A Partner is the business user of the NEXT BASKET Platform.
That’s what we call the people who work with us because we do business together and share in their success.

This is specialized software for online stores that sell goods and/or services.

It is developed in accordance with global best practices.

These are various services in the fields of trade, marketing, branding, and other business activities.

They are performed by NEXT BASKET employees.

In our team, we have selected the best experts in each field.

These are the possibilities offered by the Platform.

The functionalities make it easier for the end customer to shop online and increase sales.

These are the software connections we’ve made with third parties – financial tools, couriers, automation, etc.

They are free of charge for all Platform usage options.

  • NEXT BASKET is a workable solution for individuals and companies that do not have an online presence but want to take their first steps in e-commerce quickly, efficiently, and at low cost.
  • The platform is also suitable for those who already have an online store, but it cannot cope with the growing sales, and they are looking for the best solution.
  • If you don’t have an online presence but a physical store, we can work together to help you succeed.
  • NEXT BASKET will also suit you if you own a large online store with its own ERP system and are looking for a stable and reliable platform that will withstand any load, including.Black Friday.

No, we offer you the easiest possible way to sell online.

No, we’ll do everything for you if you entrust us to manage your online business.

This SaaS solution allows you to use the Platform for rent.

Yes, you can – no matter which business model and which option you use, you decide which e-commerce services to use.

You may decide which of our services to use and which to perform independently.

* = can be provided by the NEXT BASKET team


  1. Business idea
  2. Commercial company – a company with which you will develop your business
  3. VAT registration of the company
  4. Products to sell online
  5. * Logo
  6. * Domains in all countries where you want to open an online store
  7. Pictures and descriptions of the products
  8. A bank account to receive the proceeds of the goods sold
  9. * Commercial strategy
  10. * Marketing strategy
  11. * Digital advertising

Yes, you can.

We will do all the integrations to get you a modern online store.

Yes, you can, and even more – this service is free for you.

Our Platform outperforms its competitors in many ways, enabling you to sell more at lower costs.

Migration is carried out within two to three working days.

Yes, we will provide a demo of your online store in a few hours and show it to you for your approval.

It won’t be a full-fledged online store, but you’ll see enough to like it.

You’ll pay a monthly fee, and you’ll need to choose one of the price plans we offer:

  • MINI – $99
  • MIDI – $250
  • MAXI – $500

Additionally, you’ll pay the providers’ fees when paying by credit card, courier costs, digital advertising, foreign language translations, and the like.

The difference is in the features of the online store you will use.

With lower-price plans, you use fewer features and vice versa.

Yes, you can.

We will make you an offer to use an additional module if this is technically possible.

Yes, these are our Paid Modules, which are paid separately.

These can be either less frequently requested features or features in which we have invested significant resources.


Regardless of which option you choose to use the Platform, all integrations are free.

This depends on the chosen business model.

When you run the online shop, you get 24 free services.

When NEXT BASKET manages your online store, you get 75 free services.

Mandatory fees:

  • When paying with credit cards, but only on the actual cost (we do not take a commission on online transactions, unlike other platforms)
  • For courier services where the delivery is not paid for by the end customer (i.e., no free shipping)
  • Courier charges for cash on delivery collection

For any paid services you will use at your request:

  • Installation fee for setting up the site
  • Writing unique product descriptions
  • Digital advertising – TikTok, Facebook, Google and others
  • SEO for search engines beyond standard site maintenance
  • Writing and publishing product articles on the website blog and in external media for SEO purposes (highly recommended!)
  • Promotions and campaigns created by our sales department
  • Development of commercial policy
  • Translation into foreign languages
  • Design services
  • Software services for changes to the site at your request

If you manage your online store, the following services will be free for you:

See all free services

The SELF option does not require a signed contract.

The General Terms and Conditions published on the NEXT BASKET website are valid.


The software design is based on the latest e-commerce technologies: microservices architecture, 90% software code coverage with tests, full automatic scaling of server resources, and securing the site’s operation under overload.

No, because we host your online store on Google Cloud, and this service is free for you.

NEXT BASKET uses a software solution to translate the online store into 24 different languages: 

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Romanian, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian


The website (i.e., the system texts) has been translated into these languages beforehand, leaving only the product descriptions and the necessary mandatory documents.

Yes, it is quite possible.

In this case, you do not owe us any fees for administrative services, such as uploading new products to the site.

The administration of the Platform is extremely easy to manage.

There’s also a mobile app that allows the most urgent changes to be made on the go.

It’s easy, plus there are manuals and video tutorials on the NEXT BASKET website.

This is our support center.

You can email us anytime if something in the online shop is malfunctioning.

The signals are called tickets.

With a software platform like NEXT BASKET, setting up a store is quick, easy, and convenient.

  • Product categories, filters, photos, and product descriptions are needed for this purpose.
  • We choose a design theme for the site’s vision; then, the information is poured into the Platform.
  • The e-shop development ends with selecting functionalities, payment methods, courier integrations, text in the footer, etc.

We can have your online store up and running within three business days if you choose a ready-made template and have everything you need to get your site up and running:

  • Domain
  • Logo
  • Product descriptions and photos
  • A tree structure of categories
  • Price list
  • Filters
  • Footer texts 

Payment methods include (some are in progress): 

Payment on delivery

Google Pay

Apple Pay


Bank transfer

Virtual wallet





Pay at Store



Mollie Payments

QuickPay Payments


Zapper: Mobile Payments

We work with different couriers for each country.

Yes, it’s entirely possible – it’s called omnichannel trading.

We offer a complete list of options for connecting online and physical objects.

This includes: 

  • The possibility of ordering online and delivery in a physical store 
  • Opportunity to buy online in a physical store 
  • Returning products to a physical store

Yes, you can.

In this case, the goods in the physical store serve as the stock of the online store.

We offer easy and fast integration with various resource planning and monitoring systems, as well as marketing and cybersecurity tools.

If you want to connect to external software not integrated into the Platform, we will do it for you.

Yes, we have integrated and are working with several service providers.

They enable you to send personalized emails and personalize pages on the site so that customers see products relevant to them regarding gender, age, interests, previous purchases, and other metrics.

Software support is our commitment.

As for uploading new products with descriptions and photos, you can outsource it to us (paid service) or take on this task yourself.

The platform adheres to the highest security standards for sensitive personal and banking data.

In terms of cybersecurity, we test four times a year.

We are certified by the security company AMATAS.

Yes, changes to the site are possible as long as they do not exceed the technical scope of the Platform.

All you need to do is let us know what you want to change and then let us choose a workable solution to achieve the desired result.

This is a paid service.

All NEXT BASKET online stores have a fast, convenient, easy-to-navigate mobile version.

We offer a high-end mobile experience to help you reach your audience, no matter their location.

And that means EVERYWHERE!


We can do the digital advertising for you on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other channels.

You set the monthly budget, and we put your money to the best use.

Depending on its volume, we will be left with between 10% and 15% of the amount invested in advertising.

Yes, we work with the best-known companies in the industry.

Your participation in affiliate programs will increase your sales.

Yes, the choice is yours.

If you wish, you can take over the marketing of your online store.

The main advantage of NEXT BASKET is the perfect optimization for Google and Bing search engines. And the better optimized the site is, the more positions it will occupy in search.

Furthermore, from 2022, loading speed is one of the main criteria for good search engine rankings. Our platform loads as fast as possible – under 1 second.

SEO guarantees you more sales without paying for advertisements.

It takes time for Google to get to know your website.

It takes a minimum of six months, so you shouldn’t expect high results initially.


You will have a personal account manager who will handle your needs and requirements.

Yes, you can.

We’ll answer customer inquiries, order confirmations, shipment reminders, delivery tracking, and all the other organizational issues accompanying communication between your brand and end customers.

Yes, you can.

In this case, we will provide access to your operators to monitor the status of orders.

Not required but highly recommended.

This will help rank products better in search engines and create higher added value for the customer, better positioning in the market, and more sales.

Our expanded team can assist you in writing professional product and category descriptions, as well as content for categories, brands, and blogs.

Suppose you are already using the services of an accountant or accounting firm. In that case, we will integrate with their accounting program or send them all the necessary data in Excel or another suitable format.

Yes, a blog is a marketing, communication, and optimization tool of particular importance to any business.

NEXT BASKET sites support the blog page feature, and our content writers can produce quality, valuable content for your customers and your business.

You can always rely on the NEXT BASKET team for advice on strategic aspects of your online development.

Our main ambition is to be able to offer our Partners workable solutions to complex issues.

This frees you from having to walk the whole difficult path on your own, starting from scratch.

In the process, you’ll get the perspective of various experts: marketers, copywriters, designers, developers, and customer experience (UX) specialists.

There is no limit to the number of stores we can build and maintain for you.

Here, you’ll find something else unique – with the Multi Store feature, you can maintain multiple sites with a common shopping cart and common checkout.

Thus, consumers are incentivized to shop more profitably – a win-win position.