Do you want the ultimate in performance from your ecommerce site? With NEXT BASKET’s all-in-one ecommerce platform, you’ll enjoy the efficiency, security, and speed that microservice architecture makes possible.

What is microservice architecture?

what is microservice architecture

Microservice architecture is a type of software design that uses services and processes (modules) that can function independently. As a distributed system, it can share information quickly among the modules, making your ecommerce store more efficient. 

In contrast to monolithic architecture, microservices don’t depend on heavily centralized software. That distinction makes a microservices-based platform faster, easier to scale, and more secure than traditional ecommerce platforms with monolithic architectures.

NEXT BASKET’s ecommerce microservice architecture connects these modules, enabling them to communicate with each other across the entire system. This asynchronous communication increases your ecommerce site’s efficiency, allowing you to add new services and modify existing ones.

Increase your ecommerce site speed, security, and flexibility

With NEXT BASKET’s microservices architecture, your ecommerce platform will deliver a superior user experience to your customers through speedy transactions and tight security. Our leading-edge ecommerce software gives you the ability to provide more:

  • Site speed and security: These factors are critical in improving your site’s search engine rankings, organic site traffic, and, most importantly, your business’s financial future. Making it easier for your customers to find and use your ecommerce site is essential for ecommerce success.
  • Flexibility: NEXT BASKET’s ecommerce microservices architecture gives you the ability to modify individual services and add unlimited new features at scale. With that capability, you can build your online retail store to manage inventory and meet customer expectations, making your business more likely to grow.

Experience less downtime with a site that doesn’t break and doesn’t stop

With NEXT BASKET’s microservices-based architecture, you’ll have a custom solution that can handle unlimited traffic with ease. No matter how many products you offer, you can meet market demands with fast loading speed and leading-edge resilience.

Elasticity and load flexibility to meet any demand

The platform’s scalability ensures that the system will commit as many resources as it needs to maintain service continuity. With its cloud-native architecture, it can increase and decrease the number of servers it uses at any given time, providing resilience no matter how heavy the load.

Resilient and dependable ecommerce functionality

With a multiple microservices approach, the NEXT BASKET platform remains relevant to your business needs, even with extreme traffic. If a problem arises in one of the application’s components, the platform’s independent applications ensure that the problem will not spread throughout the system.

Enjoy flexible solutions that meet your business’s every need

Whether you’re a small ecommerce business or need an ecommerce platform to service sales worldwide, the NEXT BASKET platform’s microservices-based architecture is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of ecommerce businesses of all sizes. 

Its features include: 

  • Automated scalability: All ecommerce sites on the platform scale server resources automatically, adapting immediately to your business’s needs.
  • Increased functionality under high-traffic times: When your traffic increases during promotions and marketing campaigns, the server adapts to handle the added stress on the system. Your site will remain functional, fast, and easy for your customers to use, guaranteeing uninterrupted service. 
  • Lowered hosting costs when traffic is slower: When sales are slow, your hosting costs go down automatically, enabling you to stay profitable.
  • User-friendly interface: NEXT BASKET’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to add new products, keep track of your sales, do content management, and quickly add third-party systems integrations and new functionalities. Those functionalities include popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and other services.
  • Unlimited products, unlimited traffic: No matter how many products you want to sell or how busy your site gets, NEXT BASKET provides unlimited traffic to your e-store, enabling efficient order management. Its complex applications work behind the scenes to simplify your workflow, even during your busiest times.

Software architecture for a new generation of ecommerce

software architecture

When you add the NEXT BASKET platform to your technology stack, you’ll have the latest in software engineering to support your business. 

The platform’s next-generation technology gives your ecommerce site the flexibility, speed, and continuous operation you need to take your business to the next level. Among all-in-one platforms for ecommerce, NEXT BASKET stands alone.

Our entire development process meets — and exceeds — the security and reliability requirements that today’s consumers demand and rising customer expectations. For that reason, the NEXT BASKET platform can help you sell your products securely here in the US and throughout 29 European nations. 

From its programming language to its many functionalities, NEXT BASKET brings you the best in ecommerce platform efficiency and ease of use. 

Experience the difference NEXT BASKET’s microservice architecture can bring to your ecommerce business. Contact the NEXT BASKET team today to learn how you can add this complete ecommerce platform to your tech stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is microservices architecture the best framework for an ecommerce site?

Microservice architecture enables online store owners to manage their inventory and sales quickly, efficiently, and securely. Owners can add new products easily, offer versions of their site in different languages, manage their own database, and create new features as they need.

Using a microservices framework allows owners to scale the system to their exact needs. Store owners can adapt immediately to a spike in customer interest yet use fewer resources when sales are down, saving on hosting costs. 

Developers arrange microservices into separate layers by function. This layered architecture allows the developers to modify and upgrade each layer without needing to redesign the entire application. 

Microservices also make it possible for you to separate your content storage from where you showcase a headless content management system (CMS). NEXT BASKET’s headless architecture lets you update and edit your products on the frontend, saving time and effort.

What are service-oriented architectures?

Service-oriented architectures use software components — each a small independent service — to produce business applications. Microservices are a type of service-oriented architecture. Each microservice has a specific business function and communicates with other microservices through API calls.

The NEXT BASKET platform features service discovery, allowing you to automatically detect devices and services on its network and to integrate them seamlessly into the system.

What is an API gateway?

In developing software systems, microservices developers often use an application programming interface (API) gateway to enable each microservice module to communicate with other modules. This capability is one of the reasons microservice architecture facilitates quick, efficient service at scale. 

What is a software architecture pattern?

Today’s web application development teams use microservices architecture to create responsive, secure, and scalable applications. Developers arrange these microservices in patterns to generate autonomous services that they can reuse, adapting the software to whatever needs the application’s users have.

Do you have more questions about the NEXT BASKET headless commerce platform or the new technologies that drive it? Get in touch with the NEXT BASKET team for the answers.