A next-generation platform for online stores

We start where others give up!

4 months for free with an annual subscription14 days free test period before payment30 days post-payment, money-back guarantee, if not satisfied


Because you’ll sell more at lower costs

  1. Pre-built connection to multiple ERP systems

  2. Fulfillment warehouse software

  3. Own warehouses

  4. Build an online store in 72 hours

  5. 340 functionalities built into the platform

  6. Integration with 90 external software solutions and services

  7. Built-in functionality for dropshipping sales

  8. Option to order online and pick up at a physical store

  9. Building online stores and guaranteed deliveries to 28 countries

  10. Professional SEO optimization with maximum effect

  11. Built-in artificial intelligence for personalization of the online store

  12. Coverage of 90% of the software code with tests built into it

  13. Microservice architecture

  14. A personal account manager who will take care of your needs

  15. 112 services performed by the NEXT BASKET team

Two options for using the
online platform

1. You manage your online store


    You choose between three monthly payment plans:

    MINI €99MIDI €250MAXI €500

    • You can use the platform whan needed and pay a monthly fee.
    • You can perform all activities related to the operation of your online store independently
    • You get a ready-made SaaS solution
    • You can use your own or our warehouse
    • You have access to 11 free services
    • You can use all of the platform’s integrations for free
    • You can seamlessly manage your online store


    • Low monthly fee
    • Preconfigured categories, subcategories and filters
    • Easy-to-use site administration
    • You make the management decisions yourself
    • Access to different functionalities depending on the selected price plan

2. NEXT BASKET manages your online store

  • NB 360˚

    NEXT BASKET manages everything, including warehouse services. You pay only 10% of the turnover.

    Your only responsibility is to deliver goods to the warehouse.

    Managed by NB

    NEXT BASKET manages everything, but you use your own warehouse. You pay only 10% of your turnover.

    We will integrate your warehouse program into NEXT BASKET for free.

    • You have access to 37 free services
    • You can use all of the platform’s integrations and functionalities for free

    Everything else is handled by NEXT BASKET:

    • call center, digital marketing, commercial services for creating campaigns, writing articles and descriptions, product photography, uploading photos and descriptions to the store, online merchandising, SEO optimization, site monitoring, accepting and processing returned products, accounting services, etc.


    • NEXT BASKET does everything for you
    • Full integration between online and physical stores
    • Your only responsibility is delivering your products to the warehouse
    • Creation of an online store and translation of your content for 28 countries
    • Full integration between online and physical store
    • Guaranteed delivery to 28 countries using our warehouse
  • For physical stores


    NEXT BASKET creates and manages an online store for your existing physical store. You simply pay 10% of your turnover

    • The physical store serves as a warehouse for the online stores
    • Your only obligation is handing the online orders to a courier each day
    • Installation of the NEXT BASKET ERP system at your physical store is required
    • You have access to 37 free services and all of the platform’s integrations and functionalities for free
    • The online store is managed by NEXT BASKET


    • Generates additional sales at a low cost
    • You do not need to maintain a separate warehouse for your online store
    • You take care of physical sales; we take care of online sales
    • Full integration between your online and physical store
    • Customers can order online and pick up their products from your physical store
  • For large companies with their own ERP system

    NB PRO

    Additional software solutions are being developed
    You pay a percentage of your turnover, which depends on
    your volume of sales

    • Pre-built connection to multiple ERP systems
    • Ability to fulfill all your requirements for online store functionality and third-party integrations
    • Fast integration with any external software and services you have specified
    • You can use your own warehouse as NEXT BASKET integrates with your warehouse software
    • You can seamlessly manage your online store


    • NEXT BASKET offers secure uninterrupted operation and can withstand extreme loads
    • Use the full capacity of the platform’s built-in artificial intelligence to personalize your online store
    • Access to a personal account manager and software developer who take care of your store
    • Ability to use multiple paid services

Key Platform Functionality:
SEO optimization

The creation of a marketplace gives you an opportunity to sell products that are not owned or warehoused by you, but are delivered from the supplier’s warehouse directly to the customer’s address

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  1. NEXT BASKET covers 100% of search engine requirements for online stores

  2. Online store loading speed under 1 second

  3. A significant percentage of orders are the result of organic search, which means new customers are acquired zero cost

Who are our customers?

  1. Anyone who wants to start an online business but doesn’t want to or can’t spend time and resources on software installations, integration of photos and product descriptions, digital advertising, SEO optimization, and all of the other activities that go along with maintaining a successful online store

  2. Manufacturers without an online presence

  3. Physical stores that do not have an online store

  4. Existing online stores that want to get higher quality conversions at a lower price

  5. Large companies looking for a secure online platform with multiple functionalities


How NEXT BASKET helps you
be competitive in the market

  1. Possibility of quick and budget-friendly replication of your online store for 28 countries

  2. Products are automatically uploaded on different sites and in different languages

  3. Specialized software for tracking prices on competitors’ sites

  4. Autocomplete of titles and meta descriptions for search engines

  5. Data structuring for Google and Facebook

  6. Proactivity with abandoned baskets

  7. Dropshipping sales (selling goods that are not physically in your warehouse)

  8. Dynamic pricing (prices change depending on the specific customer visiting the store)

  9. Integration with more than 30 courier companies

  10. Integration with over 15 payment systems

  11. Site store loading speed under 1 second

  12. Loyalty program with bonus points Electronic wallet

Main advantages of
the NEXT BASKET platform

  • No hidden costs
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Hosting included (the platform is installed on Google Cloud servers)
  • Easy-to-use site administration
  • The first platform in Europe to offer an all-in-one online trading solution of this kind
  • An omnichannel method of integration between online and physical stores that enables the use of the following services: Order online, receive in a physical store, try the product in a physical store, order online in another color, return to an online store
  • One of the few platforms worldwide that can work with large sellers and high-traffic stores that sell many different products from numerous warehouses to many different markets
  • Dropshipping solution – possibility to sell goods online that are not kept in the seller’s own warehouse
  • With 340 functionalities built into the platform, NEXT BASKET is one of the top-selling solutions worldwide
  • 90 integrations with external applications, courier companies, ERP systems, payment and marketing systems, marketplace solutions, etc.
  • 112 services, some of which are free, offered by the NEXT BASKET team
  • Simultaneous operation with multiple warehouses
  • Preconfigured categories, subcategories, and filters for each industry
  • Abandoned cart proactivity based on artificial intelligence
  • Rapid mobile app development
  • Ability to create separate pages for top brands
  • Low server costs because the platform works with full auto-scaling
  • High level of protection against cyber hacker attacks

Convenience for the online store’s end customers

  • A smart search engine with hints
  • Basket saving on different devices
  • Built-in chat
  • Loyalty program with bonus points
  • Virtual wallet
  • Save products in Favorites and discount notification
  • Credit purchases
  • Sign up with a Google or Apple account
  • Pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • Compare products
  • Easy ordering of gift packaging
  • Quick order option
  • Choose a delivery location with pre-stored addresses: At home, At grandma’s, etc.
  • Gift section with different filters
  • Option to save products in a basket, then shop on the day of a promotion

Main services offered by NEXT BASKET

  1. Creation of an online storeChoose from multiple design themes, integrations, and e-commerce functionalities to create a beautiful, fast, and well-functioning online store
  2. WarehouseReceive your the products in our specially equipped fulfillment warehouse for e-commerce, long-term storage, and stock management
  3. Return of products by customersReturned orders are received and processed on-site at the warehouse and managed through the site’s control panel
  4. Call centerProfessionally equipped call center handles your online store’s customer service in numerous languages
  5. Product photographyProfessional photography of your products and subsequent processing of the images
  6. Product descriptionsCreate unique product descriptions in line with your brand style and good marketing and SEO practices
  7. Translation into foreign languagesAbility to translate your site into as many languages as the countries it operates in, including automated translation of product descriptions
  8. Digital marketingSpecialized marketing services within your specified budget promotions, campaigns, and advertisements in various channels
  9. Email marketingThe writing, design, and delivery of email newsletters to your online store’s subscribed customers is taken care of
  10. Google optimization (SEO)Continuous internal (on-page) and external (off-page) optimization for search engines, including publishing articles on electronic media and on the site’s blog in order to increase its search ranking
  11. Integration with multiple courier companiesThe platform is pre-integrated with the courier companies we work with at preferential prices
  12. Sales departmentThe sales department creates campaigns and promotions and monitors the correct pricing of products
  13. Generation of references and reportsPossibility to prepare reports of any kind: financial, warehouse, operational, sales, etc.
  14. AccountingComplete accounting service available to companies that use the platform
  15. Ongoing support of the online storeDaily checks on the proper functioning of the site and a Help Point department for immediate response to any software problems