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Ecommerce automation software delivers many advantages for ecommerce businesses.

From marketing automation and inventory management and seamless integrations, you can eliminate manual tasks and improve processes and workflows and drive more sales.

Save money and resources — win customers and money

With business management automation features, you can remove time-consuming tasks within ecommerce processes. With intelligent automation options and customizable templates, you can tailor these improved workflows to save time and resources. 

As a result, you’ll win more customers and money from your ecommerce store!

Process automation in NEXT BASKET online stores

What can you automate within NEXT BASKET online stores? Many options exist to remove repetitive tasks and make your ecommerce business run more efficiently.

Automated release of emails to customers

Set up various email automation tasks with ecommerce automation software that integrates with your CRM tools. 

These automated emails can cover a variety of interactions, including:

  • Cart reminders
  • Confirmation of order and payment
  • Tracking information when items ship
  • Email marketing campaigns based on customer data and activities on the website (e.g., reminders of saved items, “an item you like is on sale,” promotions for new products)
  • Follow-up emails after product delivery to request a review

Automation triggers these emails to send after an action by a customer and doesn’t require any manual work for your employees.

Automatically upload new products in different language versions to the site

If your customer base includes different regions and languages, you’ll appreciate this ecommerce automation tool. You can add products to your online store in multiple languages in a few clicks using artificial intelligence. 

Doing so ensures the customer experience is equitable for all shoppers in different customer segments.

Automatic translation according to the official exchange rate

If you sell products in different currencies, you don’t want to manage the exchange rate manually. With an integration that provides these rates in real time, your customers will always be viewing accurate translations.

Automatic creation of advertising banners

Your online store has many changing promotions related to sales, events, new products, and more. To align with your marketing campaigns, you can use automated advertising banners to appear on the website to highlight these things. 

As a result, you could see increased customer acquisition numbers and customer interactions.

Automatic transfer of promotional products

Transfer promotional products where they need to go with automation capabilities. Doing so reduces the time and effort for these activities throughout multiple channels.

Automated product descriptions

A product description is essential information. Shoppers read these to understand the products’ specifications and qualities. It’s also beneficial for SEO. 

Creating these can be time-consuming, but you can automate it on the NEXT BASKET platform as a new product launches or an old product changes.

Automatic detection of missing translations

When inputting translations, errors can happen when humans do the work. You can identify any missing information from this with artificial intelligence automation tools. 

Once located, you can then complete them in an error-free and highly efficient manner.

Automatic background removal from product photos

Product images are crucial to sales on an ecommerce platform. They must be vibrant and detailed to help you hit conversion rate goals. Although it drives more revenue, editing photos can require much work. 

Using automation tools, you can quickly erase the background from product photos. As a result, they’ll have a consistent look across your website and landing pages.

Automatic generation of SEO metadata

SEO metadata is important to search engines when they index your pages. Automation software for ecommerce ensures it’s present, accurate, and the correct length. 

With powerful tools that automate it, you no longer have to do this manually for hundreds (if not thousands) of product pages.

Automatically greet customers for holidays

Personalize how customers enter your site by greeting them based on seasonal events and holidays. You can automate these based on the region of the customer. 

If the customer is a returning visitor, you could also automate greetings based on the data you have about them.

Automated messages in alert bar

Many ecommerce companies have alert bars on their websites. This dedicated space on a page is for the delivery of critical and timely communication. 

Instead of going in to change this manually each time, automation of the messages is possible.

Automatic and manual creation of customer groups

Customer segmentation drives many of your marketing strategies. However, building these groups can take many hours. 

With NEXT BASKET, you’ll be able to automate the creation of these segments, which can then help deliver personalized messaging via email marketing, social media, and other channels.

Automatically populate account data

For returning shoppers, the easier you can make the buying process, the better. 

Automatically filling in customer data reduces the time it takes them to check out. They’ll appreciate this convenience and how it saves them time, ultimately driving higher conversion rates for you.

Automatic reorder

The easier for customers to reorder products from you, the more often they’ll do it. 

When ecommerce automation saves time, customers may reorder more frequently and increase their spending over time. This is how you turn new customers into high-value customers with the most valuable resource – convenience.

Automatic syncronization with courier companies

Shipping and logistics for your ecommerce company can be complex and hard to manage. Yet, you always want to keep customers informed of the status of their package. 

Automatic synching with the companies you use for delivery ensures accurate and up-to-date information.

Automatic server scaling under load

Many factors can impact the load balance of your website. The more users shopping on your site, the more power it needs to remain up and working. 

Ecommerce automation tools can monitor this for you and scale your servers during these peak usage periods.

Options for additional automation software enhancements by our team

Are there other areas of automation your business needs to grow more revenue and reduce inefficiencies? You can request those from our team, and we’ll design a plan to meet your specific automation goals. 

Some examples include solutions for:

  • Inventory control and fulfilling orders
  • Lead generation throughout other apps
  • Customer service tasks and personalized emails
  • Automated workflows and business processes
  • Automated tasks for your marketing teams
  • Automating data collection from multiple sales channels or multiple platforms for analysis
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Ecommerce automation software: Work smarter with NEXT BASKET

Ecommerce companies gain a variety of automation tools when working with our team. 

Your business will run more efficiently than ever, saving you time and boosting your profits. 

Learn more by contacting us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of automation in ecommerce?

Automation and artificial intelligence can significantly impact your operations. You can see increased efficiency, fewer errors, improved customer satisfaction, and more revenue without highly inefficient processes that devour productivity.

Does an ecommerce business have less control with automation?

No, it’s quite the opposite. Automation helps businesses achieve improved processes and workflows that support collecting and analyzing more customer data. As a store owner, you still need humans in your business. With automation, they can work on higher-level tasks rather than mundane ones.

How does an ecommerce business start using automation?

First, you’ll need to determine what you want to automate. Then, you’ll review your options with existing tools and new software. When working with our team, we can help you plan out automation to deliver the most value.