keywords. Enhance your category pages easily with our new text editor options.

Promotions section translation update

We've updated the translations for the Promotions section under Store → Settings → General in the Back Office. This ensures all our partners have access to clear and accurate information in their preferred language, enhancing the usability of our platform. Translations have been refined across multiple languages including English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, German, French, Hungarian, and Polish, making it easier for store owners to navigate and utilize the Promotions feature effectively.

Improved SEO robots meta tag functionality

We've streamlined SEO settings for robots meta tags, ensuring a cohesive approach between general SEO and page-specific settings. Shops now default to noindex, nofollow, with an easy option to switch to index, follow. This applies to all pages, with page-specific settings taking priority for precise SEO optimization.