NEXT BASKET is a company that develops and offers a SaaS e-commerce platform through which online stores are created.

The main directorates in the structure are Software Production, Commercial Directorate and Services, where all three have a matrix organisation of responsibilities.

NEXT BASKET offers its products and services in all English-speaking countries on all continents. The company has offices and agencies in Bulgaria, the Philippines, Nigeria and India, and is about to establish its presence in Colombia in order to serve the USA market.

The software platform is built in the spirit of the best software practices, which guarantees a high degree of security and resistance to huge loads. Thanks to these characteristics, the Platform is also suitable for large online merchants who are looking for the best solutions.

The company firmly believes in its values, but above all in one of them – the customer is always at the center of our attention.

The business strategy is based on 9 business models, 7 of which are in the so-called blue ocean – new market spaces in which the offered services have no competition because they are unparalleled.

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