The checkout process is made up of the steps shoppers take to complete an order on your ecommerce store. NEXT BASKET offers an efficient and innovative checkout system as part of our platform.

You can use this system to improve the customer experience — whether they are a regular account holder or a guest — and improve sales conversions. You can even leverage NEXT BASKET’s secure checkout process to reduce abandoned carts and test different checkout strategies.

One-step and multi-step checkout to complete an order

NEXT BASKET gives two options for customers to complete their order once they reach checkout: 

  • One-step checkout, where all checkout steps occur on one page
  • Multi-step checkout, where each checkout step has its own page

Each has its advantages, based on your store and your unique customers.

Which checkout option is best for your customers?

If you’re not sure which checkout type listed above is best for your online store, NEXT BASKET offers an innovative process to help you decide based on conversion data. 

You can use A/B testing to determine whether one-step checkout or multi-step checkout is preferred. 

With A/B testing, your website offers one group of customers one-step checkout and another group multi-step checkout. You then compare which group resulted in more completed orders. You may also want to take into account any feedback customers offer on the different checkout processes. 

The shortest path from the shopping cart to the user

The ecommerce checkout process should be seamless for your customers. Studies show that a complicated checkout process can make online shoppers give up in frustration.

The checkout process from NEXT BASKET ensures a smooth checkout experience from beginning to the final step.

It permits the customer to see their cart page so they can double-check for size, colour, quantity, and other criteria and make adjustments if needed before finalizing their order. Additionally, it gives shoppers the opportunity to enter a promo or discount code without compromizing the speed or ease of checkout.

Easy order completion 

Ideally, you want the checkout flow of your ecommerce site to proceed without interruption for optimum sales conversions.

The ‘buy’ button on NEXT BASKET’s checkout modules is integrated both aesthetically and technically. Customers subtly notice the button and may choose it to move forward with a purchase, but at the same time, it’s not unnecessarily distracting.

Integrations with couriers and payment methods

The typical checkout process allows shoppers to interact with your business from anywhere in the world. Therefore, NEXT BASKET’s checkout module integrates easily with couriers for both domestic and global shipping.Likewise, our platform lets you accept payments in various ways, as multiple payment options let you appeal to a broader customer base. Your payment options can be tailored to your needs, such as accepting debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and other payment processors for the greatest customer ease.

Automatic data filling

One thing that enhances the shopper experience is the automatic data filling of form fields, like the customer’s billing address and shipping address.

Automatic data filling means that repeat shoppers or customers holding an account with you don’t have to re-enter their personal information with every order. Their information auto-populates required fields, and shoppers can make a purchase with just one click.

Cross-selling for more profits

One strategy your ecommerce platform may wish to try is cross-selling. This means selling a related product to something the customer has in their cart. You may have experienced merchants doing this during your own online shopping excursions. 

If a customer is purchasing ink cartridges for a printer, for example, you may suggest printer paper to them. A shopper who is buying baby products may see similar items you sell, like diapers, bedding, infant clothing, or strollers.

NEXT BASKET can help you integrate cross-selling into your checkout process with helpful ‘Got everything you need?’ or ‘Commonly purchased together’ messages.

Intuitive process without technical bugs

Our checkout process works intuitively for both your business and the customer. It uses the latest technology to eliminate technical bugs that could cost you a shopper because of a faulty transaction.Because so many people shop via mobile devices today, we make certain your ecommerce checkout utilizes responsive design too.

New-generation user experience

An ecommerce platform today must appeal to the most discerning shoppers of all ages. Younger consumers, in particular, demand a superior user experience from start to finish.

NEXT BASKET stays at the forefront of new developments and technology in ecommerce, so you get the benefit of all the latest for your online store and customers.

Abandoned cart management

Cart abandonment — when customers fail to complete checkout for one reason or another — costs your business money. When working on conversion rate optimization, you should definitely be examining cart abandonment.

We assist with checkout optimization so fewer customers leave your site before making a purchase. And NEXT BASKET also helps you analyse abandoned cart metrics so you can boost sales by shifting strategies accordingly.

Marketing and remarketing services from the NEXT BASKET team

The NEXT BASKET team brings you a suite of services to supplement your ecommerce checkout process and give you the ability to make the most of your online store. This includes assistance with marketing and remarketing, as well as SEO optimization.

Plus, you get real-time support because we know Internet shopping happens at all hours of the day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the checkout process with NEXT BASKET secure?

NEXT BASKET makes certain that every step of the checkout stage offers the security you need for your business and your shoppers.

All personal data is protected, as well as credit card information, in accordance with regulations governing your business.

What’s the difference between single-step and multi-step checkout?

With one-step (aka single-step) checkout, your customer enters all the information pertinent to their order on one page and then completes their purchase quickly with one click.

Multi-step checkout is more of an ongoing process, usually with a progress bar showing the customer where they are in the steps, including account creation if necessary. Clearer but a little slower, this type of checkout typically asks customers to enter information on different pages, which may include shipping address, billing address, and payment method.

NEXT BASKET lets you select which type of checkout is best for your business and its customers.

What is checkout A/B testing?

A/B testing is a way of measuring the performance of one-step vs. multi-step checkout. You create two versions of checkout and collect data for each to see which results in better sales and customer feedback.

NEXT BASKET is happy to assist you with A/B testing to see which type of checkout is best for your ecommerce business.