It’s vital for ecommerce businesses to maintain high levels of network and information security with both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Turn to NEXT BASKET for the latest technologies to protect your data and your customers’ sensitive information.

An ecommerce platform fully protected from cyberattacks

When you partner with a SaaS platform for your online store, you want to know that their solutions meet today’s requirements for all aspects of security. 

You’ll be pleased to know that NEXT BASKETS high-tech systems will assist you with:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Outside cyber threats
  • Industrial control systems
  • Application security
  • Network security measures

Should any entity attempt an attack on your website or e-store, we are able to stop it. We utilize a security infrastructure and intrusion prevention system to protect data from threats that could leave your business financially or legally vulnerable.

In addition to automated systems, our support team provides constant monitoring to identify potentially malicious activity and guard your resources from unauthorized users.

Software-defined networking, firewalls, and cloud hosting are just a few of the technologies we use to improve your site’s security. The system becomes safer, more flexible, and more easily backed up and restored should a problem occur.

AMATAS cybersecurity certificate

AMATAS Fully Managed Cybersecurity Services is a comprehensive cybersecurity service offered by the renowned AMATAS company. 

It includes threat monitoring and detection, prevention of hacking attacks and vulnerabilities, and real-time incident response. 

AMATAS Fully Managed Cybersecurity Services enables our Partners to focus on their business processes without worrying about information security and cyberattack risks. 

AMATAS provides a high level of protection and ensures timely detection and response to all possible threats to your business.

Protection of payment information: PCI DSS security certificate 

Major financial institutions, including credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, have established PCI DSS data security standards for safe and secure payments around the globe. 

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is made up of all security standards to safeguard card information and prevent fraud. 

NEXT BASKET ensures your business will meet all requirements pertaining to PCI DSS, including payment security and data protection. 

We understand that ecommerce businesses need to provide this level of safety when taking card payments, transferring information, and storing customers’ personal data.

SSL security certificate

A Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate encrypts the connection between your online store and your shoppers. It keeps sensitive data protected, so it cannot be obtained by malicious third parties. 

NEXT BASKET employs an SSL certificate for a higher level of security for your customer’s data, including valuable data and payment information, like debit and credit cards. 

Full GDPR documentation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires online vendors to protect the personal information they collect on their websites. 

It is a legal framework for how businesses collect, store, and process personal information from shoppers in the EU and EEA (European Economic Area). Access control and data encryption are two essential elements of GDPR requirements.

While the GDPR is a European Union data privacy law, US companies must also adhere to it if they are collecting data from customers in Europe. This applies to most American ecommerce businesses, especially if you operate globally.

Your customers’ data are guaranteed security and cannot be used illegally on the NEXT BASKET online platform, and we comply with all GDPR requirements. Our modern technologies provide a superior user experience for online shoppers while simultaneously protecting consumer data.

Protection of network resources

We make the protection of your site and your customers’ information a top priority at NEXT BASKET. Guarding your network resources is the first line of defense in protecting your online store and your shoppers’ data.

That’s why we put so much into the technology and innovation related to the network security solutions, data encryption, and other aspects of security. Protection of network resources is a web that covers all components of online safety and privacy.

Secure electronic payments

Cybersecurity is of prime importance for people using the internet for their purchasing activities. The transfer of data and financial information requires the best security controls.

Without the proper network and information security, your business’s customers could be subject to risks like ID theft. You could be in danger of financial loss.

Fortunately, NEXT BASKET’s platform safeguards your company’s financial information and visitors’ personal data from cybercriminals.

Encrypted data transfer over the internet

Data encryption is a must when you send and receive certain information over the internet. Outside entities cannot access sensitive information like customer data or your banking details when it is properly encrypted.

NEXT BASKET uses what’s known as a secure sockets layer to protect data during transfer. This protects you and your shoppers alike and helps prevent data breaches.

99.9% service and database availability: microservice architecture, scalable servers, and cloud hosting

Thanks to our microservices architecture, a scalable service, and cloud hosting, NEXT BASKET is able to guarantee service and database availability to nearly 100%.

We offer a 99.9% service availability guarantee, which gives you the confidence you need to operate your online store without worry.

Microservice architecture

NEXT BASKET’s microservice architecture is a key defense with multiple benefits. Rather than using one larger application that combines data and functionality under one umbrella, microservice architecture breaks the application into many independent elements.

If one part of the architecture is compromised, everything else functions normally. This minimizes loss and damage, whether it’s your data or your customers’. Data breaches and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are not a danger to your company like they would be otherwise.

Scalable server resources

We mentioned scalability above. This is a functionality that lets you increase or decrease the number of servers used based on the volume of customers at any point in time.

Perhaps you are growing overall. Or maybe you see seasonal highs in website traffic. Server scalability allows you to handle changes with ease, without disruption.

Customers experience this as fast, seamless browsing and buying — no waiting for the site to load or difficulties when it comes to checkout time. Shoppers will bounce if they feel like your site is taking too long.

The benefit to you as the business owner is reduced hosting costs. You’re not paying for services that aren’t being used when your network traffic is reduced.

Cloud hosting

NEXT BASKET is a platform that uses cloud hosting and offers many benefits that improve site security. 

The main advantage of cloud hosting is the ability to host a website on multiple servers that work as part of a single system. This greatly reduces the risk of a service being down, as the site can be migrated to another server if needed.

Cloud hosting protects the infrastructure and provides a host of security tools such as network protections, firewalls, and measures to protect against DDoS attacks. 

Many cloud hosting providers offer automated information backup mechanisms that ensure the site always has data saved and can be quickly restored in the event of a problem.

The platform is protected from potential cyberattacks and has automated maintenance mechanisms that ensure the site is constantly ready to take on customer traffic.


24/7 contact center for NEXT BASKET partners

We understand online businesses are 24/7 stores, particularly if you have customers overseas. When you partner with NEXT BASKET, you have the ability to contact us at any time of day or night with questions about information security and business operations.

We want to support the continuity of operations for your store and ensure you don’t have to wait for answers about important issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a startup online store, is internet security really a concern?

Data security for your customers’ sensitive information and your business’s proprietary data should be a top concern no matter what size or how new your store is.

That’s why NEXT BASKET offers a secure platform that focuses on information security and data loss prevention (DLP) for startups and established stores alike.

Why is server scalability important?

You probably want to grow your ecommerce business over time. And you may have seasonal fluctuations in traffic. Server scalability lets you accommodate those changes with ease, and it’s a more cost-effective approach.

Cloud security is one aspect of the scalability offered by NEXT BASKET. It provides both improved server flexibility and increased data safety for you and your customers.

How does the GDPR apply to US ecommerce businesses?

Even if you operate an ecommerce store in the US, you are obligated to protect users and their sensitive data in the European Union, according to the GDPR web security protocols. This includes those using mobile devices or communicating over a virtual private network using various operating systems.

NEXT BASKET can help you ensure you comply with all GDPR regulations for your shoppers in Europe.