Omnichannel commerce solutions allow you to sell everywhere, leveraging the many digital channels that consumers use. 

The NEXT BASKET multichannel ecommerce software can create a seamless brand experience for every shopper. Through integrations and connections, you’ll enjoy a robust set of tools to drive more sales by being where your target audience shops. The right technology propels your success in delivering an omnichannel customer experience throughout marketing channels.

What is an omnichannel shopping experience?

Omnichannel describes a customer-centric approach for brands to leverage all channels available for sales for a unified experience. 

It includes digital channels as well as brick-and-mortar stores. This traditional and digital marketing strategy focuses on the customer experience, whether they are using mobile websites or shopping in physical stores.

Building an omnichannel strategy with the help of NEXT BASKET includes looking at customer data and the customer journey. As a result, your approach can be what customers expect for a more personalized experience.

Rich sales and marketing mix are business results

By developing a multichannel commerce solution, you have multiple channels to engage with potential customers. 

With this sales strategy, you can expect solutions that deliver a rich sales and marketing mix. You’ll have more knowledge regarding the shopping journey, optimizing it at every opportunity.

Aligning omnichannel strategies with digital marketing ensures you can provide a unique customer experience with many customer touchpoints. 

With customer data, you make these interactions more relevant, which can improve customer loyalty and generate more money for your business.

How can NEXT BASKET solutions help you do this?

Pay online – pick up at a physical location

Realize more revenue by building a relationship between your online and physical store and selling in both simultaneously. 

With the pay online — pick up at physical store option, you give your omnichannel customers the opportunity to place an order through your website and receive their paid goods on the spot at your physical store. 

Buy online – return to physical store

With the buy online — return to physical store feature, you’re not only making it easier for your customers, but you’re also streamlining the reverse logistics process. 

If for any reason your customers want to return an item they purchased online they can do so on-site at your physical store. 

Order online in the physical store

With the order online at physical store approach gaining popularity, your customers can order a product online, while on-site at your brick and mortar store. 

To do this, you need to install so-called online order points (specialized modules) in your physical store, through which an order can be placed in your online store.

Online orders with payment in physical stores

You can improve the omnichannel customer satisfaction by allowing for online purchases, followed by a payment in the physical store. It makes things convenient for consumers. 

Additionally, this omnichannel approach stimulates additional in-stores purchases as your online shoppers arrive.

Omnichannel integration between physical and online store

One part of your omnichannel strategy is an integration between physical and online stores. 

By linking them, you’ll have more insights regarding the customer journey in both the digital and physical worlds. 

You’ll gain more visibility into inventory and what products sell best in each channel.

Display product availability in physical stores

The NEXT BASKET omnichannel solution also provides transparency around product availability. 

You have a clear picture of what’s available in your physical stores. These data help you forecast and keep track of inventory levels more accurately.

Connection to external ecommerce platforms

With the NEXT BASKET solution, you can connect to external ecommerce platforms. 

With this functionality, you’ll be able to combine data to drive more insights and better decision-making.

Established affiliate marketing system

Another opportunity for omnichannel commerce solutions is an established affiliate marketing system. It’s another channel to get your products in front of your target audience. 

The model works by collaborating with and compensating third parties to generate sales for your products.

Phone, chat, and Viber orders

Create an omnichannel customer experience by using multiple channels for communication. 

The NEXT BASKET platform offers solutions for phone, chat, and Viber orders. Customers have options for how they engage with your brand, choosing the one most convenient and easy for them. 

Providing these communication channels for shopping online ensures customers can get the help they need based on their preferences.

Complementary sales channels

With omnichannel solutions, you can optimize complementary sales channels. 

You’ll learn about the customer journey and what avenues consumers use that leads them to the purchase. 

Having this knowledge informs how you personalize digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels does omnichannel include?

Omnichannel solutions include every channel, both online and offline. It includes mobile websites, desktop websites, apps, third-party sites, social media channels, and in-store. The goal is to create a common and consistent experience for customers no matter where they shop.

Why is omnichannel experience important for a brand?

Being omnichannel is what customers expect in a digital world. They want choices. It’s important for your business because it broadens your reach and allows you to capture a lot of customer data, which is useful in customer touchpoints and personalization.

What integrations are necessary for omnichannel commerce?

Seamless integration between your systems is vital to being an omnichannel brand. The NEXT BASKET platform integrates with many different types of software and applications. You’ll define what to integrate when working with our team.