The easiest way to start online trading

NEXT BASKET is a unique combined online and warehousing platform for all-in-one e-commerce

We will set up your online stores in several countries and accept your products in our warehouse

The platform covers the entire online sales process.
We only want you to give the products in our warehouse,
everything else we will do:

  1. Acceptance of products in the warehouse


  2. Photography


  3. Translation into different languages


  4. Creating an online store in 28 countries


  5. Marketing


  6. Built-in search engine optimization (SEO)


  7. Online sales


  8. Delivery by courier


  9. Call center service


  10. Acceptance of returned products


  11. Reports


  12. Accounting services


Our clients

  • Companies and individuals,

    who want to start online trading quickly and easily

  • Physical stores,

    that also want to have an online presence

  • Manufacturers,

    that do not have developed e-commerce

  • Existing online stores,

    that want a better and cheaper service


Main modules

  1. Website – online store

    Modern and functional vision of the website based on TypeScript and the React library

  2. Backend – the software of the site

    The software that manages the site

  3. CMS

    To manage the content of the site

  4. Translation software

    Software solution for simultaneous uploading of product descriptions in different languages in several online stores in different countries.

  5. ERP system

    High-tech system in which all products are stored.
    * It is also used for monitoring, ordering products, as well as for preparing various types of reports (income and expenses, sales volume, etc.). It combines the simultaneous work with physical and online stores.

  6. Warehouse fullfillment software

    Software for storage and arrangement of products, tailored to the specific features of e-commerce.
    Provides extremely fast collection of products from online orders.


How do we help you be competitive?

  1. Possibility for quick and budget duplication of the store in different countries and in different languages

  2. Automatic upload of new products to sites in different countries with product descriptions in the respective language

  3. Specialized software for tracking prices in competing sites

  4. Proactivity in an abandoned wheelchair

  5. Automatically fill in accurate metadata (titles and descriptions) on Google

  6. Structuring data for Facebook and Google

  7. Banner to collect emails when the wheel of fortune is not active

  8. Online process for returning an ordered item

  9. Built-in search engine optimization (SEO), without analogue, which will upload your site in the first place.
    You receive income for which you have no expenses.

  10. Wheel of Fortune game for the purpose of collecting emails and subsequent email marketing

  11. Opportunity to store products in the cart and shop on the day of the promotion

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Key functionalities

Creating a marketplace allows you to sell products that are not your property and are not in your warehouse, but are delivered from the supplier's warehouse directly to the customer's address

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  1. Omnichannel trade

    Effective connection between physical and online stores, which includes:

    • possibility to order online and deliver to a physical store
    • redirecting traffic from online to physical store
    • possibility for online purchase in a physical store
    • return of the products to a physical store
    • redirecting traffic from physical to online store
  2. Marketplace – a new generation solution

    Creating a marketplace allows you to sell products that are not your property and are not in your warehouse, but are delivered from the supplier's warehouse directly to the customer's address.

    We offer simultaneously 3 marketplace solutions:

    • Adding to the online store products that are not available in our warehouse, but are in the supplier's warehouse.
      This allows you to increase the range offered without generating storage costs.
    • Integration with external marketplace platforms such as eMAG, Etsy, OLX and others.
    • When several clients offer products of the same type, we will create a new online store of the "marketplace" type, in which we will collect the products from their sites. Of course, clients' online stores remain.
  3. Translation into different languages

    The NEXT BASKET platform offers its clients translation of product descriptions in multiple languages, as well as their simultaneous uploading to sites in different countries.

  4. Continuous monitoring of the products

    The system allows continuous monitoring of the status of products, incl. of their location (in stock, by courier, returned, awaiting operation, etc.).

  5. Google Optimization (SEO)

    The e-shop created by the NEXT BASKET platform will meet all Google requirements.
    Your site will load in less than 1 second, which is a guarantee of a high position in a keyword search on Google - and therefore a lot of sales from organic search, which does not require advertising costs.


  • Building of an online store

    A choice of many design themes, integrations and functionalities for e-commerce in order to create a beautiful, fast and well-functioning online store.

  • Warehouse

    Acceptance of products in a specially equipped fulfillment warehouse for e-commerce, long-term storage and inventory management.

  • Returning of products from customers

    Processing of returned orders through the control panel of the site, as well as acceptance and processing of returned goods on site at the warehouse.

  • Call center

    Specially equipped call center for customer service of the online store, meeting the requirements of the brand and / or retailer.
    The service is available in all languages in which the site is translated.

  • Shooting pictures of the products

    Professional photography of the products and subsequent processing of the frames for the needs of the site.

  • Product descriptions

    Creating unique product descriptions in accordance with the brand style and good marketing and SEO practices.

  • Translation into foreign languages

    Ability to launch the online store in 28 countries and translate the content into 12 languages with the prospect of expanding the scope.

  • Digital marketing

    Specialized marketing services within the client's budget - promotions, campaigns and advertisements in various channels.

  • Email marketing

    Writing, designing and sending newsletters to the subscribers of the online store in full compliance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection and a high conversion rate (customers who took action as a result of email marketing).

  • Google Optimization (SEO)

    Ongoing on-page and off-page optimization of the site for Google, including publishing articles in electronic media and on the site's blog to increase search rankings.

  • Expenses for courier services

    We work with all couriers at preferential prices.

  • Creating campaigns and promotions

    At your request we can make campaigns and promotions.

  • Generating reports

    Ability to prepare reports of all kinds: financial, warehousing, operational, sales, etc.

  • Ongoing support

    Creating and managing Google Analytics and Facebook Ads accounts; daily check of the proper functioning of the site; preparation of weekly and monthly reports.

  • Integrations

    Integration with multiple payment systems, banks, couriers, ERP and accounting systems

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What does the client pay

  • One-time
    • Modern and functional vision of the website, created with the super-fast computer language React.
  • Monthly fees
    • Monthly rent for the occupied warehouse area (if your products are sold quickly and stay in the warehouse for less than 30 days, you will not pay for warehousing services)
    • Monthly site maintenance fee
    • Percentage of online store revenue
    • Fee for order processing and its delivery to a courier
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Other paid services

  • Photographing the products
  • Preparation of unique product descriptions
  • Digital advertising within the monthly budget set by the client
  • Costs for publishing articles in electronic media for SEO optimization
  • Changes to the site, including the addition of new features, at the request of the client
  • Organizing campaigns and promotions at the request of the client
  • Uploading of new products in the online store
  • Translation into different languages for different countries
  • Hosting services


We turned to NEXT BASKET mostly for an offer for warehousing and fulfillment services, but we got something much bigger as an idea. We easily decided to transfer our online store to the platform, and in a few months we achieved an increase in conversions by almost a third and a significant increase in the number of online orders. I recommend the platform to all companies that do not have the capacity to optimize their sales on their own. With NEXT BASKET a completely different level is achieved.

Services used

Digital marketingTranslation into foreign languagesOngoing supportIntegrationsEmail marketingBuilding of the online store
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Our partnership with NEXT BASKET is relatively young, and the results are already visible. The team behind the platform is extremely competent. We have been offered a full range of services to launch our online store as quickly and easily as possible, including in several languages. Everything was tailored to our needs and budget, and the additional services – digital marketing, optimization for Google and a professional call center, helped us fill the gaps in our own team. We are extremely grateful for the advice and guidance and will be happy to continue to develop what we started together.

Services used

Digital marketingTranslation into foreign languagesOngoing supportIntegrationsEmail marketingBuilding of the online store

Facilities for customers of the online store

  • Save the products in the cart when leaving the online store
  • Virtual wallet
  • Loyalty Program
  • Payout Shopping
  • Ability to work and link between online and physical stores at the same time (e.g. "Buy online and receive in physical store" option)
  • Automatically fill in order form data for customers with a Google Account
  • Offer gift vouchers
  • Quick Order Option
  • Buy by Phone
  • Choose a gift wrap for each purchase