1. Create a business strategy

    Your business strategy should answer a few basic questions. For example: which sector of trade you will target, what products you will sell online, who will supply you, etc.

  2. Come up with a name for your business (a trademark)

    It would be better to settle on a unique name that does not come close to the names of other existing businesses.

  3. Choose a domain (…somename.bg or …domainname.com)

    We recommend that the business name matches the domain, which is a difficult task since most good domains are either taken or sold at a higher price.
    If you are struggling, NEXT BASKET can choose a domain for you and maintain its ownership.

  4. Decide in which countries you will sell and choose a domain for each of them

    If you use one domain for all countries, we recommend that its extension be xxx.com or xxx.eu.

  5. Create a logo

    The logo is an essential element of corporate identity that embodies the business philosophy and uniqueness of your brand.
    You can trust NEXT BASKET’s designers, who have the knowledge and experience to create a beautiful and memorable company logo.

  6. Register a trading company

    We recommend the company form to be an EOOD if you plan to work independently, or an OOD if you have a partner.
    The legal department of NEXT BASKET can register your trading company.

  7. Open a company bank account

    A company bank account is mandatory according to the General Terms and Conditions of the NEXT BASKET platform.

  8. Register your trademark in Bulgaria and in Europe

    In this way, you protect yourself from abuse and avoid the risk that, after a while, when you have a profitable business and have established your name in the market, you will be banned from using it.
    NEXT BASKET’s legal department can register your trademark and monitor its maintenance.

  9. Choose the type of products you will sell online

  10. If you use dropshipping, you should provide us with the contact details of the owner of the products

    Dropshipping is an online business model where another online store ships the products you don’t have in your warehouse to the end customer.
    NEXT BASKET can do the integration between your store and that of the product owner.

  11. Choose a layout for your site here

    You can use any of the pre-created NEXT BASKET templates.

  12. Contact us if you want a unique design for your online store or a change of an existing template

    The NEXT BASKET platform employs designers with extensive experience in online commerce.

  13. Take photos of the products in a professional photo studio

    We recommend the services of PhotoPro.bg.

  14. Create professional product descriptions

    It is essential that your descriptions are unique, i.e., not copied from another store; otherwise, Google will “penalize” you by demoting your site to a lower position in a keyword search.
    It is necessary to always use the NEXT BASKET template so that each part of the description falls into the right place.
    If you prefer us to make your product descriptions, please contact us.

  15. Determine the prices you want to sell at

    We recommend that you check what prices your competitors are selling at in Bulgaria and in the other countries where you plan to sell online.
    NEXT BASKET’s sales department can work out a sales strategy that meets your needs and development plans.

  16. Choose a digital marketing agency

    NEXT BASKET will take care of your advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Criteo, Affiliate platforms and other channels.
    The NEXT BASKET team employs top marketers who specialize in online store advertising and can do the advertising for you.

  17. Choose an SEO agency for site optimization for search engines

    SEO is a service that no online store can exist without – the goal is that 50% of all online orders come from direct, organic, and brand conversions.
    The NEXT BASKET team can offer you professional SEO services.

  18. Choose payment methods that we will integrate into the checkout of the online store

    The main payment methods are: BORICA, Paysera, Braintree, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, cash on delivery, etc.

  19. Choose who will create the banners for the website pages, as well as the digital advertising

    NEXT BASKET employs experienced designers who know how to create a banner that grabs the customer’s attention.

  20. Choose the type and frequency of reports and references you want to receive from us

  21. Decide whether you will perform the accounting of the trading company, or if it will be our responsibility

    An accounting firm with experience in online trade has been established at NEXT BASKET.