NB, the PlatformNEXT BASKET
PartnerBusiness user of the Platform
ClientThe end customer who shops from the online store
ServicesFree and paid services performed by the NB office
IntegrationsPre-built connections with external software and services
FunctionalitiesEmbedded capabilities in the Platform
Online storeOnline store/Ecommerce website, registered and accessible at its own address on the internet, through which the Partner offers goods and services to users.


Application Programming Interface (API)Application Programming Interface – A software intermediary that allows two or more programs to communicate with each other through requests and responses.
Cloud Hosting“Cloud” software and services work through an internet connection instead of a local device.
Unlike traditional hosting, with cloud hosting the site is not located on one server.
Instead, it works through a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers, providing greater flexibility and scalability.
Content Management System (CMS)Content Management System or CMS is A software platform that helps users create, manage, and modify content within a website or e-commerce store, without having to write code or have any programming knowledge.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Enterprise Resource Planning is A specialized software that tracks and manages inventory in all warehouses and stores, tracks expenses and income, can manage accounting, provides all kinds of reports and other reports.
Software as a Service (SaaS)Software as a Service or The practice of using of using software on a rental basis. The software is not installed on your server, but you access it online, paying periodic fees for use.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization – Optimization of the website and products for the major online search engines so that when a certain query is entered in the search engine, your online store is likely to appear at the top of the results page (SERP).
SSL CertificateSSL is a digital certificate in the form of a file, installed on the web server of a website. It verifies the “authenticity” of the site and allows for a secure encrypted connection between the server and the user’s browser for the most secure online experience.
User Interface (UI)User Interface is The point of interaction between a person and a device and/or application.
It includes the overall look and graphical design of the application – buttons, text, images, text input fields, screen layout, transitions, animations, and all other elements with which the user interacts.
User Experience (UX)User Experience is The way a user experiences using a product, system, or service. It includes the user’s assessment of the degree of usefulness, ease of use, and effectiveness.
BannerThe banner is a graphically designed advertising part of a web page or online store. Promotional offers can be displayed in static, animated, and flash animated banners placed on the site pages, in social networks, or in various types of marketing channels.
BackendThis is the software of the online store (the platform). This software manages the administration of the website, user accounts, the cart, filters, product categories, the connection to the ERP software, the warehouse program, and other functionalities.
Brand BookA design product that aims to unify and standardize brand identity in terms of colors, fonts, and overall vision.
Through it, all elements associated with the brand are unified – online store, email messages, articles, etc.
DeploymentAll activities related to software deployment that make the software system available for use on the designated device. This is the mechanism through which applications, modules, and updates are delivered from developers to users.
DomainA text unit associated with an IP address used to access a website from user software. This is the name or address of the website that users type into their browser to reach it.
CopyrightingCreating professional text content for products, categories, blogs, external publications, static pages, and social networks, in accordance with SEO and marketing strategy
KioskA sensor monitor, in which an online store is installed and orders are placed from it primarily by pressing the screen.
MigrationThe process of transferring a website from one platform to another. The process involves significant changes in technology, structure, content, design, or location of the website in order to improve its presentation.
Microservice ArchitectureAn innovative type of software architecture that works through communicating but independent of large and heavy centralized software small modules. This allows for the execution of multiple processes with exceptional speed, agility, and security.
Market AnalysisResearching the market and gathering information about the industry and the market environment of NB’s Partner, including external factors that affect a particular business, customer profiles, the state of competition, etc.
Scalability of the ServerThis is an opportunity for automatic scaling up or down of the number of servers according to the load of the online store and the number of customers in it at the same time.
Scalability significantly reduces hosting costs when the online store is not busy.
ServerServers are powerful computers created to store, process, and manage network data, devices, and systems.
In a more general sense, a server can be a computer hardware or software that provides functionality – resources, data, services or programs – for other programs or devices.
Web DesignCreating a website or online store that meets the vision and needs of the business. The process may include elements of graphic design, user interface design, software creation and adaptation, and the basics of online search engine optimization.
FrontendThis is the visual part of an online store or what you see on your phone, tablet, or computer.
It combines two different elements: graphic design (look) and user interface (feel).
Fullfilment SoftwareSoftware solution for automation in e-commerce, which can process customer orders and prepare them for shipment from a warehouse or business location.
The software automates inventory and warehouse management to make order fulfillment more efficient.
HostingSetting up an online store on a server so that it is visible on the internet. The server can be physical, but it can also be a cloud – a virtual server in the cloud space.
Search in Online StoreA module in an online store, allowing quick finding of products and services, without going through categories and product groups.
Automatic Error TestingAn automated solution that tests an online store and looks for any potential bugs and/or malfunctions of the software.
Cloud ServerCloud servers represent a network of various servers built and hosted (provided) through a cloud computing platform over the internet.
Virtual ServerThe virtual server is a network of servers that serve to store all the data related to your online store.
Virtual Private Server (VPS)A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is A virtual server that operates on the basis of a physical one.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)The ability of software to learn from given data and respond to needs without human intervention.
Information SecurityThe security of the information and the supporting infrastructure from random or intentional influences from natural or artificial (AI) nature.
Safe Electronic PaymentsGuarantees an environment for electronic payments that provides the necessary level of data protection for users.
HTTPS protocolSecure protocol through which the user’s browser and web server establish a connection between them.
MicroserviceMicroservices represent a set of separate services and processes that operate autonomously, without a heavy centralized software behind them.
Payment SystemsTypes of modules and integrations that allow for remote payments.


Chat and Chatbots
Zendesk ChatSoftware for real-time communication and customer service inquiries with the help of live chat and quick messages. The application supports managing all conversations from one web dashboard, regardless of whether messages from customers arrive from desktop, mobile devices, or a mobile app.
Facebook Messenger ChatIntegration that allows online store visitors to send a direct message through their Facebook Messenger profile. This is an opportunity for both instant customer service and easy conversion of web visitors to Messenger contacts.
LiveChatLive chat integration with customers that allows for quick response to inquiries, consultations at the point of purchase, and sending of interactive messages with images, animations, and attached files. The application has additional features for reporting, analytics, and personalization of the experience.
ChatbotAn all-in-one platform for building and launching chatbots without the need for specialized programming skills. Supports the creation of template chatbots with AI and setting parameters for personalization according to the needs of the business.
Payment Methods
Cash on DeliveryPayment for ordered products at the time of delivery by courier, with the option to review and test before the transaction. With the possibility of paying in cash or by credit/debit card at the courier’s posterminal.
Google PayGoogle’s contactless mobile payment service allows users to pay their dues using only a phone, tablet, or smartwatch with pre-entered card data. It allows payments both in an online store and in its mobile application.
Apple PayApple’s contactless mobile payment service allows iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac users to shop in an online store or app quickly and conveniently. To do this, it is only necessary to pre-save information about bank cards in the app.
PayPalOnline payment and money transfer system supporting a virtual wallet with an option to connect credit and debit cards from the user’s side. The PayPal mobile payment option supports transactions on various devices, including phones, tablets, and gaming consoles.
Bank TransferOnline or cash transfer of funds from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s bank account. For this purpose, only a bank account and data for filling out the payment order from the merchant are required.
Virtual WalletA digital device, online service, or software program that allows one party to conduct digital transactions with another party, exchanging digital currency units for goods and services.
ePayVirtual wallet for online payments with the option to create an account, register a debit or credit card, and transfer funds both from the account and directly from the card.
StripeAn embedded payment form that processes credit and bank payments, then transfers the funds to the merchant’s account. The system is suitable for both desktop computers and all types of mobile devices.
BraintreeBraintree is a payment platform that makes it easier for merchants to accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and various types of virtual wallets. Braintree is a suitable solution for large e-commerce stores that need high levels of control over their payment processes.
PaySeraA flexible solution for accepting online payments from different countries and in different currencies – by card, through electronic banking, and by SMS.
The system offers options for remote currency exchange at favorable rates, as well as low transaction processing fees.
VP of DSK BankBank DSK’s Virtual POS terminal for secure card payments from different countries and in multiple currencies. Transactions are carried out through a secure connection in the bank’s payment page, and merchants have the ability to track payments in real time.
VP FIBFibank’s Virtual POS terminal for secure payments with Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard cards issued by local and foreign banks. Transactions are carried out through a secure connection in the bank’s payment page, without direct access to the merchant’s system to the card data.
VP BoricaBORIKA’s Virtual POS Terminal, licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank as a third-party payment service provider for bank card operations, offers secure encryption, easy card operation reversal, and partnerships with most major banks in Bulgaria.
Pay at StoreA payment method in omnichannel commerce in which consumers are given the opportunity to complete an order online and pay for their products at the time they receive them from a merchant’s selected physical location.
AdyenA payment processing system for credit cards, virtual wallets, and locally specific payment methods. An excellent solution for omnichannel commerce with the option to combine all online and offline payments into one system.
AlipayA payment app and digital wallet that allows users to store data for debit or credit cards and make online purchases with only their mobile device.
Mollie PaymentsMollie is a leading European payment platform for e-commerce stores, specialized in processing online transactions on behalf of merchants. Mollie supports payments with all popular card carriers as well as alternative methods.
QuickPay PaymentsA secure, reliable, and dynamic payment initiation service that allows online stores to receive online payments via credit cards, bank transfers, and invoices.
SEPAThe European Payments Council has introduced a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) system for direct debit payments in euros in 36 countries. This is a solution to harmonize the cashless payment process across Europe and to facilitate all cross-border electronic payments in euros.
Zapper: Mobile PaymentsSolution for mobile payments without entering card details from the customer. Instead, customers scan a QR code generated at checkout and pay with the card details stored in the Zapper app.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
UniCredit Consumer FinancingIntegration for shopping with consumer credit from UniCredit Bulbank. With the possibility of quick approval of the loan at the point of purchase and flexible determination of repayment terms.
BNP Paribas Personal FinanceIntegration for shopping with user credit from BNP Paribas. With fast approval of the credit at the point of purchase and flexible determination of repayment terms.
TBI BankIntegration for TBI Bank payments with options for automatic settlement, installment payments, and use of multiple parallel user credits for online shopping.
Courier Companies
ACSCourier company operating with the largest independent network in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, and Bulgaria. With modern IT infrastructure – including sorting, tracking, and localization systems for parcels. Covers more than 600 service points.
WeDoInternational delivery service to China and the USA. Allows for easy tracking of package location by entering a pre-calculated control number for the individual parcel. The company partners with other popular carriers such as DHL and FedEx.
UKMailPart of Deutsche Post DHL Group, a German multinational company for package delivery and a leading global logistics company.
Operates in the United Kingdom, where it is also the largest integrated postal service provider.
Works with the highest levels of physical security.
TranspressA logistics company based in Bulgaria, working both domestically and internationally. The company implements technologies such as DigiCert, OptinMonster, and WisePops. It partners with DACHSER, a German company for freight transportation.
TIPSAA courier company specialized in fast transport of light packages and documents in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. A leading company in the sector and with 100% Spanish capital. The main package delivery services are priority, express deliveries until 10:00 and 14:00 hours.
Slovak PostA state-owned company responsible for providing postal services in Slovakia: express and courier deliveries, managing temporary stations, issuing stamps, etc. It manages over 1,500 stations across the country, making it the third largest employer.
SAMEDAYFast and secure courier delivery to the recipient depending on the urgency of the order. The two services offered are same-day delivery or delivery the day after ordering. The logistics company operates in Romania, with same-day delivery only possible in Bucharest and the surrounding areas.
PrimeTimeThis company has over 150 years of experience in the transportation industry. It provides courier services throughout Canada, maintaining high standards for drivers and partners. With a 24/7, 365-day-a-year operating schedule.
INNOSHIPAn application for contact with all national and international providers. With it, you can manage existing contracts more efficiently from one place, as well as access the services of all couriers without new integrations.
COLISSIMOPart of Le Groupe Le Poste, a postal services company in France. Offers delivery options to destinations such as Australia and the US. The service allows customers to drop off parcels and packages at any La Poste point, where they are then collected and delivered.
BRT Express CourierAn Italian company strongly focused on environmental protection and reducing carbon emissions.
They offer services for online merchants.
The company provides access to the Customer Zone so that customers can manage their shipments individually and independently.
FAN CourierLeading courier in Romania since 2006, with continuous investments in new high-value services for users – new technologies, modern offices, training, and personnel updating. The company has nearly 140 branches across the country and over 4,200 transport vehicles for fast delivery.
InPostLeading in the field of logistics services in Poland, based on a network of self-service collection and delivery points, open 24/7. This is the largest business structure of this type in the country, with more than 17,000 delivery machines.
InTimeA courier services company in Bulgaria, operating for over 30 years. With an option for delivery to over 215 countries, including personal and business shipments – letters, parcels, catalogs, spare parts, devices and equipment, books, etc. Serving every address in the country. An authorized executor for UPS services.
GLSA British logistics company headquartered in Holland.
Subsidiary of Royal Mail.
Operates directly and through a partner network in 41 European countries, eight states in the US, and two Canadian provinces.
Owned by Dicom, a Canadian parcel delivery company.
Slovak Parcel ServiceA courier company operating in Slovakia.
Leads a network consisting of 25 main branches and regional centers that effectively cover the entire country.
With the ability to deliver throughout the republic, as well as international shipments.
Web Seller GuruA repricing tool for eBay sellers using dropshipping. The software tracks inventory and prices from your suppliers (Amazon, Walmart, Sears, Kmart, etc.) hourly and automatically reflects the change on eBay by updating the price.
Balkan eCommerceMediaPost Hit Mail and InAout Trade have teamed up to specialize in courier services and digital marketing. This is an excellent solution for local online businesses that want to expand and sell abroad. The service is available for almost all of Europe, the UAE, and Vietnam.
InOutProfessionals in logistics services for online stores and traders. Operating in Romania and Bulgaria, and their extension – euShipments – in over 27 European countries, combining the portfolio of services of over 30 courier companies.
EcontBulgarian leader in the field of courier, payment, and logistics services. Delivers packages to both individual and business customers. Operates in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Cyprus.
Provides the ability to send postal letters, standard parcels, and cargo shipments.
SpeedyA courier company, founded and operating in Bulgaria, with a logistics network of nearly 600 offices and automated post offices.
Partners with DPD, a leading global delivery network.
Delivers to all of Europe, the USA, Canada and Russia, covers 100% of the country’s territory.
EuropePostal services operator for Bulgaria, Europe, and the world.
Specializing in small, light parcels and documents.
Rely on their own fleet for transport of all shipments.
Work with banks, government institutions, and insurance companies.
Offer hybrid mail, declared value, super express, and more.
FedExAn American company focused on e-commerce and transportation. It owns a fleet of cargo planes called FedEx Express, one of the largest in the world. The company is divided into several divisions: Express, Ground, Services, and Office.
UPSA logistics company based in America. Its main activity is the delivery of documents and goods. The brand also has its own airline — UPS Airlines — with its own fleet of 237 jet aircraft. It serves over 220 countries and territories around the world.
DHLAmong the world’s leading logistics market. A German international courier services company, which is part of the Deutsche Post DHL group. Delivers to over 220 countries and 120,000 cities.
Under the name, four DHL subsidiaries operate: Supply Chain, Global Mail, Global Forwarding, and Freight.
Marketing Integrations
SALESmanagoA cloud platform for automation in digital marketing that uses AI and machine learning to collect and analyze all data for the interaction between business and customer.
RelevaA marketing automation tool for e-commerce, powered by AI.
With the ability to automate omnichannel sales and marketing operations, plus high personalization of the customer experience.
Facebook PixelA web analytics script and a tool for optimizing Facebook ads. It collects data that help you track Facebook ad conversions, optimize your campaigns, create new target audiences, and plan remarketing activities.
CriteoDisplay advertising form with interactive ad banners, generated based on the online browsing preferences and behavior of each customer. With the ability to automate and scale media and remarketing campaigns.
MailerLiteSoftware for creating and sending email newsletters from an e-commerce store. With built-in dashboards for tracking the performance of each email campaign, including recipient engagement, link clicks, click maps, and more.
Google Analytics ReportsA tool that allows you to track and visualize multiple Google Analytics metrics in one dashboard. Can be used with the Google Analytics interface as well as exporting data to Excel and spreadsheets tables.
Google AnalyticsA platform that collects data from websites and applications and organizes them into various reports to present the business. With an option to track the number of orders, revenues, order price, which pages the user enters, how long they stay on them, from which devices, etc.
Google Tag ManagerA system for deploying and managing marketing tags (fragments of code or tracking pixels) on a website. This is a technique for tracking conversions, analyzing performance, and optimizing various marketing campaigns.
Google Merchant CenterA tool for managing the way products and collections from the e-commerce store are visualized to users on Google, along with all available information such as manufacturer, price, specifications, varieties, etc.
Facebook Dynamic AdsA paid advertising tool that visualizes products that the user has already shown interest in within an e-commerce store or merchant’s app.
RetargetingA digital marketing app with automated dynamic ads on Google, Facebook, and YouTube. With a campaign builder and optimizer, a newsletter sending option, SMS messages, and the use of AI-powered marketing tools on the website.
ProfitshareAffiliate marketing platform that connects business users with advertisers and affiliates. It is used to increase leads and sales against a fixed commission percentage when a sale is made by a partner.
Google AdsGoogle’s tool for setting up, launching, and optimizing ad campaigns. With the option to visualize ads in search results, as well as on various websites, mobile apps, and video clips.
MailChimpA platform for automating marketing activities and an email marketing service focused on all good practices for contact management, a builder for creating visually attractive campaigns, and tools for data analysis.
HubSpotA marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert potential customers, and retain existing customers. With options for automated CRM database, A/B testing, tracking of advertising campaigns, and more.
SalesforceSoftware solution for managing customer relationships with various applications, focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, performance analytics, etc.
Facebook Conversions API (CAPI)CAPI is a Facebook business tool that allows advertisers to create a direct and reliable connection between meta and all marketing data from a server, platform, or CRM. CAPI works with Facebook Pixel to help advertisers improve the effectiveness, measurement, and data collection of their Facebook ad campaigns.
Viber MessagesIntegration that allows sending Viber messages from the business to customers. The tool facilitates the creation of engaging and informative marketing content for different target audiences, including through the sending of multimedia messages with images, video clips, and attached files.
Sales Channels
Trendo.bgAn online marketplace platform for selling clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, home goods, etc. With an intuitive web design, easy order completion, and over 90,000 items offered by over 500 brands.
EtsyAn American e-commerce platform type marketplace for the sale of vintage, art, and handmade items. With global coverage of the customer base, low listing fees, and low commissions on completed sales.
GLAMIMarketplace platform for women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion with over one million products from almost 10,000 fashion brands. With an option for intelligent personalization of the products displayed according to preferred brands, size, and style preferences.
eMAGOne of the largest online marketplace platforms in Central and Eastern Europe, supporting sales of all kinds of products, divided into dozens of categories for businesses and end users.
OLXAn online platform for posting ads and buying and selling new and used goods. With an option for direct connection between traders and users and creating paid and free ads in various product categories.
Price Comparison Websites
Pazaruvaj.comA platform for quick and easy comparison of prices and offers from over 800 online stores, including seasonal promotions and price charts. With the option to share ratings and reviews, plus a full description of the product parameters.
Compare.bgA price comparison platform for over 100,000 products and 200,000 online stores. With verified offers from reliable merchants and an option to receive email notifications when attractive discounts are available.
Shopping.comA leading price comparison, and user opinion sharing platform on a global scale. A powerful tool for easy discovery, quick comparison and instant online purchase of products, including fashion, clothing, consumer electronics and home and garden products.
ERP/Warehouse Systems
SAPSoftware for corporate resource planning, developed by the German company SAP SE.
With support for all key processes in the business organization, available for use in over 50 languages.
GenSoftA comprehensive software solution for managing warehouse activities, trading, production, and accounting. The various modules of the system use a unified database to serve a wide range of business functions.
MicroinvestAn application for modular ERP solutions that facilitate the strategic resource planning for businesses. With an option to choose between different versions suitable for merchants in various niches and of different business sizes.
VersusA modular system for automating business processes in small, medium, and large companies. With flexible features for control, planning, and resource management in multi-company and multi-site activities.
WorkFlowAn integrated software product for small and medium enterprises, with the ability to structure the flow of information between the accounting, materials, sales, logistics, and other departments.
ZeronProfessional business management software system with an integrated software product focused on accounting, trading, manufacturing, servicing, forecasting, and planning processes.
SelMaticAn innovative system for managing a commercial business with high personalization and scalability. Quickly deploy additional features and adapt to needs.
OdooAn open-source resource planning system that works through centralized online integration of various applications. A convenient solution for combining and adapting various software business solutions.
Microsoft DynamicsMicrosoft software solution for effective collaboration between departments, optimization of business tasks, and stimulation of business growth through process automation. With an option for integration of links and full customization according to needs.
Colibri ERPIntegrated business management software that transfers operational work from all departments and employees in the company to a single, easy-to-use system. With the ability for centralized control and flexible settings.
Prim.bgA system with integrated ERP, CRM, and BI modules for setting up, organizing, and tracking the process of achieving strategic business goals. With an option for centralized business management and integration with multiple international e-commerce channels.
Integration with Computer Platforms, Computer Hardware, and Electronics
ASBISLeading distributor in the field of information technology. With hardware and software solutions for data centers, consumer electronics, and complete IT solutions for large enterprises.
ALSOA leader in comprehensive business solutions in the field of information and communication technologies. With a wide ecosystem of over 120,000 hardware, software, and IT services distributors.
PolycompThe largest IT distributor in Bulgaria, partnering with over 60 world-renowned manufacturers of high-quality hardware and software, including Apple, Canon, Cisco, Logitech, Microsoft, Epson, and more.
loadbeeSolution for distributing product information directly to all points of sale in real time. Once the brand uploads content to the platform, it is visualized on all connected retail sites, while maintaining its design and personalization.


Finance, Reports, and Statements
ATV ReportReport on the average sales value by various criteria – by period, by object, etc.
A-B-C-D AnalysisAnalysis of the frequency of sales from A (most frequently sold products) to D (least frequently sold).
Electronic InvoicesA solution replacing manual invoice filling, automating the process to save time and avoid oversights and mistakes.
Credit ReportsA document issued in the case of a refund of a paid amount, an error in the invoice, a defective product, cancellation of a purchase, etc.
ERP System
Money ReturnsA transaction in which money is refunded to the end customer who returned a product to the physical store.
Order ReturnsFunction for receiving returns and issuing a document for how to proceed with the product exchange.
Warranty ServiceOpportunity to issue and insert warranties and warranty periods, as well as servicing of warranty stocks.
Warehouse and Store Inventory AuditRecording of all existing stocks in order to establish and document the actual condition of the products, plus determining the assets and liabilities of the store for a certain period.
Cash OperationsServicing of cash operations in the store.
Batch and Shelf LifeControl and reporting of stock movements by batch and expiration date.
ReassessmentReducing prices of products in the store.
Accepting the GoodsReceiving from suppliers, from another warehouse, or production base; creating a delivery document and generating a warehouse receipt from the system; the ability to determine additional characteristics of the goods if necessary: batch, shelf life, serial number, etc.
SalesAn integrated POS module with the ability to add customers, maintain a customer database, make sales, issue warranty cards, invoices, protocols, and more.
Inventory and Store AuditThe ability to set the initial state of the store, warehouse, or object, to make the necessary corrections to the actual quantity of stock or inventory, including preparing a report on all shortages and/or excesses.
Inventory ProgramAccounting, warehouse and store management and control program.
CancellationAutomated return operation for complaints, returns, and operator errors, after a customer’s account is closed, documented by issuing a document.
Creating LabelsModule for creating and printing labels with selected product information.


ERP SystemA monitoring, analysis, and management system for inventory in all warehouses and stores, with a tracking function for incoming and outgoing items, accounting, and the preparation of reports and statements based on individually set criteria.
Automated TranslationSoftware capability for translation and processing of products, plus creation of dynamic and static pages in multiple languages and upload to the respective domain.
Adaptation of an Online StoreNEXT BASKET to make changes to all pages, products, and settings of the online store according to Partner’s requirements.
AdministrationActivities for uploading and organizing products, setting up functionalities, and overall management of an online store.
Inbound Call CenterServicing inquiries initiated by current or potential customers, often related to the need for additional information about the offered products.
Malicious LinksIncoming links from low-quality, irrelevant, or malicious websites that can damage both the online business reputation and the website ranking in major online search engines.
Outbound Call CenterInitiating calls to existing customers in order to gather additional information about placed orders, sending promotional offers, etc.
Integration of Fulfillment SoftwareIntegration of fullfilment software stacks into Partner’s warehouse specialized for online sales.
NewletterA marketing tool that allows customers to be informed about topics related to the online store and the products offered on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
Omnichannel MethodsBuilding an ecosystem of complementary sales channels, which is realized through a pre-established connection between online and physical stores.
Online MerchandisingProduct arrangement techniques for a website whose main goal is to support the sale of a given product through proper positioning of the various stock categories.
ОРСОРС is A European online dispute resolution platform that aims to guarantee a safer and fairer online shopping experience within the European Union. The platform offers both a direct connection between the customer and the merchant, as well as a connection through the mediation of an approved dispute resolution body.
Professional FilmingProfessional photography services of the products offered in the online store.
CopywritingProfessional services for generating textual content for an online store, products, advertisements, and more.
Trademark RegistrationA trademark is a distinctive symbol, logo, or sign with which your customers associate and associate your business. NEXT BASKET offers registration of a trademark in the competent Bulgarian and European authorities.

Marketing and Commercial Terms

A/B/X Tests of the WebsiteCreating and analyzing pre-defined A/B/X tests with NEXT BASKET’s partner – so-called double-blind tests to evaluate planned changes and marketing campaigns.
Alert BarAutomated messages in the form of push notifications that are shown to customers visiting an online store. Usually used in short campaigns to re-engage users or when a new customer visits.
Content Marketing StrategyStrategy for attracting, engaging, and providing added value to users through certain types of content that meet the requirements of online search engines and sales funnel stages.
Cross-sellSales techniques that encourage customers to purchase related or complementary items, which increases the overall value of the products in the basket.
CSV FileA CSV file is a text file in which the information is separated by commas. It is used to transfer data between programs that usually cannot exchange data, including importing and exporting a large number of products and their variations to/from an online store.
Facebook Ads AccountFacebook’s payment tool for advertising campaigns in the social network tracks the results of the campaign and collects data for overall analysis, engagement, and the overall presentation of the business’s paid promotions on Facebook.
Facebook Business ManagerA Facebook tool that makes it possible to manage different Facebook pages and product catalogs on Facebook and Instagram. It can be linked to a Facebook Ads Account, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Conversion API, Facebook Catalogue, and more.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is A regulation of the European Union concerning data protection, confidentiality, and the right to privacy. Its legal framework defines guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals based in the EU and the European Economic Area.
IP GeolocationThe functionality that automatically recognizes customers’ IP addresses from which country or city they are from in an online store and directs them to the corresponding delivery zone.
Google Ads AccountGoogle’s online advertising system for products and services, where different campaigns can be set up, current performance can be monitored, and flexible changes can be made when necessary.
Google AnalyticsGoogle’s Web Analytics service collects data and provides easily trackable reports on website performance based on criteria such as incoming traffic points, user paths, return on ad budgets, sales value over different periods, etc.
Google Data StudioGoogle’s tool for converting data into personalized reports and interactive tables that provide a quick and regular overview of the entire business.
Life Cycle Marketing StrategyA comprehensive strategy containing all stages of product and service marketing – from acquiring new customers to retaining and converting them into loyal brand advocates.
Rich SnippetsEnriched formats for visualizing and interacting with the user on the Google search results page.
May include images, videos, answers to frequently asked questions, product lists, etc.
SEO Audit of an Online StoreConduct an overall audit of the website from a search engine perspective – with a deep look into potential technical issues, domain authority, quality and relevance of textual content.
SEO-Friendly FiltersFilters for sorting and segmenting products, following all best practices for URL structure, canonical tags, and tracking settings for internal links.
UpsellSales techniques that encourage customers to order higher-priced products, such as upgrading or purchasing another version of a product before completing the order.
Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)A module for tracking all marketing links for the purpose of analyzing the points of incoming traffic to an online store. A useful tool for standardizing and correctly reporting the results of various campaigns.
Extensible Markup Language (XML) FileXML (Extensible Markup Language) is A markup language and file format for storing, transmitting, and reconstructing data.
In an e-commerce store, such a document can be used for one-time import of products or their synchronization at a certain interval.
This is done in a format that is readable both for people and machines.
Subscription ShoppingA functionality that allows customers of an online store to subscribe for delivery of certain products over a certain period. This could be food, household items, baby products, or other fast-moving goods.
Product AttributesAttributes are the varieties in which a given product is offered – color, size, material, etc. They help customers easily find the desired product without having to search the entire store.
OutfitA holistic vision with mutually complementary products in fashion boutiques’ online stores. Combining the right products and offering them at a promotional price as a bundle stimulates sales of more items within one order.
Affiliate MarketingAffiliate (partner) marketing is a practice where a business or individual sells online third-party products or services for a commission or percentage of the sale.
In marketing, affiliate programs are an advertising model where a company compensates third parties that generate traffic or increase sales of the brand.
BlogA blog embedded in an online store that provides additional value to the products offered and to the brand as a whole. It includes the ability for customers to post comments and the ability to embed products with a direct purchase button.
Blog on WebsiteA special section with carefully planned and professionally written content that meets the needs interests, and problems of users.
It is created entirely according to the requirements of the content strategy, including through the technical tagging of meta data in the text and images.
BundleGroups of different, but mutually related or mutually complementary products that can only be purchased as a set at a promotional price.
Creating bundles is a marketing strategy that encourages users to buy more than they planned.
External LinksLinks from different domains on the web, which according to their strength and relevance can improve or degrade the authority of the domain they are pointing to.
Digital MarketingProfessional support and management of advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, TikTok, Criteo, and more – with expert planning, precise targeting, and proper allocation of the allocated advertising budget.
Dynamic PricesPrices that change according to the criteria for different customers or customer groups set by NB Partner. In this case, the prices on the website are different for different types of customers.
DropshippingA method for executing online orders, where the products are in the merchant’s warehouse, but in a foreign warehouse. They are delivered from the foreign warehouse to the merchant’s warehouse or directly to the end customer.
Duplicate ContentContent that has already been indexed by other parts of the website or other parts of the global network. Depending on the case, duplicate content management may include rewriting, setting a proper canonical tag and/or redirecting to a relevant page.
Electronic WalletThe application through which NB’s Partner offers its customers the ability to make cashless and cardless online payments with the possibility of accumulating amounts from returned orders and reusing them in an online store.
Social Media Publishing CalendarA detailed posting calendar for social networks, tailored to the needs of the business, its brand vision, and planned marketing campaigns.
Creative Concept for AdvertisingA professional concept for vision, messaging, emotional impact, and engagement of audiences, aligned with the needs and goals of the brand.
Marketing with Artificial IntelligenceUsing automated marketing software that allows targeting customers based on their previous product searches.
Marketing FeedGenerating a product catalog with an option for automatic upload to external platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Merchant, Criteo, and many others.
MarketplaceA marketplace is a type of multi-channel e-commerce platform where products and services are offered by third-party developers external to the platform. In the marketplace, individuals and businesses can offer their products and services to corporate clients or end-users.
MetadataPage data that are often invisible to the end users but provide important information to search engines, including titles, marked subheadings, meta descriptions, alt tags for images, structured data, crawling and indexing commands and more.
Mobile AppSoftware application, specifically designed for use on small wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets, instead of desktop or laptop computers.
Development of a mobile application for Android and iOS is intended for end users.
Countdown TimerFunctionality to add a countdown timer for the remaining time in which the product discount is valid in combination with a button that allows customers to be reminded of the discount X number of days, hours, or minutes before it expires.
Omnichannel CommerceSimultaneous sales from online and physical stores. In this case, the stock in the physical store is displayed as availability in the online store. Customers can order online and pick up their order in the physical store, return an online order in the physical store, etc. Online sales are also conducted in the physical store via kiosk.
Discounts with Promo CodeA discount that allows customers to use a code of numbers, letters, or a combination of both, and upon entering the code in the “Promo Code” field, they can automatically see the discounted price.
Gift CardsA digital product that can be used for future payment of orders of a certain value.
Sales FunnelsA long-term marketing strategy that maps out the “journey” of different types of customers in their interaction with the brand, as well as the behavior of the brand itself, with the aim of engaging and converting these customers into loyal followers.
Product CollectionGroups of products, grouped according to different criteria in order to create a meaningful division of the product catalog, to facilitate the browsing of the store and to stimulate the purchase of mutually complementary items.
Social Media ProfilesBusiness pages or company profiles distributing marketing content across various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.
Product ReviewsA functionality through which customers can rate how well a product they purchased meets their expectations, by giving it one to five stars or writing a review about it.
Editorial CalendarComprehensive planning for the necessary texts for internal use and external publications that meet the requirements of the online store content strategy.
Remarketing StrategyA marketing strategy for engaging users who have already visited the website and interacted with the brand, in order to encourage them to take a specific action.
A typical example of a remarketing strategy is abandoned cart campaigns with promotional offers when ordering immediately.
Segmenting the AudienceA marketing strategy based on segmenting customers into customer groups based on different criteria – for example, how often they shop or how often they visit the website. Segmenting customers increases sales.
Website Loading SpeedThe time required to render and visualize a website and its elements upon a request from a user device. Load speed includes the main frame of the website, the largest “piece” of content within it, the first opportunity for interaction, etc.
Facebook Advertising StrategyPlanning the logic, timeline, and desired effects of paid advertising campaigns on Facebook. This type of strategy is closely linked to pre-prepared sales funnels, such as navigating users through the various stages of interaction with the brand.
Content Marketing Strategy (CMS)Strategy for attracting, engaging, and providing added value to users through the creation of certain types of content that meet the requirements of online search engines and sales funnel stages.
Broken Internal LinksInternal links from one URL to another within the website, where the page receiving the link has a response code different from 200.
Error Message on WebsiteAutomated notification for 404, 403, 5xx or other types of technical errors on the website that require action and correction to maintain good functionality and rankings in search engines.
Technical SEO ImprovementsAutomated or manual correction of technical SEO errors in an online store – including broken links, broken URLs, images without ALT tags, etc.
Technical SEO ConditionCompatibility of the website and its elements with the technical requirements and best practices in search engine optimization.
This may include website architecture, loading speed, meta and structured data, technical parameters of the platform, etc.
Heat MapsHeat mapping is a data visualization technique that gives you a full understanding of how visitors interact with each element of your website. Implementing heat maps is a way to analyze the most active points of interaction for the end user, as well as to see which sections are presented weakest.
Commercial StrategyStrategy for attracting and retaining customers with four main components: product policy, pricing policy, distribution structure, and communication architecture.
FullfilmentWe specialize in a warehouse and software warehouses, mainly suitable for orders from online stores. The stock in the warehouse is stored in single units to achieve maximum speed when collecting products for online orders from the pickers (warehouse employees who collect products from the shelves).
Price PolicyThe company’s approach to pricing products and services is based on expenses, cost, demand, and competition. The pricing policy aims to ensure both market competitiveness and reasonably planned long-term profits.
Brand BookA standardized vision of your brand, created with the purpose of its professional representation in all communication channels.
Online Store TopicsA ready-made website or online store theme, also called a website template, is a model pre-developed for use to facilitate the user.
Expert Business AdviceExpert assistance and support both in working with the Platform and in managing your business in accordance with all best practices in e-commerce.
Physical StoresMerchants who don’t have an online store but want to sell more without additional expenses.
URL AddressesA standardized unique address pointing to an online resource, most often an internet page. Every page on the World Wide Web has a URL that uniquely identifies it.
KeywordsWords and phrases that the user sees advertising for your online store.
MetadataMetadata contains an informative and appropriate description of the original data for optimization purposes when searching.
Synchronization between Physical and Online StoreAll the inventory from your physical store is visible in your online store.
Business without EmployeesNEXT BASKET manages your online store, performing all services and processes.
Loyalty ProgramA tool to stimulate your customers to buy even more from you.
Email MarketingOne of the most successful marketing tools for promotions, abandoned carts, as well as for branding and building relationships with customers.
Control PanelThe administrative panel of the platform from which you manage your online store.
Facebook MarketplaceFacebook Marketplace is a module where merchants and individuals can offer their products for sale directly to users on the social network.
HeaderThe element of the theme that relates to the uppermost part, which is also the first visible area upon visiting the website.
FooterElement located in the bottom part of the website. Here usually are positioned data for contact, links to the legal documents of the e-shop/website (Terms and Conditions, Policies, etc.).
Display Ad CampaignsDisplay ads are images (of products or visions) positioned on separate web pages in order to attract the attention of visitors.
Keyword Advertising (Search Ad Campaigns) and Responsive Advertising (Responsive Search Ad)Search engine ads that display a website or online store on the first page of search results according to the user’s query.
Video Ad CampaignsVideo ads appearing before, during, or at the end of YouTube videos – also a powerful search tool.
App Ad CampaignsThe Google Ads format you used to promote your business’s mobile app. With this option, the ad is visualized in YouTube search, Google Play, or in the form of display ads.
Product Advertising (Shopping Ad Campaigns)Campaigns focused on purchasing a product or service. They appear in search results with a description, price, and image included and can demonstrate excellent ROI, as long as you know how to set them up and configure them.
Web TrafficThe amount of data (incoming and outgoing) exchanged during the communication between website servers and user devices.
VAT NumberVAT number for the registration of the company operating an online store.
Annual Campaign and Promotion CalendarThe marketing calendar, including all promotional campaigns and activities throughout the year (for Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, etc.).
Personal ConsultantA consultant at your disposal when you have a question, hesitation, difficulty, or a new idea.
Cart ManagementThe ability to send automated messages to the customer in case there are products in their cart that have not been purchased within a certain period of time.


Alt TagsAlternative text for an image that describes what is on the image. It is done for SEO optimization so that bots can “understand” the image better, as well as for users who cannot see it.
Breadcrumbs and Rich SnippetsSpecial visualization in Google results and on the website itself, allowing the user to track the page’s position in the website hierarchy. The user can easily navigate between categories and subcategories in the hierarchy with just one click.
Core Web Vitals ReportA report on the main web metrics that presents a report on the user experience of the website pages according to four main parameters, ordered by importance: loading speed, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.
Image SEOSEO optimization of images through control of the size and type of file, the title of the image, caption, Alt tag, and size in kb/mb.
Image XML Site Map ProtocolXML site map protocol, in which images are added that are important and bots cannot find them in any other way.
Google Mobile-Friendly TestGoogle’s test that checks how a website looks and works on a mobile device – loading speed, visibility of different elements, etc. Requires entering the URL address of the website.
No Index/No Follow tagsTags that “tell” search engines not to index a certain web page on our site and not to follow the links in it – when this is necessary.
Organization and Logo Rich SnippetsSpecial visualization in Google results that provides enriched information about the brand – including logo, short description, links to various profiles in social networks, etc.
Product and Reviews Rich SnippetsSpecial visualization in Google results, in which the user sees the product and reviews for it in an enriched format. This format includes details such as a brief description, average rating, price, availability, and more.
Rel Prev and Rel Next TagsPages in the website should be paginated (numbered) using the <rel prev> and <rel next> tags. This way, the link between the URLs of certain components in a sequence of pages is shown.
Rich SnippetsEnhanced snippets (enhanced results) that appear in the search engine as a normal result but with additional data.
RSS FeedAn information channel on the website that allows users to receive current news and topical articles.
SEO Setup ChecklistA full list of settings and instructions for SEO optimization of the store.
SEO MetadataSee the Google results page for the page title and a brief description of the page from the website, plus various meta tags that are subject to editing and manual improvements.
SEO SpinnerSoftware for creating or optimizing unique texts for products, categories, and brands through “multiplication” of an already created text using synonyms – with the possibility of subsequent editing and manual improvements.
Sitelinks Search Box Rich SnippetsSpecial functionality in Google results that allows the use of the site’s search engine before entering the site. The search results open directly on the site.
URL StructureControl of the online store’s address structure, as well as prevention of SEO errors by web administrators.
Automatic IndexingImplementing a dynamic XML site map through a connection to Google’s API and submitting products for indexing in search engine result pages (SERP).
Internal Crawler for SEO PurposesThe crawler goes through all the pages on the website to collect the necessary information about the store, process it, and create tasks to improve the website’s SEO parameters.
Dynamic sitemap.xmlA dynamic website map that updates with every new request. This keeps the sitemap.xml file always up-to-date and reflects the state of the website at any given moment.
Canonical TagsTags whose purpose is to “tell” search engines which is the main copy of a given page. Thanks to them, the appearance of duplicate content, which can be the cause of a drop in ranking in a given search engine, as well as other problems in the site, is prevented.
CrosslinkingCreating a well-structured internal link architecture that allows for connection between certain pages on the website.
Microformats on Schema.orgThe data format with open source code that we use to “tell” search engines that certain text or element of our website page is important and belongs to a certain type of data.
Modification of the robots.txt fileMaking changes to the robots.txt file that include instructions for bots regarding which addresses to access and which to avoid, in order to prevent overloading the website with requests.
Managing 301 RedirectsAutomatic import and easy modification of 301 redirects for search engine bots and users from one place in the website to another.
SEO OptimizationSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, means Optimizing for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.
The goal of SEO is to increase the visibility of your online store in search engines and, in this way, to increase the organic traffic of visitors and customers to it.
Automatic SEO Descriptions FillingAn SEO tool that fills in the metadata for you while still giving you the option to edit them later if necessary.
SEO AuditSEO audit is a check of all the major web indicators in order to form an assessment, based on which it is determined how much your website is liked by search engines.
On-page SEO Optimization (Internal)Technical and semantic optimization of the website level and its individual pages located in your online store.
Off-page SEO Optimization (external)Search engine optimization outside of the website itself, based on the process of link building, which directs to your website or online store.
Google DiscoverThe Google mobile app feature that provides users with access to a stream of content (news and more) tailored to their individual interests.
Link BuildingBuilding a network of links (hyperlinks) from other websites to your website, as well as backlinks (from your website to others) is key for SEO optimization.
Harmful LinksLinks that can negatively affect the position taken in search engines.

Web Design

Pop-up WindowsPop-up windows with the ability to customize according to the specific needs of the respective business – collecting emails, promotional offers, etc.
Responsive DesignResponsive design ensures that pages load in the correct size on different devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
Brand PagesSeparate pages for the most popular brands in the online store – with their own design and description of the brands and the products they offer.
WatermarkAdding a special watermark to product images as a form of branding the image, which protects it from unauthorized use (theft), including when downloaded from an online store.
Cropping ImagesEditing and various modifications to images, such as rotation in a certain direction, cropping, etc.
Custom DesignModule for creating a fully personalized website design, changes in appearance and settings in accordance with corporate identity.
Static PagesPages that provide additional information to the customer or contain terms and conditions that they must agree to when making a purchase.
Creating BannersA module for creating and editing banners that can include products and product details, advertisements, emails, affiliate marketing, or other information.
TemplateA pre-developed design theme that matches the respective category of the partner’s business and can be adapted to the corporate identity of the brand.
Landing PagesPages specially created for promotions and marketing campaigns. They focus only on what is suitable for the target audience and for the specific campaign goals.
Template PagesPrepare pages that are subject to change and can be personalized according to specific needs.
Ad BannersThe advertising spaces in your online store that are used to display campaigns, products, brands, etc.