Free services PH

The free services aim to give you the best foundation to start and develop in the field of e-commerce.

With their help, you get not only the necessary tools but also the necessary expertise for the development of your online store.

The total number of services that NEXT BASKET offers you is over 125.

Twenty-five of the services are free for Partners who manage their store independently.

Eighty-five services are free for Partners whose store is managed by NEXT BASKET.

What free services can you use in each business model and option?

Below, you can see a list of all free services included in the different business models and options for using the Platform.

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What are our e-commerce services?

Each NEXT BASKET Partner receives a modern online store with all the necessary functionalities and integrations built into it from the moment of its development.

Once you have the store, you can decide whether to manage it yourself or delegate your digital development tasks to our team.

Depending on the chosen business model, you use from 24 to 75 free services included in your price plan.

You can use the free services at your discretion according to your needs, for which you only need to contact your personal assistant on the Platform.