ESG policies of NEXT BASKET

Nowadays, business plays an increasingly key role in the processes of society – including when it comes to the demonstration and education of responsibility. And if the influence of a company is as great as its conceptual, human, and financial resources, then the formula is simple: businesses invest their money where they recognize their values.

In modern corporate management, the path of responsibility is clearly laid out in the so called company EGS policies. It is an abbreviation of Environmental, Social, and Governance.

In simpler words – this is the model through which NEXT BASKET creates added value not just for the business environment, but for the entire surrounding ecosystem: environment, society, contractors, users, employees, and owners.

This added value is not just a business strategy or an investment in a positive public image. It is something much more, namely – a reflection of our deep belief that we have the resources to be the change that our environment needs.

And here is how we apply this theory in practice.

Environmental sustainability policies

The NEXT BASKET team is deeply committed to the issue of environmental sustainability – not just as a hollow statement but as a daily effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

The company partners with leading environmental consultants who help us build a sustainable process throughout the chain. This includes both reduced electricity consumption and investments in renewable sources, as well as control over recyclability policies and recycling of all waste generated in the company’s various departments.

Outside of its own structures, NEXT BASKET supports various initiatives in the field of ecology, including research and case studies requiring specific action in a short time frame.

Socially responsible policies

Above all, NEXT BASKET’s policies are based on a positive, life-affirming, and loyal attitude towards the individual. This can be traced in our patterns of interaction and collaboration with employees, suppliers, customers, partners, subcontractors, and connected micro-communities.
The conditions of each workplace in NEXT BASKET are tailored to the high value we place in health, safety, dignity, and personal development of the individual – as part of the group and independently.

In a broader horizon, our social responsibility policies include expert support, regular financial sponsorships and donation budgets for socially significant causes, which are selected monthly with the participation of all our employees.

Corporate Governance Policies

As the business grows, so does the responsibility – first of all and especially for the internal hygiene of communication, decision-making, and distribution of responsibility. Therefore, we invest time, professionalism, and innovation to keep our own internal structures that we and our employees can be proud of.

We strive not only to maintain a favorable living environment in the company, but also to a sustainable business model based on transparency and security. Our specific priorities are fair labor remuneration, increasing expertise, excellent working conditions, and full countermeasure to discriminatory, lobbying, or corruption practices.

Our high criteria for corporate governance are based on a realistic risk assessment, strict internal control, and transparency in communication between all departments of the company.

We put theory into practice

NEXT BASKET’s ESG policies are not wishful thinking or deferred into the indefinite future. They are our way of operating in the here and now, remaining adaptable to the needs of our team, the state of our society, and the challenges of our climate.

As of today, the budget for financial support of causes and initiatives in the field of ecology and social responsibility is in the amount of 2 000 to 5 000 BGN every month. This budget is provided completely free of charge and completely transparent, and the choice of a cause is realized with the participation of the entire NEXT BASKET team.

The process starts from the 1st to the 5th of the relevant month with an initial selection of eco or social initiatives. Ideally, these initiatives aim to provide a resource to develop an idea, a resource to resolve a case, or a resource to help disadvantaged people.

From the 6th to the 20th of the month, all NEXT BASKET employees vote for the cause they consider most meaningful according to their own understanding and priorities. After the votes are counted and the decision is made, our funds go where our values are – a little further from ourselves and a little deeper than a single company’s financial assets.

Because we believe we can go further when we walk together!