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With the NB 360˚ option you use a 3-in-1 mix:

Как работи?
  • Online store
  • Fulfillment warehouse for your goods
  • Commercial and marketing services

What is NB 360˚?

NB 360˚ is an option for use of the NEXT BASKET platform; with it you enter the online trade easily and quickly gain positions in the market.

This is an innovative business model, called Business without employees, which allows you to have a successful online business, without hiring employees.

The only thing you do is deliver the goods to our warehouse, we build your online store and manage the entire business

No previous experience with online commerce needed

The NB 360˚ option includes the following processes and services:

  • Building and management of an online store from NEXT BASKET
    We create your online store with unique design and all functions offered by the Platform, after which we take over its management

  • Storage of the products in a specialized fulfillment warehouse
    We store and process your products; we also perform the activities of receiving, labelling, packaging, giving to courier and delivery to the end client

  • Marketing services
    The experts of NEXT BASKET engage in complex marketing services in order to increase your sales

  • Carrying out the obligatory trade processes, related to online sales
    The company provides a call center in 22 languages, creating product descriptions and professional product photography* and more…

Start a profitable BUSINESS WITHOUT EMPLOYEES with ease
All you need to do is deliver the products at our warehouse and we will do everything else

How does the NB 360˚ option work?

How does it work
  • You sign a contract with NEXT BASKET
    There are no hidden traps in our legal documents – everything is transparent and accurate

  • You send us a list of the products, which you plan to sell online
    We will also need product descriptions and photos – your or prepared by us

  • We prepare a commercial and marketing strategy* for your business
    That includes analysis of the market in your segment (competition, prices), determining the competitive advantages of the products and brand, selection of the channels, where it will be advertised, etc.

  • We build your online store
    The experts of NEXT BASKET build your online store not only in Bulgaria, but also in other 28 European countries, in case you want to make international sales

  • You deliver the products you will sell to our fulfillment warehouse
    We receive the goods in the warehouse and put labels and barcodes on them (if necessary)

  • Start of online sales
    We manage your online store and your business as a whole; your only obligation is: to deliver the products at the warehouse

  • We begin digital marketing through advertisement campaigns and promotions
    We take care of your successful sales through advertisement of the products, newsletters and constant analysis of the results

  • We provide you with all necessary statements and reports; if you want, you can personally monitor all commercial processes
    You determine the type and frequency of the reports, you want to receive

    * Paid service

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Advantages of NB 360˚ option

  • Business without employees
    It is not necessary for you to hire and manage personnel

  • Reduced expenses
    The expenses for office, storage area and management of the business are reduced

  • Flexibility
    You scale your business according to your concrete needs

  • Expertise
    You take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the NEXT BASKET team

  • Peace and leisure
    You focus on what you do best and we take care of everything else

  • Reduced expenses for personnel and management
    You work without a team or only with merchants to purchase the products

What is the price of NB 360˚ option?

What is the price
  • With the NB 360˚ option the online business will cost you percent of the revenue of the online store

    • Electronics and Groceries: 5% (or 6% depending on the country)
    • All other Business lines: 7% (or 10% depending on the country)
  • No hidden fees

  • You receive 70+ free services

  • The additional costs are for:

    • storage of the products in a warehouse
      (first month is for free)

    • issuing of delivery orders to courier

    • digital marketing

    • courier services for delivery of the online orders

You pay only in case there is revenue

What you receive from NEXT BASKET?

Personal consultant with direct phone line

Personal consultant with direct phone line

Management of the entire online business

Management of the entire online business

Information when you have to deliver products, which are decreasing in quantity at the warehouse

Information when you have to deliver products, which are decreasing in quantity at the warehouse

Technical support of the website 24/7

Technical support of the website 24/7

Easy to use mobile application for management of the administration of the online store

Easy to use mobile application for management of the administration of the online store

What is required of you?

  • Desire to have very successful online business

  • You must find products that are suitable for online sales, with commercial markup over 1.8 times the delivery price

  • You must deliver the goods for sales in our warehouse

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